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Avatar m tn I would like to know your opinion, after living with the cat for so long, why are the symptoms showing up until now? is that possible? o am I just over reacting to a regular cold? can I become "inmune" to my cat allergy? I appreciate your time and answer.
Avatar m tn When I was visiting my girlfriend, I noticed allergy reaction cause of her cat. I starter to sneeze and my eyes became watery. It's strange because I didn't have problems with cat eariler. It is possible to be allergic so suddently? I'm 23 yo.
Avatar n tn I gave my cat amoxicillin and she started drooling instantly. I was foamy and clear and lasted for about 2 minutes. Is this normal or is it an allergic reaction?
7639611 tn?1392877261 Only a skin test (that tests for cat allergy) will rule out for sure whether it is cat allergy or not. If it is cat allergy, then if you do not take anti-allergic pills, the symptoms will resurface time and again. You can again start the medications (after consulting a doctor) to see if your symptoms subside. Also, you could live away from the cat for a day or two and see if your symptoms improve. However, it would be best to consult a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar f tn You need to keep the cat away from you. As for symptoms are concerned anti histaminics can be taken whenever there is attack and refrain from nasal decongestants (should only be used for 3-4 days intermittently). I suggest you to undergo skin allergy test. I suggest you to consult dermatologist for further management. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn ) But the usual way for a person allergic to cats to present with that allergy is by runny eyes and sneezing, not itching. Itching is usually from skin contact. Have you changed your laundry detergent or soap lately?
Avatar f tn so animals and me go together My dad grew up with a cat allergy he couldnt be in a house where cats lived...he would get itchy, cough and sneeze but he grew out of it, because we now have four and they don't bother him...the last two years or so whenever i am near the cats i get the same symptoms my eyes water, cough, stuffy nose its like a sudden cold. Is it possible that i have received the same allergy my dad had? are allergics hereditary?
Avatar m tn I'm a 47 yr old healthy male in good shape but have had chronic pressure around eyes and forehead pressure + mental fog out-of-it feeling for 25+ yrs and have no clue what could be causing it. Pressure seems worse upon wakening in the morning and eyes are normally somewhat puffy when I get up. To summarize my medical history regarding this situation: 1. Sinus surgery in 2002; sinuses all clear. ENT's don't see any issue at all with my sinuses. 2. Thyroid tests al normal.
Avatar f tn If you could please tell us what allergies you are suffering from may be we can help co-relate your symptoms. Generally itchy eyes along with congestion are allergic. Only itchy eyes can be a part of tearless eyes or dry eyes or eye strain and sometimes also refractive errors of the eye. Only congestion can be a part of bronchitis, flu, asthma etc. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Allergy gradually effects a person and which can only be confirmed by RAST test. Allergy usually cause the symptoms like breathing difficulty, sneezing, hives etc. change in weather aggravates the condition specially windy days. So, remain indoor when outdoor pollen level are highest like windy days. You can also use a pollen and dust mask and use clothes dryer instead of hanging the wash outside, where it acts as a filter trap for pollen.
Avatar n tn Hi, My older female cat, shes 11, occasionally gets these same symptoms: Her Bottom Lip will swell, it is the lip and not the gums. And she has runny eyes (it is a clear discharge) and she has itchy, waxy ears. If she were a human I would think that she has hay-fever or some other allergy. But I am unable to identify what it could possibly be.
Avatar m tn Hi allergenic, I just finished reading your comments. You said you were holding a cat the other day, stroking and petting the cat. You also stated you had no asthma. Are you aware that male cats have more dander than female cats. I know this because I had allergies too to several different things. I 'd like to say that your allergies are getting better, but I doubt it. I'm guessing you've had an allergy test this is why you know that you are have animal dander allergies.
Avatar f tn My cat is 18 months old and has started to rip her fur out above her tail, her eyes and down her front leg, she only started doing this when I moved house and got another cat, is this normal?
Avatar f tn I'm 38 years of age,my symptoms are lower bach pains,lower left stomach pain,frequent urination,my legs were always tired,I'm always tired and sleepy,often suffered from dizziness,and my eyes blurry.allergy and non stop runny nose.I often visits my doctor but said i only have severe allergy. But i feel there's something wrong. Do you think my symptoms indicates that I have a serious health problems. Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you.
Avatar n tn My problem is that my son blinks like his eyes are strained, His eyes are red and tired, we tried allergy eye drops, that helped with the redness, but he continues to blink eyes, they go to the left. I thought maybe his allergy medicine was drying his eyes out , so we stopped eye drops, and adminster only lubricating drops. It is so bad now that my son moves his whole head,(chin down to left and brings upward with his eyes).
Avatar f tn Im 18 weeks and 5days and i have awful seasonal allergies. My eyes are usually bad but for some reason this year its all about the sneezing. I have my appointment next monday but i dont know if i can wait that long to ask what i can take for them. Is there anything at all i can use for nasal allergies? I feel like im dying from these sneeze attacks ive been having.
Avatar n tn we just got a kitten, and although i lived all my life in my partents house with a cat, i seem to have developped a pet allergie. i have itchy eyes, sneezing, easy headaches,difficulty in breathing, sensation of a burning nose. i started taking some allergie stop medicine and use some spray to decongesionate my nose. they work, in big lines, very good, my question is: for how long can i still use this medicine? do not want to abuse it. how expensive are the allergie stop shots?
Avatar m tn Last night I had some allergy issues. This is not unusual because I have a cat that I'm allergic to. Anyway, my eyes got all itchy and watery like they do. I put a cold pack on it for a few minutes then took my allergy medicine and went to bed like I've done many times. When I woke up this morning the eye is still more red than normal, it's watery, and it still feels puffy. I know it's not night allergy since the cat doesn't come in the bedroom.
Avatar n tn Ive also been sneezing off an on so this quite possibly could be from allergies, iwas recently diagnosed with hpv about 1 month ago am awaiting treatment at the derm which i have in the next upcoming weeks, this all started this eye nose thing when i went home to my fathers who owns a cat and i was sneezing having asthma rubbing my eyes im wondering if somehow i couldve spread hpv to my eyes. though there are no growths inside my eyes that i can really see should i be concerned.
Avatar n tn From the success I've had with allergy shots and allerpet-c (cat allergy), I would say it is ok. BUT ... remember if you get a dog soon, it took me 8-12 months to get 95% relief from my allergies. This means, you will spend at least that much time with allergy symptoms, on antihistamines (which stoppped working for me) and pretty much miserable. There MAY be certain breeds that are lower allergen, this is only because the dog doesn't shed and thus there is less hair floating around.
Avatar n tn Hi Kiki, My cat was just dx'd with herpes in her eyes. For years, we too, thought it was allergies, but no. According to my vet, herpes is very common in cats. The way I figured out what was possibly going on with my cat was to google "feline herpes conjunctivitis." Some sites will give you pictures to look at and compare as well as descriptions. Discharge from the eyes have many possible dx's, but a simple blood test will confirm whether your kitty has herpes or not.
Avatar m tn Schotzi is not in any distress and is acting perfectly normal without any pain or any other symptoms Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. It is much appreciated!
Avatar n tn I grew up with cats, but never displayed any allergic reaction to them. I had allergy testing 2 1/2 years ago which did not show a cat allergy. I was retested this year (my doctor's policy) and I am now allergic to cats. I have not lived with a cat in over 25 years. The doctor explained that I get enough exposure to cat allergen from people I encounter who do have catsto have developed the allergy.
Avatar n tn I am a 16 year old male. I have suffered from nasal congestion and post-nasal drip for 3 years. During those years, I thought it was mad weird, only one side of my nose worked and NEVER (rarely) both work at the same time. The problem alternated because sometimes one side would relax and it would switch to the other side. So basically, I've been living with this for 3 years or so. I decided to go the doctor, a nose specialist, I think.
Avatar m tn We got him back in December and I recall now that we took him in knowing that he might possibly have kennel flu. They told us it may go away by itself. His other symptoms are gone such as red eyes, however the sneezing remains. I also believe the medicine was in fact Clavamox. I don't recall the vet telling us what type of respiratory infection he has, sorry. However, I'll definitely be taking him to the vet this week knowing theres nothing OTC I can get. Thanks for the help!
681148 tn?1437661591 And, I have allergies myself and sometimes need a touch of steroid to calm down the worst symptoms, so I thought the same thing would apply to the cat--to use the steroid cream temporarily, to calm down the skin inflammation enough for the skin to heal--then use the Benadryl in the manner that the vet told me after that, as it is a gentle antihistamine. She also said to buy some Zyrtec and give Akira 1/4 tablet each day for her allergies.