Can i take oxycodone with ibuprofen

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Avatar f tn The oxy had been making me throw up so this is why the instant switch I am thinking of making. I am a healthy teen male and I am sure I can tolerate the pain with tynelol or Advil please tell me what I should do my next dosage of oxycodone is at 3:40 please answer quickly and thank you!
Avatar m tn I can take 8 or 9 a day and not have bad withdrawals and have gotten back down there for 4 or 5 days at a time a few times over the last few months but then will have severe pain a few days and it will jump back up to 14 or 15 and I am right back where I started. I am hoping these steriods injections help which I go for on the 11th and I begin tapering down again.
4610518 tn?1361079348 But I been suffering from horrible mental fog I have had one good day this week where I didnt experience it. Can the ibuprofen possibley be contributing to it? I been trying not to take it, I have even been just taking 1/4 to see if that would help.
Avatar f tn can i take adivan to help with the withdrawls from percets see i started taking the for kidney stones because i get them alot and im not talking little one i mean about 6mm and bigger i just passed a 9 mm the dotor couldnt belive it but now when i stop taking the my body feels funny and its scary real scary i cant take it so thats why i was looking for a voice of experiance so please somebody tell if they will help cause i cant sleep.
Avatar f tn What I am uncertain of is if it is permanent or if there is any hope my hearing will return to normal when I cut back or stop (hopefully after my next surgery). I will tell the ENT all of my medications that I take in hope that he can help me. I am desperately hoping my hearing loss/tinnitus is only temporary!
Avatar m tn Second, I just wanted it over with. I did not want to drag out the process over a long period of time. When I was done, I wanted to be done as quick as possible. I think it's great that you have your doctors support for a taper. I have always admired people who have the strength to do it. In my opinion, for those who have been taking high daily doses, and have been on them for a long time, tapering really is the best way to quit. I wish you all the best.
Avatar f tn )the last time i had the doctor shoving the needle into my disc space and saying its just too tight in between the spaces as i sat hunched over a pillow squeezing the life out of it as pain shot down my leg as i cried out in pain. I take ibuprofen every day which i really shouldnt as im on a blood thiner for a pulmonary embolism. Ive done pulmonary rehab therapy which again did nothing to help ease my pain and ive went thru many many med changes just to try and find the right combination.
Avatar m tn Yes I have chronic pain too but found after getting clean that my pain was much more tolerable and when it does get bad I usually take Advil. I can't worry about the future, I will deal with it when it arrives but I am clean today and I'm doing ok. I agree with Vicki, you will have the best training available for dealing with opiates and addiction in general. I have a friend in NA that went to see his doctor and he really opened up to him about his addiction.
175688 tn?1297560247 It (obviously) didn't affect reproduction but hurts so badly that each time I take less I lie in bed shaking with pain - I'm fine with hurting to benefit my baby but don't want him to suffer the stress hormones I'm feeling. My doctors have been great but it's much better hearing it from another mama. Especially one that mimics me as far as taking what I'm SUPPOSED to and CAREFULLY to keep me and baby healthy. Thank you so much for sharing.
433485 tn?1321816990 I too have chronic gastritis and it is agony on flare ups. I take Pantoprazole,Gaviscon and I can take Sucralfate. They don,t do much though. Its really awful isn,t it I hope you find relief for your pain too.
Avatar f tn And the other reason I've been told to try to avoid these types of medications (anti inlfammatories) is because they can raise your blood pressure - they do with me. So when I do break down and take advil, I only take one. Somtimes a plain old aspirin does the trick too. I can understand how a muscle relaxer might help also if you have them.
29837 tn?1414538248 Does hardly anything to quell the enormous back pain I have. Can crushing it and drinking it with apple juice make a difference? Will it work faster?
Avatar m tn And I would love any additional suggestions on how to deal with w/d symptoms besides just taking a hot shower and ibuprofen. I have a muscle relaxer...I guess I could take one of those and just sleep. What is my best way to go about doing this successfully?? I need this to be over so I can be a happy person again.
Avatar f tn ) and then just stop taking the Opana and take more of the oxycodone until I can decrease those. I thank God you answered me and I do not feel so alone. I have got to say that I have tears in my eyes right now because I have been thinking a lot about not living anymore because I didn't know a way out of this misery but you all have given me hope. The other most horrible stressor in my life right now is that my beloved daughter is terminally ill and in another state.
Avatar m tn I know doctors are leery about giving pain meds to patients, as well they should be, but there are instances where it's necessary. My question is why do I get nausious when I take hydrocodone and not when I've taken oxycodone? I asked an er doctor for oxycodone instead of hydrocone and told him why. He gave me hydrocone anyway. I also told him I am not an abuser of prescription drugs because I have personally experienced the outcome of it.
Avatar f tn you'll see it on just about every post. Melatonin and ibuprofen pm help some, I take them together. The melatonin helps me fall asleep, but doesn't keep me asleep. The ibu pm gave me a few hours of relief. At least it's something.
Avatar f tn You can also try some all-natural things like Melatonin or Alteril. When I first was given oxycodone, it would knock me out, but after I was on it for a while, I found that it disrupted my sleep. I'd be exhausted, but my mind would be racing. Sleep is important to healing as well!
Avatar m tn When I was on Oxy for 2-3 years, when my precious pill wore off, man I hurt, I hurt really bad. Now I take ibuprofen once maybe twice a day now. My pain levels are much less. My back is still messed up, but I do physical therapy, etc. Additionally, with the Oxy beast not in control of my mind, chemically and spiritually, my thinking is much, much clearer. I have issues for sure, but we all got issues, goes with being human.
458212 tn?1206294850 Third dosage, (after i was done with the 45) 25. fourth and final dosage, (after i was done with the 25) 25. total Oxycodone tablets: 155 I started tappering down the dosage last week, took one every 5 hours, instead of every 3 hours. Ran out yesterday morning. Please tell me what to do, or if this is normal. Has this been a problem for you? I thank you for the people who care. And anyone who reads my story. One more question: Should I go to the ER tomorrow if my problem gets worse?
Avatar n tn My guess is that the work out of the ab muscles in the dance class made you sore, but if it continues, definately get it checked out. People can take more ibuprofen safely than tylenol. I take 600 to 800 mgs of ibuprofen a day for my back pain, and sometimes it upsets my stomache a bit, but so far no major problems. I do worry about it sometimes though. Are you going to keep up the bellydance?
6722141 tn?1384133798 Now, I feel worse off than I was before. I often cry alone and feel shame. When I don't take them, I feel severe pain emotionally and physically. The withdrawl pain is more than any human being should have to take. If anyone has any advice, I am open to any suggestions. I want so badly to have children but I know I will not do it this way. I just feel so lost. Thank you all for listening to my story.
Avatar m tn I am up to 6 a day, there's days that i take 2 just so i can get out of bed. Somedays i take all 6, somedays i take less, and somedays i take more. Pain is a horrible thing to have to live with. Its not living. I have done theraphy, and that made me worse. The best thing you can do it to watch your weight, any extra weight will also make you ache more. Even when you are at your worse pain level physical activites will help. Even though it hurts horrifficly. It helps.
Avatar n tn I can only speak for myself but oxycodone seems 50% stonger than hydrocodone, I could take 1 5mg perc and have the same effect as a 10mg hydro but that may be just me. WD seem harder and last longer on the oxycodone.
Avatar n tn To think I've got 35 weeks left and a long battle ahead of me. What I take isnt that strong,it's oxycodone with tylenol 5 325 mg's and I take 2 at 6:00am, 2 at noon and 2 at 6:00 pm. If any one know's anything about this please let me know and ease my mind a little bit. I would really appreciate it!
Avatar f tn Now, many of my family members are prescribed a wide assortment of medications, and if they miss one dosage on most of these and not just things that are obvious, like psyche-meds, but just maintanence type meds, like for cholesterol, blood pressure or blood thinners, their withdrawal symptoms are much more severe than my worst withdrawal session and it's definitely more mental addiction than what I deal with because if I can figure out what's wrong with that person and give them the dosage mis
Avatar n tn Also thanks for the advice about the Percoset. I am taking straight Oxycodone, so I can alternatively use Tylenol or Ibuprofen on top of it as needed, usually 4-6 hours apart. Thanks everyone!
Avatar f tn I am so tempted to go back on the oxycodone for this new pain but feel that would be a backward step. I think I can manage with my back pain now and dont want to get hooked on drugs. Thanks again for your fast reply. BTW I was only on 2 x10mg oxy of which I rarely took the 2 and preferred o get through to the afternoon and just take one. I fond that worked for me. I can hardly believe some people taking over 100mg a day... wow, I would be unconscious... lol.
Avatar f tn I am doing good, I slept last night I use ibuprofen 600 mg for pai ..get a little irritated at time once I see my attitude is not in the right place I take a nap or listen to music. JESUS is so Awesome , I know HE is delivering me from this I, just have to keep Faith and Trust and do my part....
Avatar f tn There are many medications you can take. I have had hep c since 1987. I also have RA and degenerative disc disease with 3 herniations in l-spine and 7 herniations in thoracic area. I take methadone for pain. I have tried all the others oxycodone without Tylenol and fentanyl patches etc... All of which I was allowed to take with hep c bit the methadone works best and doesn't mess with my mind. You pain mgmt drs should know what you can take or check with your GI doctor.
Avatar f tn we all made the say mistake, but if you dont grab a hold of this situation right now I promise you it will not end well. I am finally at peace with no oxycodone. sure i sill have some anxiety and i feel depressed at times, but i would rather deal with those thing rather than worry about running out of pills. hang in there and just take it day by day and slowly you will realize you life it worth more than those pills.