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Avatar f tn ve been desperately trying to find a pharmacy/person to sell it to me or a doctor to prescribe it to me. PLEASE HELP!!!--Thank you so much! Your help would be greatly rewarded!!
Avatar n tn I agree with Vicki...Don't go from 4 to 6 vicodin a day to methadone. The vicodin withdrawals will be so much easier. The worst of the vicodin withdrawals will be over with in about 5 days. After that you will still have some lingering effects of anxiety and insomnia. There are people that are 30 days off of methadone and still feeling pretty rough. Have you considered tapering?
Avatar n tn I don’t know much about either Alinia or purchasing drugs online, but I imagine there’s something to be said in terms of accountability if you buy product in person. I think this goes for anything, not necessarily restricted to pharmaceuticals.
9263335 tn?1403463032 I'm crying because he made the decision to turn himself in asap but our daughter will be here in November.. :'( He wants to meet her but he made up his mind & I can't change that, I respect his decision but I'm scared. My husbamd has an order of arrest & we spoke to an immigration lawyer & said he'd get deported to mexico & won't be able to leave for 5 yrs but if he has criminal records in mexico then he won't be able to leave for 10 yrs.
163305 tn?1333668571 MEXICO -- Mexico City authorities say they have destroyed thousands of toy guns in an effort to fight real crimes committed with fake weapons. Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said Friday that officials believe that at least three of every 10 violent crimes in Mexico City is committed with a realistic toy gun. The guns were confiscated from shops in Mexico City and the surrounding state of Mexico.
Avatar n tn Is there a high risk exposure in the are of Mexico. He is originally from Mexico City, is 20 years old and came to cancun to work and vacation etc.
Avatar f tn After 3 more days of no sleep, I finally was able to find someone who I could buy some oxycontin from, they brought it to me in the hospital. By the next morning I was well enough to leave. I finally found a doc inOKC that told me about suboxone, not a lot of doctors that can prescribe it. Anyways the withdrawals were gone within an hour. BUT I had no energy or drive whatsoever and was completely withdrawn. I lasted a couple months before I relapsed.
Avatar m tn Anyone ever travled to Mexico for HSV-2 Suppressive Therapy Medication? I've been thinking about going to one of the border towns to buy some medication specifically Acyclovir. I'm working full time and am covered through my insurance for prescription meds and Dr's visits, but later on in the future will need to cut my full time job to possibly part time or less as I will be starting nursing school and willl not have the time to work as much with my time for school.
Avatar m tn I agree with Mary, If you can just cut down and be VERY diligent you will be outta this mess in no time. How very wise you are to have recognized a problem at this stage. Take it from me, it will get worse as I know your aware as time goes on. For me the fear of what was to come in detox kept me using far longer than I intended. Rooting for you.
Avatar n tn I had a 2 level lumbar fusion on 1/15/08, i've been on vicodin 10/500 since then, i took 2-3 per day. Last week i started 5/325 vicodin 1 everyday. I walk 1 mile everyday and my back is stronger,my pain level is probably 2-3 now. I decided i didn't need the vicodin, i would only take it if I had to. Well, I stopped on saturday and by monday i had palpitations, chest pain, nausea,I thought i was having a heart attack.
Avatar f tn I am on day 3 of no oxycontins, ran out and can't afford to go to Mexico and get more. Plus I want my life back. I realized I was wasting my dad's money on the pills. So I told him last night I was getting off the oxys, and we are going to a NA meeting tomorrow. He didn't know I was addicted. My question is how long should I use Vicodin to get off the withdrawls of the oxys?
Avatar f tn I just saw someone answer to a post that they had went to Mexico... Hopefully they will read your post and reply! They had a great experience there and are preggers right now. I can't remember who it was tho. Sorry!
356518 tn?1322263642 YOU have made me recognize what I thought all along, that I am *dependant*, not *addicted*. The door is closed to me in Mexico. Since I started posting, I've been to two more doctors and both, like the first, refuse to prescribe opiates. There is a new law against doing so here. "Beware of the lurking addict" seems to be the uppermost thought in their minds as they see a new patient, and we, seeking opiates to simply manage our pain, are cast out.
Avatar f tn I know im gonna sound so selfish but we are trying to save for the baby and not only that we need a new dryer and washer that we need to buy and how can we save when his family is constantly asking him for money and he gives it to just mad this is all happening when we need to save money the most!
Avatar f tn It got me really mad because now if I ask him for stuff hes mean abouy it like he doesnt want to even give me I did go back to work for 4 months and now im almost due so im on matternity leave already and their making me a baby shower and he dont even want to help out not even because im his gf hes all like I bought everything when he offered to buy the cake and bought the stroller my mom primised to buy me and now hes rybbing it in my face and now I want to return the stroller and give him the
Avatar n tn When I was in Mexico I had an encounter with a stripper in which she rubber her bare genitals on mine. I do not believe there was any penetration. Since then I seem to have a burning sensation that builds up until I urinate. It doesn't get worse as I urinate - if anything it temporarily feels better. I basically feel as I need to go to the bathroom all the time. Also I had flu like symptoms 5 days after the encounter. Nausea, diarrea. I was sick twice and had diarrea most of the day.
915119 tn?1341948989 t want to spend time with me and my son for Christmas. How does he afford to go to Mexico so many times if he is unemployed?!
Avatar f tn I'm going to start HCG in mid-march and will be traveling to Mexico the 1st week of April. How can I travel with HCG? Do I keep it in my carry-on or with my regular luggage? Does it have to be chilled? Once I am in Mexico I have access to a fridge. I don't want to wait until I get back I would love to lose weight before I go!!
Avatar n tn 00pm today I had a person come to my door and asked me if I wanted to buy any Vicodin, (Someone I used To Buy From) how hard is that. But I told her I stopped taking them and she said she was proud of me, but really they don't care they just want your money. Anyway that took all the will power I had. JUST SAY NO! For real. Again thank you guys for your support and help it does mean alot.
5383556 tn?1367190611 2 1/2 years ago i moved from Florida to Colombia SA (yes im half colombian) here i take vicoprofen instead of vicodin it worked better for me but OMG!
Avatar f tn Thank you for asking me the question. I had it written down on my notepad as something to look into but you pushed me forward. I have been reading up on it and I will indeed add it into the mix if at all possible and I will be asking my doc to give me a script for it. Otherwise, I've started pricing what they cost in Mexico compared to here. Learned they're OTC in Mexico so no script required. Will post once I get it all worked out.
Avatar f tn Helloi Peekawho, I live in Alberta Canada. The medication you're referring to is commonly called Tylenol 1 here, or a generic Tylenol 1 is also available. My understanding of the dose is that it's about 1/3 the strength of Tylenol 3. It can be bought over the counter here in Alberta, although ALL pharmacies do keep track of who buys it, what quantity & how often, and share the information with each other. In BC & the Yukon it's sold OTC with no records kept.
Avatar f tn //www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn The only place to get adequate pain medicine for the average Peron (if you are filthy rich you could probably get it) but now the only place to buy it is in Portugal where drugs have been decriminalize. People with a habit in the capitol city will come up to you begging for money for their next fix, you would have to pay $10 for the beggar and $10 for you, and ask to go with him or her to buy your own. heroin can be inhaled. But isn't that too much trouble?