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Avatar n tn Their is not mean`t to be a social mask here,I have always found people to either love or hate me,I am not normal(in fact I do not even exist),this we know. If one wants to learn how to open up a person and see what is really there, sometimes the tools we use seem unethical,but we need to understand the Psychophathology behind the genesis off "Addiction"and therefore must STUDY addicts.
1649704 tn?1402782037 So far it amounts to using a garden hose to put out a forest fire. Should we blame Mexico? I think not. In a country (USA) where a once drug sub-culture is now a mainstream culture, we should look at ourselves. Without the huge appetite for illegal drugs here in the USA, there would be no market for the drug cartels. It's going to get worse unless we can 'fix' OUR drug problem.
Avatar n tn I'm up to 10 to 15 a day now and take five just to get me moving in the morning. This is no way to live. How long and how hard are the with drawals from it? I don't want to live my life around this drug anymore. Just a word of encouragment some times is what I think I need and to know that I am not alone.
5383556 tn?1367194211 2 1/2 years ago i moved from Florida to Colombia SA (yes im half colombian) here i take vicoprofen instead of vicodin it worked better for me but OMG!
Avatar m tn To the best of my knowledge this stuff is identical in composition to Vicodin at least with respect to the acetaminophen and codeine - I'm reading from the bottle as I write this - 8 mg Codeine 325 mg acetaminophen (mistakenly recorded as 125 in my original post). Thanks for you reply. I am going to try and post every day with respect to tapering off. Might force me to be more honest than I am with myself.
Avatar n tn It takes time, effort, and discipline to get this **** out of your system and for GOOD. I've just kept in mind how much more energetic and young I feel when I don't have to rely on pills to keep me going every day. It's hard as hell to detox from pills at first (again, depending on what you were taking, how much, and for how long). But as time goes on your cravings lessen and you feel like you've overcome something.
Avatar n tn How goes it this morning? I've got to get out to the shipyard in less than 2 hours this morning. It will not take me a long time to get ready. My fingernails are really long. At least 3 curl to the side, although I keep them filed. Maybe I should cut them before I go to the shipyard. I'll be dressing much like the others who are men. It will not be a delicate or femine job. However, it will be a challenge. I need work that pays good even if it means taking a man's job. Wish me luck.
Avatar n tn As for the chills, time will cure you of those. Until then, dress in layers and respond to how you feel as you feel it. You've gone two weeks. That's an eternity! You're over the worst. It's your mind that you must contend with now. Feel better.
Avatar n tn There is no way out withdrawing from meth or laam through there clinic. Does any one know if I can go to Mexico to purchase Buprenex or Ibogain. Is there any doctors in San Diego who will detox us with Buprenex or Ibogain. We have not used in about 6 months but now I am addicted to Laam and I want OUT today. If anyone can help please wright back. HELP!!!!
Avatar m tn I have been on a lot of different high dosages of very addictive opiates as prescribed by my pain management doc over the last 13 years . after my last operation spinal fusion on May 15 2014 . I was on 780 mg of morphine a day . 480 of Avinza ER morphine sulfate a day and 10 x's a day of 30 mg per of Morphine sulfate IR . That was in may of last year that I was on that much a day .
Avatar n tn Anyway, calling in your own prescriptions is not good....don't do it, think of how much it would suck to have to detox in jail! If you ever need to talk you can email me or IM me at Bungee7!
Avatar n tn Rain and July! I moved to Mexico to work in 1999, and for the past six years, I've lived 15 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, and suffer a little in the humid summers. But Lake Chapala's temps are basically 80 degrees year round with little humidity. Once I retire, I may just move inland.
Avatar m tn I agree with Mary, If you can just cut down and be VERY diligent you will be outta this mess in no time. How very wise you are to have recognized a problem at this stage. Take it from me, it will get worse as I know your aware as time goes on. For me the fear of what was to come in detox kept me using far longer than I intended. Rooting for you.
Avatar n tn Think of how you feel now, how your head is starting to feel again, how you wake with a clear head, how things feel now compared to using in your life. It's not easy, that's why we (and you are hear.) But remember, no matter what, go easy on yourself. You seem like your going to win, win soon, and keep on winning! If you do stumble, get back up and fight on. Most of us here have stumbled, that is part of the battle and why we are all here for encouragement helping all to fight on.
747245 tn?1233948525 When I talked to my clinic about quiting they were not supportive she said if I have been on drugs since I was 14 how am I going to quit in 5 months but after 18 months on this program you have to start paying and I cant afford it. So my questions what is the best way to taper off Im going to start at 5 mg a week and I will be through b4 I have to pay will i still go through withdraws? I have read some of you say it doesnt matter how you do it you will still withdraw.
Avatar m tn I'm an addict so I bought them anyway. I was actuslly addicted to methadone from the street before I went to a clinic. How stupid am I?
Avatar m tn Great thanks I think I can get catapres down here so I will buy some to take home. What do you think about using a sleep aid like in the family of Ambien there a bunch of them and they always worked find for me before I was on these trams I can buy those here also. Here's the question that has been going around I leave here in 2 weeks do you thing it's better for me to detox here r in the US. I am suppose to go into a job when I get back lol. You were on a much smaller does than I also.
118225 tn?1278658540 Well, I was thinking about the most effective way to get the message out. I think I am going to raise my sons to be completely dominating to women, and not give them choices. When the women they date try to have an opinion or make a choice, I shall raise my sons to punish the women. This way, If women are trained to not have any choices to begin with, then obviously the choice to have an abortion could never be an option.....that should make plenty of people happy. ........................
Avatar n tn Golden Slipper Linnie Sue - Good to hear from you I am so sorry to hear how you are struggling. Please keep posting and send me an email when you get a chance. Again my address is: ***@**** and Pharmdee please feel free to email me as well.
356518 tn?1322267242 YOU have made me recognize what I thought all along, that I am *dependant*, not *addicted*. The door is closed to me in Mexico. Since I started posting, I've been to two more doctors and both, like the first, refuse to prescribe opiates. There is a new law against doing so here. "Beware of the lurking addict" seems to be the uppermost thought in their minds as they see a new patient, and we, seeking opiates to simply manage our pain, are cast out.
Avatar n tn Here's an update on my experience: I went to a doctor who is a friend of mine after I had told him about the wet, warm senstations. After a cursory exam, he asked me if I took any chlorestral medicine, I told him I take Pravachol, but only when I can afford it...and I buy it in Mexico. I told him I take it every other day to "stretch it out". He asked when the sensations started...and coincidently enough, they started about the same time I started taking the Pravachol again.
Avatar f tn Got to wk at 2 but standing by in the meantime. Got to get Tom off to wk so me and the other man Mr. Puter can get down to business lolololol.
1285653 tn?1288362229 I did just that and all the symptons went away after 3 days except for my constipation which got sooo bad that I ended up getting of the Medication... I have tried Dolo Neurobion Forte which I buy in Mexico and it does help a lot!!!!!! google it if you want to know more about this med. I am recently taking Effexor XR, Clonopin and thyroid medication. (developed hasimoto's disease , too) ....
356518 tn?1322267242 So the out of state people coming in to buy all the pills they want to sell will only be able to get 3 days worth at a time. How many do you think will do this? Not many. My doctor says they will just open outside pharmacies and then make their Pt's fill there so they always find ways around the law. It just makes it hard on us the legit CP Pt's.
Avatar f tn thanks a bunch,iam realy trying to b calm but u know it is worst feeling to know that u have done all u can do&nothing more in your hands,beside waiting is killing,i wanna know after u had BFP what have u done with the 5embies,u dropped how many?&did u finally end in a baby?ihad 3 embies transfered but my RE says i can never complete with all of them&had to drop 1&c whether 2 remaining will complete or only 1,is this right?
Avatar n tn Mainly because of the old timers and the strength they provide in my recovery. Remember drugs are only 10% of the problem, I am 90%. I had to learn how to live, act, react, rest, work and so on all over again. Just like I was a child. I even did the second guess thing on the rehab. If you think you need, then I think you answered your own question. Every passing moment is an opportunity to change our direction. God's Speed.
Avatar n tn I NEED TO STOP NOW. My problem is I have hit no bottom, still have $ in the bank to buy it on the street or in Mexico, why stop now? My liver must be totally shot, I have been incredibly unproductive in the last year especially, I have young children who need me and soon I will need to be WAY more productive then I have been (alimony ending). I AM ALONE and I am addicted. It SUCKS!!
544292 tn?1268886268 Howdy! Welcome to Part 4!
544292 tn?1268886268 This is like poison leaving thru sinuses, but then turning around to but me in the A$$, in the form of bronchitis. I was ready for it. I'm all stocked up, because it has happened before. Just have to e aggressive abut the physical medicine. Lots of VICKS, hot steam .... and NO exertion which would push the bacteria deeper into the lobes of the lungs! And how are all of the rest of my Trama-Poison friends doin this fine evening? Everyone hanging in there? It's freaking poison. They lied!
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi and Welcome Tramadol Warriors, Please come on in and make yourself comfy. All are welcome.