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Avatar f tn Does Norco cross the blood brain barrier?
5621633 tn?1371088110 the only difference is that Norco has less acetaminophen than Vicodin (325mg vs 500 in Vicodin). Also, the Vicodin your mom has contains less hydrocodone than the Norco you are prescribed, and the half-life of hydrocodone is a maximum of 6 hours which means the levels of the extra Norco you took should be out of your system by the time you have your urine test, so I wouldn't worry this time about being "caught" taking extra pills this time. But I agree with silverfox67.
Avatar n tn I do have a prescribtion but it's for Vicodin Hyrdrocodone and not Norco although I've taken a norco and was asking if they can tell the difference in a urine test. Thanks a bunch!
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Avatar m tn I guess I should have said Vicodin, not Norco. Of course, they are the same thing.......
Avatar f tn wrote me a letter that he no longer wants to see me, I have to find a new Dr. But I looked up Norco vs Hydrocdone and they are not the same pill nor are they related. He wrote a rude letter, and kicked me to the curb for nothing. He needs to know his meds.
Avatar f tn If it is a small yellow oval pill and is scored in the middle so it can be broken in half it could be Norco or Hydrocodone 10mg with Acetaminophen 325mg. Hydrocodone with Acet. is also known as Vicodin. That is what I take and I usually tell others it is Vicodin because most do not know what Norco is. It's just easier to say that instead of explaining all the different brand names of the products with Hydrocodone and Acet.
Avatar n tn Iv been on opiates since iv been 11 started with 10mg norco (which is vicodin with 325 tylonal) and started taking it 3 times a day and was up to the point where i was taking 12 a day, then i was taking 10mg percs, moved up to 15 mg roxies then they added 30mg oxycontins 3 times a day, then i desided to try and taper myself off pain meds completely at age 15 because it was scary and my tollerance was just to high.
620048 tn?1358018235 I am off of vicodin and for a week or so now I have been working on the norco. After getting off the vicodin, my Dr. said to take 9 of the norco. She is on vacation so I have gone to 8 a day now but I do it at night. I am not quite sure what to do next..should I come down one whole pill each time? and how often?
206807 tn?1331936184 My Dr. changed my prescription from Lorcet to Norco because Norco has less Acetaminophen in it. He is concerned because of my liver (another story for another day). Since changing to Norco my intake has doubled and has me concerned. I know they both have same amount of hydrocodone but does Lorcet work longer because of the Acetaminophen? Does the Acetaminophen slower the disribution of hydrocodone? The Norco seems to work faster but the Lorcet seems to work longer. Any input?
521742 tn?1255107015 HI everyone this is my first post so here it goes. Ive been on norco 10/35 for 4 years and I was down to 3 a day for a few weeks. I went to a new pain dr and to get me off the norco i was put on methadone 3 .05 pills a day to taper down for a month and then i would be off them. Now my PC wants to send me to another dr to put me on suboxone Ive heard bad things about both drugs what do u guys think???
620048 tn?1358018235 so I will tell you some more. I finally started vicodin, then my Dr. put me on norco. I am not sure how long I have been taking it, maybe a year and a half. I took them for my headaches, I have been suffering them for years. I finally told my Dr., who would not even deal with them, that I wanted something to take for them if he were not going to do anything and he gladly handed me a script for vicodin. I am going to a headache specialist for help also and, so far it is not helping me.
Avatar m tn ive been taking vicodin/Norco (5/10) for 8 years, im 27 years old, at first it started to take the edge off using meth and to help with shoulder pain. i was taking 1 vicodin once a day then twice a day. For a few years i was using on and off no big deal. then i was up to taking 1 norco at work to get me through my shift (i hated my job). i became pregnant 3 years ago and starting having siatica pain i was still filling my RX but not taking vicodin on a daily basis or half a norco a day.
Avatar n tn So glad you found us again! I cried tears of joy and relief when I got responses to my posts the first time too. It's so relieving to know we are not alone and that there are others that are going through or have been where you are at now. Stick close to this site for ongoing support, you are going to need it! As far as starting the supplements, yes! I figured I was popping pills all day long, what was it going to hurt to take natural pills?
Avatar m tn As said above, hydrocodone is Norco....or Vicodin...there are several brand names. It is one of the cheaper short acting meds on the market. Make sure your physician is prescribing the generic and that your pharmacy is filling it with a generic. You might want to talk to your pharmacist. He/she is the expert in medications and their costs. They will be able to tell you about prices and and other options available. I hope you will be active on our forum.
Avatar n tn my pain level gets to a 10 and when I take the meds it never gets beyond a 7 on a pain scale, I have been given vicodin,toradol,Norco,and roxicodon. the Norco and Roxicodon makes me so ill, they gave me naseua medicine but it still makes me sick. its as though the meds are just not strong enough 5 mg to 10 mg, I have not slept as I can not get the pain under control, any suggestions? I just want to get some relief so I can sleep.
Avatar f tn I have been taking vicodin 7.5/750 for several months and all the tylonel is starting to upset my stomach. Does anyone know the different strengths of vicodin so I can try something different?
Avatar m tn Hi Sparx, Did a little reseach on drugs vicodin and norco, under norco could find nothing in side effects for sex, but under vicodin there just sai altered sex drive, and that was it, so is after taken this that you some good erections, so which one then? Hypoglycsmic, does this mean your a diobetic? Do you mean ejculation or orgasm, as there is a differance?
696149 tn?1314320959 This is more of a statement than anything else and I guess in the end it's a good thing. I've been taking Vicodin/Norco for 14+ years. I was off of it for nearly 2 years and then went back on it because of kidney stones. I felt better on Vicodin than off, I discovered. The problem is, to keep feeling good, you always have to increase the dosage. That's not good at all for many reasons....the worst is your body will eventually shut down if you keep doing this.
Avatar m tn Hello all I had back surgery in July 2009 and have been prescribed norco since. First it was norco 10/325 now I'm regularly prescribed 7.5/325 90 a month. Of course like others I would take more than directed. Now I'm trying to ween off. I was taking 4 - 5 a day. 2 days ago I only took 2 1/2 than yesterday I took 2. Today I took 1 so far and I have been unable to sleep and the diarrhea has just set in. I never took more than 5 a day. How long can I expect these withdrawals?
Avatar f tn Lortab or more commonly referred to as Vicodin or Norco is Hydrocodone. They both contain aceitomeniphen which is tylenol. Some most lortabs have 500 mg's or 325 mg's or aceitomeniphen where as most percocets have 325 but some have 600 and 650 mg's whatever is after the slash as in 10/325 pertains to the mg of aceitomeniphen and the number before the slash is the mg of hydrocodone or oxycodone.
Avatar n tn Ok either way I am taking hydrocodone (10/325), whether its norco or vicodin it doesnt matter! Its the same drug haha. But thank you for the advice! Hopefully Ill be done with this soon...