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600857 tn?1230057770 OK, here's the "strange one" of the group. I have taken Vicodin for 4 years. It only makes me "grumpy" at the end of a day when I have over done my limitations and I am hurting and absolutely nothing works to ease my pain. My family knows when it's one of those evenings and they are kind enough to leave me alone and let me be a "B" all by myself. I don't even want to be around anyone. But those days are not often.
4753943 tn?1359934569 Mine was way too fast and I have really suffered. I did the percocet withdrawal first as well but the Effexor made the percocet withdrawals look like a piece of cake.
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Avatar f tn t have had any kind of withdrawal going to Percocet from Vicodin. Whatever occured was unrelated. Percocet is stronger than Vicodin. Try not to over think this. It will be what it won't be the worst thing you'll go through. Just not pleasant. It's truly like having the flu...
Avatar f tn t make me too drowsey, if so I will need to go back to the Vicodin or Percocet. One more quick question, my Dr. says a 10 mg perc is the same as a 10 mg vicodin but the percs seem stronger to me. What's your opinion on that? Thanks again for the help.
Avatar f tn I would go with the oxycodone (percocet) over the hydrocodone (vicodin), because it's possible to get the oxycodone in it's pure form in a pill without the tylenol in it. The -cet suffix on the percocet is what denotes the acetominophen or Tylenol. In the generic form, it would give the mg strength of the pill (ie, 5/500) and then say APAP on the label.
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Avatar n tn hi if you Google this exactly it gives you all the common and rare side effects of percocet.
Avatar f tn Will Roxicodone be as effective as Percocet and what side effects should I be aware of? Thank you very much for your input.
Avatar f tn Do the new drugs come with their own side effects besides the ones that soc come with? Not sure if I asked that right, I'm still waiting for everything to come together but if the new meds come with even worse side effects than one might already get maybe that's another reason to treat now.
Avatar n tn I have degenerative disc disease and have been taking 3 10 ml vicodin with acetaminophen for 5 years with very little side effects. Because the back pain is now getting severe, my doctor wants my to switch to Tramadal. Is Tramadal a stronger pain reliever and what side effects does it have?
Avatar m tn After about 10 weeks, I have adjusted to the side effects and it has been very effective for pain relief. Maybe that's a solution for you?
Avatar f tn what side effects can i expect after 48 weeks of treatment for geno type 1,and for how long
Avatar f tn I just started on Zohydro ER because the idea of not taking acetaminophen with hydrocodone was tempting. (There's a Black Box warning about the acetaminophen in Vicodin). The first day I started the Z. (about 5 days ago) I got less pain relief and much more pain than I had with 5/375 Vicodin! That's seems totally wrong but it happened. The dose of the Z is the same as I got for the number of 5/375s I took per day. Anyone else on Z. and how do you like it? Any side effects?
Avatar m tn It is most likely the oxycodone in the percocet that is making you sleepy. Unfortunately it is just a side effect of the medication for some. I take hydrocodone and as the dose wears off I become sleepy. Sometimes if I am idle I can doze off for a few minutes. I find that caffeine helps. As soon as I take my next dose the sleepiness subsides. I am not positive but I think this is a fairly common side effect. I hope this helps.