Where to buy vicodin in mexico

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Avatar n tn I don’t know much about either Alinia or purchasing drugs online, but I imagine there’s something to be said in terms of accountability if you buy product in person. I think this goes for anything, not necessarily restricted to pharmaceuticals.
Avatar m tn We know that telaprevir costs in the US $25,000. In Kyrgyzstan, it is three times more expensive. We would like to buy the medicine directly from Merck company producing it? How can we do it? Are there any discounts when paying cash upfront?
Avatar m tn I agree with Twehner!! That's the best advice! i tried to buy all that stuff in the beginning too and it was the grocery bill waaaay too high! So now i just regular food but stuff i know is still not bad!! Cereal i get honey nut cheerios (the cheap brand of course) get sugar free jello its not exepensive and it super low cals. buy chicken and tuna tuna is not expensive and its very good for you chicken is expensive but i buy a big bag and it lasts me through the week!!
Avatar f tn t pay fo this kind of things, so i want to know where can I get a Igg antibody test for HSV in Los Angeles. I want to go to the cheapest place, as I am travelling on a shoe string. Please note that i am not a USA citizen. Does anybody know what's the cheapest place to get tested in LA? I am going to Mexico afterwards. Do you guys think it's much cheaper there and still reliable?
Avatar f tn ve been desperately trying to find a pharmacy/person to sell it to me or a doctor to prescribe it to me. PLEASE HELP!!!--Thank you so much! Your help would be greatly rewarded!!
Avatar m tn I have been wanting to taper for years, but that obviously takes self-control that I don't have. I cant' afford a clinic and would likely lose my job taking the time off to complete a program. I'm not sure how to approach this. I am fully aware of the consequences of continuing this pattern. I see what it has done to my personality and that I have a highly addictive one. Always have.
163305 tn?1333668571 MEXICO -- Mexico City authorities say they have destroyed thousands of toy guns in an effort to fight real crimes committed with fake weapons. Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said Friday that officials believe that at least three of every 10 violent crimes in Mexico City is committed with a realistic toy gun. The guns were confiscated from shops in Mexico City and the surrounding state of Mexico.
Avatar f tn It suppose to help w/ warming the womb for preg and help w/ low sperm count in men ... It wont hurt to try! Im sure u can buy the natural herb on the web it cost about $2.00 - $4.00 its not expensive... Hope this will help anyone trying to get preg...
Avatar f tn but if I have to travel to Mexico or up north it may be well worth it to put this diease in remission for some time.Please address this someone and maybe give me some feed back on what I should do next.
Avatar f tn With shopping for baby? I'll know in 12 days what I'm having and I want to start buyying. Where to start...
101028 tn?1419603004 the reason I asked this was because more and more I hear people asking at our farmer's market if food is locally grown or where it is coming from. Now to me it's common sense that lemons aren't being grown in PA but I guess to some it isn't...he he he Also doesn't take much to see that none of the farmer's around you have corn even in tassle yet to know that the corn they are selling isn't locally grown.
Avatar n tn I agree with Vicki...Don't go from 4 to 6 vicodin a day to methadone. The vicodin withdrawals will be so much easier. The worst of the vicodin withdrawals will be over with in about 5 days. After that you will still have some lingering effects of anxiety and insomnia. There are people that are 30 days off of methadone and still feeling pretty rough. Have you considered tapering?
Avatar m tn I came to this site where other knowledgeable people kept me going but you have to be OPEN to what they are saying. You have two children, which should be your first priority and when you are on the juice, they can't be, the pills are! I know you can't see that right now, but you will when you get off the pills! Yes, it's hard, but life is hard and this isn't any harder than what life throws at you!
9263335 tn?1403463032 I'm crying because he made the decision to turn himself in asap but our daughter will be here in November.. :'( He wants to meet her but he made up his mind & I can't change that, I respect his decision but I'm scared. My husbamd has an order of arrest & we spoke to an immigration lawyer & said he'd get deported to mexico & won't be able to leave for 5 yrs but if he has criminal records in mexico then he won't be able to leave for 10 yrs.
Avatar f tn Actually, it is illegal to "buy eggs" in the US too. You are actully just "compensating" the donor for "their time" here. You are not "Buying her eggs". Having said that, if you are willing to travel... there are TONS of fertility clinics around the US that offer out of office monitoring... What I mean is, they let you monitor your cycle where you live, and come to their clinic for the transfer.
Avatar m tn Anyone ever travled to Mexico for HSV-2 Suppressive Therapy Medication? I've been thinking about going to one of the border towns to buy some medication specifically Acyclovir. I'm working full time and am covered through my insurance for prescription meds and Dr's visits, but later on in the future will need to cut my full time job to possibly part time or less as I will be starting nursing school and willl not have the time to work as much with my time for school.
Avatar f tn My husband family lives in mexico as well, and not tryin to be mean or sound rude. So i hope this doesnt come off wrong but you knw ppl in mexico are struggling more w money cz they get paid less than wat we do. And to Mexico 100 is alot for them over there in pesos.