Can you take seroquel and zoloft together

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Avatar n tn im on 150 mg of zoloft for PTSD that triggered probably every mental thing you can think of...and 100 revia for my OCD...but theres going to be side effects with all medication...
605458 tn?1265086851 What I want to know is, if i want to get drowsy at around 11pm, what time should I take my seroquel to get maximum effect sleep-wise? Also, is there any other medication you can suggest to me that will help with panic disorder that I haven't tried? I am absolutely desperate. I took heroin to self medicate because my panic attacks wouldn't go away. They cripple me. They riddle my body. They rule my life. I am terrified. Also, what do you suggest for impulse control.
439168 tn?1307935340 If you want, you have the option of getting a second opinion from another psychiatrist, who is a bipolar isorder expert on the meds you are on. Ask your doctor and/or your insurance how you can get a second opinion, if you aren't satified with the answers your doctor gives you. When I got better for a lot longer I was still on a lot of meds. It was more than 5. I was on 7. The last one added on was effective enough to work on it's own.
Avatar n tn I am wondering if I am having withdrawls, my shakes are back full force and I feel as if I could sleep all day. Is this what it was like for you, I refuse to take another if you can get hooked that easily.....kind of scary.
Avatar m tn I have been on xanex, and lexapro and a sleeping pill together, and I drank and it was awful, your tolerance is leveled to next to nothing because of your meds, I ended up sicker than I had ever been with a terrible headache and hating myself and my life even more. It wasn't worth it.
Avatar n tn Maybe he can give you something to sleep and you can see if that is helpful to you. Lack of sleep can make you depressed and anxious, too. I've been off everything for a year. I exercise 4 times a week and it is extremely helpful for dealing with depression and anxiety. Feel better soon!
1155813 tn?1336777869 I have been taking Zoloft, Wellbutrin, and Clonazepam for quite awhile. I was on Seroquel for about a year, but I developed the twitching side effects which have not gone away despite not taking the meds anymore. The doc put me on Abilify, but I asked to stop it because it was way too expensive (over $600 a month) and made me nauseated. Now I am on Pristiq, I don't feel like it's doing any better. I am gaining weight pretty fast and I need to change things so I can hopefully reverse it.
Avatar n tn Think of this as just the difficulty you anticipated, and an opportunity to learn how to be more independent, which is now frightening you. See a therapist, and if you need some help before that online, you can go to www. and take the session on transitions first.
4810971 tn?1359480360 Try not to eat too many cookies before you sell them lol.
Avatar f tn Dear Ryan -- I am unable to take Clonazepam, Valium, or Librium due to allergic reactions to them of severe all over bodily itching. I couldn't do a slow taper off the Lorazepam. I had severe tolerance symptoms and also feared seizures. Shouldn't I avoid all benzos now ? I am addicted to them. I am glad at least that you don't feel I have TD. How long do you feel it may take for my symptoms to improve?
Avatar m tn so we can talk about this condition. and discuss what we can do about it and what treatments are available for it. is anyone interested?
Avatar m tn I know Openmind24hrs wrote, worried about what might happen if you had to quit taking the med, and to b honest, I know the Paxil I'm taking says it's NOT easy to quit CT, BUT, in regards to psych meds like mood stabilizers/anti-depressants, would it really be that bad to take it and feel like a normal person the rest of your life??? Especially you being male, you don't have to worry about getting pregnant and needing off of it or something.
Avatar f tn I have bipolar two. Be sure you know the difference and talk about it with your doctors to be sure you can get all the knowledge and understanding of your diagnosis as possible. Depakote is down right scary. I am in a group and my friends have gained huge amounts of weight and seem to be returning to depressive states like with any other drug.My psych. know how importatant my weight is to my self image and has always done his best to work with that in mind.
Avatar m tn yes you will have to talk to yourself to do so but if that doesnt work for you figure out something that makes you feel better some other things you can do is take a shower and clear your mind, listen to music thats soothing or even just make a private diary to get all of your feelings out i feel the same pain as you thats why im writting to you ......
Avatar f tn Second, are you still on lithium? Or, did you change to Lamictal and Seroquel and drop lithium entirely? The first time I was on Lamictal I was also taking Topomax. They said that one or the other of those was likely to cause a slight weight LOSS and reduced carbohydrate cravings. But, maybe that was the topomax... I'm pleased to hear you didn't have weight gain on lithium, but sorry that you have experienced it taking other meds. Do you find the Seroquel effective?
Avatar f tn I forgot to tell that I take magnesium and b6 pills 4 times a day. I read that you can take up to 1000 mg of magnesium a day.
544292 tn?1268886268 You're in the right place if you want off the Tramadol! You can do it! I believe in you!
Avatar f tn The therapist will take you through issues you have that has lead to your health anxiety like your parents medicating you all the time and how to oversome this. It isn't a quick fix, i know as i'm currently having CBT, but in the long term it will bare it's weight in Gold as you will learn how to change your negative thoughts and control your panic/agoraphobia/etc....
480448 tn?1426952138 or was watching the world through a movie projector, instead of through my own eyes and mind. Therefore, I am going to share with you all what *I* know about these phenomena, and hopefully reassure some of you that this is par for the anxiety while irritating, maybe even is totally harmless. Derealization and depersonalization are two terms that are sometimes used interchangably. Truth is, they DO vary a little bit in their presentation....
544292 tn?1268886268 So happy to see all of you, and welcome new friends. This is a good place to be if you want to get off Tramadol ... You can do it!
Avatar n tn Julie101301 -- You could have written my comment. I thought I was going nuts. My poor husband. I was put on Topamax four weeks ago and have been building up to 100mg. I have been suicidal this week and that is so unlike me. We got a puppy six weeks ago and there have been times that I could drop kick her out the door. My mood swings have been horrendous. My husband said that I've been like Jeckyl and Hyde.
Avatar n tn You are on 2 drugs that do no cause weight gain (topamax causes loss actually) but Welbutrin can cause hypertension and mania as any AD can, though its safer than SSRI's like prozac amd zoloft. I get concerned when I see people say they chose to stop meds as a personal decision and even more worried when the reaso is the internet where lies and rubbish fight with reality. What has your doctor said about you stopping the Seroquel?
Avatar n tn also if you are a snacker try eating sweeter fruit like cantaloupe it works wonders for the sweet tooth.
447130 tn?1225474466 He explained sleep is crucial to bipolar disorder and ordered my on the Seroquel until otherwise notified. He said if you can get your sleep back on track, sometimes you can avoid meds for sleep which seems to be happening now. If I forget to take it, I still sleep fine. I know not everyone reacts to Seroquel well, I guess I was just lucky! Thank you for your input!!
Avatar m tn Carry on taking the antidepressants and the other drugs that have been prescribed to you by a doctor. If you go off the antidepressents and get very low again, it can take 3 months to get up to a good level again. If you feel the antidepressant meds are not helping, you need to get back to your doctor to try a different type. Some antidepressents suit some people better than others. It's finding the right one that works the best for you. I take Citalopram that suits me now.
503727 tn?1210442710 D and remember that you can live with an extreme illness in your brain (like cancer or a disease) without actually having it. Its just anxiety.
5093508 tn?1390547531 I would STRONGLY urge you to sit down with your doctor and go over your medications and together decide where you should go from here. I wish you the best.
Avatar n tn My doctor says it is different for everyone, but effexor xr usually does not cause weight gain, so she says. I say if you can avoid any daily medication altogether and just take something short acting as needed, your metabolism will be much better off.
Avatar m tn take your meds EXACTLY as prescribed, and avoid alcohol all together. When you meet with your doctor, you can discuss what kinds of options you have. Have you been in therapy at all? If so, has it helped? You just have to be real honest with yourself here to determine if you feel you can stick to the program or not.