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Avatar f tn Furthermore, codeine is not the active ingredient in Vicodin. The active ingredient in Vicodin is hydrocodone and a standard Vicodin contains 5 mg. And you have to specifically ask the pharmacist for this tylenol/codeine/caffeine combo, it is not out on the shelves, even in Canada. I'd ask your wife just why she decided to purchase it? Good luck.
Avatar m tn We don't call it Vicodin in Canada but it's the same stuff and available over the counter. I've been using it for about 2 years and average about 30 per day @ 8mg Codeine, 125mg acetaminophen. Concerned about liver damage and want to stop but not cold turkey. Anybody else been able to wean themselves off?
Avatar m tn I just want to get my health back and these terrible symptoms I'm experiencing are making it alot harder! Especially since I live in canada and can go to any pharmacy any time to get it. Symptoms: back pain, fever, hot and cold chills, headache, depression, no energy, jetlag when I'm trying to sleep, diarrahea. I'm on day 4 now, and I just want it to go away forever, I'm ashamed of myself that I let myself get this out of control. How long will this last?
Avatar f tn Off vicodin for 16 days....I want no more of that! However, I am still in alot of back pain, and now stomach burning like crazy that just started a week ago...may not be related at all. So....I am going to ask for more lidocaine patches (better than nothing!), and what else???? Can't take advil because of these stomach problems, and I already know the perils of tramadol, so I don't want that either. Thoughts???? thanks.
1956328 tn?1324995361 I'm scared. I've been slowly developing a pretty serious addiction. My husband and I didn't have health insurance for a long time, and we both have chronic pain. At first, we had Vicodin around the house for really bad days, but it didn't take long for my relationship with the drug to become unhealthy. I was using it to feel "better", but lost sight of what "better" was.
Avatar f tn I'm at day 10 of no Oxy's cold turkey not by my choice. Dr refused to renew my script. Here in Canada the Oxy med has changed and my dr without any discussion with myself switched me to t3's instead.
Avatar m tn There isn't an OTC for Hydrocodone. Try looking it up under herbal remedies. Maybe there are some similar herbs that can help. If I know what type of pain and where you are experiencing it I'm sure we could help you more.
Avatar f tn Well, I went to the dentist and got a route canal done... he prescribed Vicodin (I used them all, and it got infected so they refilled 3 times for that 4 week period) No problem yet! Then I got a bladder infection and was curled up in pain... Urgent Care gave me Vicodin. Then I started getting pain in my feet and legs... Urgent care gave me Vicodin and sent me on my way. Ok, so I understand that this is their job but I didn't have a family doctor and didn't know the specialist to go to.
Avatar f tn still looking for possible IL28B testing and any of the latest in Canada, Has anyone filed in Ontario for transfusion compensat claim, just wondering about questions and procedure of the health long term care Hep C assist program.
Avatar n tn Hi folks, found a couple of neat articles on what tests are used in Canada so this should put it to rest a little bit. Both of tehse articles are from this year and last and state the thrid generation average window period is 4-6 weeks. They still reccomend coming back at 6 months at my clinic bt Canada is a very beruacratic cya country and will never change this.
Avatar m tn t love werid al. I find it so funny that some people from the u.s, just a few, lol, think of Canada totally different than what it is. They think we all hunt, wear snowshoes and eat moose meat, lmfao. Now if you go 1500 miles north where the population is 500 than yes it's a little different. I had one person ask if i had heard of britany spears and she was serious, wtf. I watch CNN everyday, and the U.S culture is part of us here also.
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Avatar m tn thinking of suboxone treatment for vicodin addiction.
5383556 tn?1367190611 D about five years ago i began having lower back pain it was pretty bad went to a neurologist and he explained that i have a slipped disk not too bad but enough to cause pain that sometimes kept me from going to work we began treatment with physical therapy and some antinflamatories (did not help my pain at all) so next step he prescribed this magic little pill vicodin 5/500 of course it worked and i was so happy to be able to be a mom a wife and a good employee without the horrible pain months
Avatar f tn Tylenol is hard on the liver and adding alcohol is even harder and from what I have read and learned can lead to liver damage. When I was taking vicodin I did not drink at all because of the fear of destroying my liver. Please get her to a doctor that can and will explain this to her.