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Avatar f tn Furthermore, codeine is not the active ingredient in Vicodin. The active ingredient in Vicodin is hydrocodone and a standard Vicodin contains 5 mg. And you have to specifically ask the pharmacist for this tylenol/codeine/caffeine combo, it is not out on the shelves, even in Canada. I'd ask your wife just why she decided to purchase it? Good luck.
Avatar m tn We don't call it Vicodin in Canada but it's the same stuff and available over the counter. I've been using it for about 2 years and average about 30 per day @ 8mg Codeine, 125mg acetaminophen. Concerned about liver damage and want to stop but not cold turkey. Anybody else been able to wean themselves off?
Avatar f tn You are correct in that statement about it saying made in Canada. It leaves us here in a tough situation. For example, something can be made in China, but if a component of it (doesn't necessarily have to be the majority of it), or the packing (think Cereal) was made here, they can label it Made In Canada. Pretty wrong isn't it. It makes me so mad. There is legislation out there to enforce more accurate labeling, but so far our Congress hasn't done a darn thing about it.
Avatar m tn There used to be a drug called Parapectolin (Schedule V, I believe) -- a liquid containing hydrocodone that was available OTC but you had to sign for it. As far as I know, it's no longer available. OTC codeine is only available in the UK, Australia, South Africa or Canada. You can't buy it in the states (thank God). I know that a few years back it was being hotly contested in the UK because it was estimated that 1 in 4 20-somethings were taking OTC codeine/paracetemol on a regular basis.
Avatar f tn I'm at day 10 of no Oxy's cold turkey not by my choice. Dr refused to renew my script. Here in Canada the Oxy med has changed and my dr without any discussion with myself switched me to t3's instead.
Avatar n tn I dont think we have a Walgreens, in my city I know we dont. But thank you for the information!
Avatar f tn Please can someone help me find it somewhere where I can purchase it in canada? My doctor says its illegal to sell in canada, which is untrue, as my sister inlaw bought it in Northern BC. Help!
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm in Canada and we have only 1 approved NDT option: Erfa's Thyroid. I'd like to try NP Throid but it's only available in the states. What kind of hoops do I need to jump thru to buy it in the US? (By that I mean not spending a fortune!). Thanks!
Avatar n tn 00pm today I had a person come to my door and asked me if I wanted to buy any Vicodin, (Someone I used To Buy From) how hard is that. But I told her I stopped taking them and she said she was proud of me, but really they don't care they just want your money. Anyway that took all the will power I had. JUST SAY NO! For real. Again thank you guys for your support and help it does mean alot.
Avatar f tn It is not an ideal situation to have a toddler and baby share a room but we will make it work! Hopefully we will be in a position to buy a bigger house once i get back to work after new baby is born but we will see.
Avatar f tn that i just want to do it on my own. will i be ok if i just stop taking vicodin, i have been taking 1-2 pills a day for almost 2 years it seems that if i dont take one my heart pumps reallly fast, is that a withdrawlor what. do people die from stopping the med.
Avatar m tn I just want to get my health back and these terrible symptoms I'm experiencing are making it alot harder! Especially since I live in canada and can go to any pharmacy any time to get it. Symptoms: back pain, fever, hot and cold chills, headache, depression, no energy, jetlag when I'm trying to sleep, diarrahea. I'm on day 4 now, and I just want it to go away forever, I'm ashamed of myself that I let myself get this out of control. How long will this last?
1493518 tn?1291783682 Hi all, I see a couple of you have mentioned fetal dopplers recently. I had no idea you could buy these for home use! What's your experience been like? Do you recommend them? If so, what brand? I'm particularily interested in hearing from those of you who have bought one in Canada. (Many vendors, including, do not ship electronics to Canadian addresses.) Thanks!
Avatar f tn Also, when a treatment gets approved in the States, it takes some time for it to be approved in Canada as we are behind the U.S.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any names of docs in Canada who deal with AD. We were vacationing in Australia, both got bit by jellyfish. I had AD for 3 months and it went away. He still has it after 2 years. He was healthy, young 35 yr old with no health issues. It's crazy, I could make a movie out of our experience. Any help is appreciated.
171927 tn?1294023723 I am at my wits end i am willing to try anything besides it would probably be good to avoid sugar and get some healthy bacteria in us.Ontario has a good lupus site i saw.
219241 tn?1413537765 And yes, If I could get those US manufactured pharmaceuticals cheaper by getting them from Mexico or Canada (who buy them from US companies at a reduced rate), I would be doing it. Americans get stuck with all the R&D costs, and foreign countries get discounted prices. Yeah For political correctness.
Avatar f tn Yet reading this news story, farmers can march down to their local feed store and buy antibiotics for their livestock without a prescription, in Canada but not sure if same in US! Unbelievable, but perhaps coming to an end.
5383556 tn?1367190611 D about five years ago i began having lower back pain it was pretty bad went to a neurologist and he explained that i have a slipped disk not too bad but enough to cause pain that sometimes kept me from going to work we began treatment with physical therapy and some antinflamatories (did not help my pain at all) so next step he prescribed this magic little pill vicodin 5/500 of course it worked and i was so happy to be able to be a mom a wife and a good employee without the horrible pain months
1310633 tn?1430224091 The same drug manufactured in the same factory is sold for half the price in Canada, and even less in 3rd-world countries. The FDA’s complacency with Big Pharmaceuticals is appalling. We need significant regulations for pharmaceuticals and Obama’s healthcare plan does not address this nearly enough.
Avatar f tn I live in Canada btw. Biggest chain dog store around here is Pet's Mart, but they don't have any. Is there like an online site? Or any other suggestions?
338416 tn?1420045702 I have lived in three provinces (two in Atlantic Canada and one in the Prairies). I know that Manitoba has great MS support (one of the highest places for MS per cap) but high provincial tax. As for jobs, I know that;; and post jobs across the country. If you are looking to move out east, the most popular site for professional jobs is Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about immigration but hope the rest helps.