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Avatar n tn what is the cause of recurrent miscarriage? After the loss of my baby I have excess discharge from my breast and my doctor did not put me on dostinex until a year later while trying to get pregnant after both miscarriages. Please advice.
Avatar f tn A miscarriage can be very traumatic and I can understand your apprehensions. Each pregnancy behaves separately. Also some causes of miscarriage are related to that pregnancy alone. Some causes tend to recur and you must be careful about these. Generally first trimester abortions or abortions occurring in first three months are due to fetal abnormality, genetic causes, Rh blood group incompatibility and low progesterone hormone.
Avatar n tn A D&C causes a lot of scraping of the uterus, therefore it leaves you with a very thin lining. You will need these next couple of months to build up a nice thick lining so you will be able to get pregnant again and hopefully hold on to your little bean. A thin lining of the uterus will not be able to hold a pregnancy.
Avatar n tn And if u were having a miscarriage it would be PAINFUL and lots of bleeding I had one ;( worst part of my life .. but I think ur just fine!
Avatar n tn More or less the fetus wouldn't survive outside the womb. You could ask if they could check your uterus and progesterone levels to see if all of that is fine. I'm surprised they're seeing you though. Normally you need to have had more. Maybe that's just where I live though.
Avatar n tn During the first trimester, the most common cause of miscarriage is a chromosome problem, and you indicated that you are waiting for results from the chromosome analysis. Other causes for miscarriage include a problem with the implantation into the uterus, maternal trauma, exposure to toxic substances, maternal health problems, or hormonal problems. Uterine problems and genetic and acquired clotting disorders have been associated with second trimester losses.
Avatar n tn this is a minor surgical procedure to empty the uterus of the pregnancy tissue. This would result in the lowest likelihood of retained tissue, however, there are the risks of the procedure that must be considered (although overall, very safe). You can discuss these issues with your ob/gyn. Best regards, Dr.
Avatar n tn I am due for another HCG test this Wednesday and was told to keep an ultrasound appt, which had previously been scheduled for this Thursday. Would you please let me know what the possibilities may be of causes for those strange levels. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I know that some women need the time to recoup and to grieve their loss, but like BlueBird, I had a natural miscarriage and didn't feel like my uterus needed time for healing. I felt sad for the loss of my pregnancy, but not really for the loss of a baby (as it never even developed). Maybe that sounds strange, but it is how I felt. I wanted to move forward as soon as possible. My drive to have a baby outweighs all of my fears of it happening again.
1511959 tn?1298283613 I go back on Monday morning to make a final decision and check again, but the doctor explained that there is only a very slight chance the heartbeat is still there (and they just couldn't find it this morning). I know I am having a miscarriage. All of my pregnancy symptoms are going away. I'm devastated. I just need to hear some words of encouragement from others who have experienced this.
2056119 tn?1330542541 If you have first trimester abortions then other causes such as fetal abnormality, genetic causes, Rh blood group incompatibility, low progesterone hormone, infection of the uterus, endometriosis, fibroids etc need to be eliminated.
Avatar f tn If you had a miscarriage for a chromosomal reason, it would not have anything to do with the shape of your uterus. I'll say more on the research and its limitations in a minute, but please do understand that point. A woman can have an unusual uterus shape, and many women have a miscarriage (if you can believe it, the number of pregnancies that have early miscarriages is something like 2 in 5, or even 3 in 5, it is that hard for a pregnancy to get a right start).
Avatar n tn Sometimes the 2 are confused. A bicornuate uterus can be heart shaped or almost a complet split, but the bottom part of the uterus is together. When you say "double" uterus, you might be referring to uterus didelphys. That is when there are 2 separate uteri and sometimes to separate cervix. In most of the cases, a septus separates the vagina into 2 parts. I guess this one is pretty easy to diagnose if the septum in the vagina is present.
Avatar n tn I have a double uterus with two complete ovaries in each. I missed a period which has never happened before. I took a home pregnancy test and it came out negative. I have a few pregnancy symptoms like breast sensitivity, frequent urination, nausia, constipation. Is it possible to that I might be pregnant even though the test came out negative? Or is there something else wrong with me?
1527510 tn?1392304944 I always forget about the fact I have a tilted uterus. When I went to get my very first smear test at the age of 20 the doctor couldn't really get the sprectrim into position. She asked me to make 2 fists and sit them under my bottom to make it a bit easier. She also did an internal exam and said it looks like I have a tilted uterus. Suddenly it explained so much. Since the age of 14 I experienced extremely painful period cramps.
Avatar n tn What causes a blighted ovum? A blighted ovum is the cause of about 50% of first trimester miscarriages and is usually the result of chromosomal problems.
663562 tn?1291135483 He checked it, and it turns out I have a prolapsed uterus/cervix. My Cervix is at the opening of my vagina..he's sending an urgent request to a gynacologist for an appt. I'm really concerned..I don't know what degree of prolapse it is yet, as he didn't want to speculate. I just hope it won't require any surgical intervention. Also, I don't know, is it possible to carry a pregnancy after a prolapse?
Avatar f tn abnormal fetal chromosomes, abnormal parental chromosomes); anatomic factors (e.g. structural abnormalities of the uterus such as scar tissue in the uterus, or congenital abnormalities of the uterus such as septate uterus); metabolic factors (e.g. diabetes); endocrine factors (e.g. abnormal thyroid, PCOS, diminished ovarian reserve); infectious factors (e.g. chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma); thrombotic factors (e.g. inherited thrombophilias); immunologic factors (e.g.
Avatar f tn Each pregnancy behaves separately. Also some causes of miscarriage are related to that pregnancy alone. Some causes tend to recur and you must be careful about these. Generally first trimester abortions or abortions occurring in first three months are due to fetal abnormality, genetic causes, Rh blood group incompatibility and low progesterone hormone. Infection of the uterus, endometriosis, fibroids, etc are some other causes for early abortion.
Avatar f tn I thought I was 2 weeks further last time than I was and the first u/s showed only thickening of the uterus thirdly was it a big huge machine in radiology or was it the little machines on the cart that they wheel in? That same u/s I talked about above was on the cart. I went to radiology and they could see a sac (they thought it was empty though). Was it abdominal (yes some drs are dopes and try it early) or vaginal? Good luck to you... I do hope that all turns out well for you!!!
Avatar n tn It is thought that approximately 50 - 60% of first trimester miscarriages are due to some type of chromosomal abnormality. Other causes of a chemical pregnancy are thought to be related to infection (ie. Chlamydia, Cytomegalovirus, Genital herpes, Syphilis, Toxoplasmosis, and Rubella), abnormal uterine anatomy (ie. unicornate uterus or septate uterus), abnormal hormonal levels within the mother (ie. low progesterone), and systemic illnesses (ie. untreated thyroid disease).
458508 tn?1206639142 I am very scared and confused. Does anyone have or know of anybody that has Bicornuate Uterus? I have not been able to find much on the internet. Any thoughts or information could help.
Avatar n tn It just happens, you can't avoid it really. Usually your levels and every thing aren't checked until 2nd trimester and usually then they will catch any problems with your hormones that could cause a miscarriage. Early on there is no way to avoid it. 1 in every 3 births end in a miscarriage. Unually do to a hormone imbalance, where the egg was placed in your uterus...ect. So you can't really change it or prevent it! Good luck!
631676 tn?1333721803 I did have all those tests for multiple miscarriage with the exception of hysteroscopy. This was done prior to multiple m/c testing during infertility testing. I did have some abnormal results. It sounds like in your case, your miscarriages were due to "random errors". So that's defintely a plus. Just keep trying and you'll get that good egg which translates to good healthy embryo.
1418230 tn?1282924322 I experienced a miscarriage Jul16 2010. I became pregnant again shortly after and I started bleeding Tues Aug 10 2010. I just assumed I was having another miscarriage. So I waited 48 hours like they told me to last time and took another test and it came out negative.( just last week) Now this might sound crazy but three days ago I took another pregnancy test( during the evening) and there was a faint positive line.
Avatar n tn They've been found in the lungs, armpit, even the brains of all types of women at all stages of their lives. All I'm saying is, it may not make your symptoms go away, because the implants fuel the pain. You may want to try seasonale, or take continuous birth control, or maybe lupron. Anything that supresses the menstrual cycle for awhile. If none of those things work, then I'd go for the surgery. But, of course, every woman is different, and it's your decision to make.
Avatar n tn or does it mean that my body is still able to flush out the material. I'm sorry if this causes distress to some people - having a miscarriage is an awful experience .... this was my first baby ... and i was so i have to deal with all this! Thanks Kindly for your response.
Avatar f tn A threatened miscarriage is a condition that suggests a miscarriage might take place before the 20th week of pregnancy. Causes Some pregnant women have some vaginal bleeding, with or without abdominal cramps, during the first three months of pregnancy. When the symptoms indicate a miscarriage is possible, the condition is called a "threatened abortion." (This refers to a naturally occurring event, not medical abortions or surgical abortions.
Avatar n tn This also give me a sense of releif to know that the miscarriage won't feel physical anymore. Small piece of mind. Hope anyone reading this posting can feel a little releif that they are never alone.