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Avatar n tn dupont enscribed on one side, and percocet on the other; AND come right from the drug store, from a legitimate Rx(NOT expired). In a DuPont bottle(maybe a Canadian deal as you mentioned) Sorry about the tangent, but these babies were close to my heart. Have a great day everyone.............
Avatar n tn I'll leave it to the medical people to answer your questions re side effects; however, your wife must be taking 5mg not 500mg pills of Vicodin (the maximum formulation of hydrocodone which is the opiate in Vicodin is 10mg per pill). To determine if your wife is truly addicted, one needs to know how long she has been using at the current rate and whether she can go a few days without using the pills and without exeriencing withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar f tn Will Roxicodone be as effective as Percocet and what side effects should I be aware of? Thank you very much for your input.
Avatar n tn It is my opinion that you need to speak to your doc regarding the side effects of the Percocet. Yes, Percocet has acetamenaphin in it, but that can aggitate the stomache and the liver. My MAIN worry is the tongue swelling and raw sensation. I do not know lots about withdrawl symptomology, but I am familiar with allergies. I am worried you are having moderate reactions some medication/ or less likely a food that you are taking in.
Avatar n tn Try Ultram,(Tramodol) it's a synthetic narcotic like drug but not on the narcotic control list and it does not produce those irritating side effects that codiene and percocet does. For me it actually kills the pain better too. Your general practioner will be much happier if you ask for that then for the supposed stronger stuff! Oh. it does have some mood elevating effects too so it is somewhat addicting.
Avatar n tn Seems he may be longer at this transition that he originally thought....any must be experiencing other side effects?
Avatar m tn what should i do to possibly help me quit or help the side effects from w/d and what am i goin to go through? how long will i feel like crap? will marijuana help or drinking? im not lookin to replace this habbit with another i already smoke alot and drink very little and im really just trying to find a way around the restless legs and insomnia can anyone help is there something else that would be better to do?
Avatar n tn Doc can give many different drugs to help the side effects of w/ds. Admitting you have an addiction problem is the first step your already on your way to recovery if you want. Hang in there and stay in touch with us on this forum there is good support here!!!!!
Avatar n tn I took it up until the day I delivered and my daughter had no side effects. If the doctors are aware evenif the baby does suffer withdraawals (crying, not sleeping, vomitting etc.) it canb fixed pretty easily with early mediations. Goood luck!
Avatar n tn /The other important issue here is the fact that there is nothing wrong with using Ultram or opiates (codeine, Vicodin, Percocet, etc.) if you have a chronic pain problem and are not abusing your medications by taking more than is prescribed, getting it from more than one doctor, etc. Chronic pain patients sometimes do become physically addicted to their medicines. This will happen even if you take the prescribed amount for a long enough time on a daily basis.
Avatar n tn ALot of narcotics can make you itch, it's just side effects where again, you have to weigh the benifits over the side effects. Good idea about the benadryl, but did you know that it inhances the effect of alot of narcotics?
Avatar n tn If you have a good amount of personal control, you can kick without any real bad side effects. What I did was cut my dose by 1/3rd every three days until I was down to taking single pills. Than I cut to half a pill, than a quarter. It took some will power, but I can tell you that it beats the hell out of even minor withdrawl symptoms. Try some Nytol or other over the counter medication to help with sleep. Within a week of finishing your detox, you will feel fine.
Avatar m tn Percocet (oxycodone) is stronger than Vicodin (hydrocodone). Percocet is typical prescribed in 5mg doses. Hydrocodone is also typically prescribed in 5mg doses. At these levels percocet is definitly the stronger drug. Norco a brand of hydrocodone that comes in 10mg pills, and is there for equivalent to 2 normal hydro pills. People get confused and think it is stronger because they are taking two pills in one.
Avatar n tn I've been taking about 6 Vicodin a day for over & year & now I'm out. What will the withdrawal be like? Anything I can do as far as over the counter products or easy to obtain herbal or natural remedies? Please answer fast.
Avatar n tn At my worst point I used to drop 15 Vicodin a day, and mix them with some Darvocet N-100 on the side. Should have been dead, except my physical tolerance was so high, my body had adjusted to the dosage. My best advice to you is to get away from the people that are influencing you to do it. If you are ordering pills over the net or obtaining them some other illegal way then you may never stop until you bottom out. This is different for every person.
Avatar f tn I'm hoping these morphine ER tabs don't make me too drowsey, if so I will need to go back to the Vicodin or Percocet. One more quick question, my Dr. says a 10 mg perc is the same as a 10 mg vicodin but the percs seem stronger to me. What's your opinion on that? Thanks again for the help.
Avatar f tn Tramadol is a weak opioid receptor agonist, and it also causes the release of serotonin and it inhibits the reuptake of norepinephrine (very similar to the antidepressant Effexor). The metabolites of Tramadol hit selective opioid receptors as well. Some states HAVE chosen to make it a schedule IV controlled substance, and I DO believe more states are following suit.
403399 tn?1201836695 Keep the medication in a secure place where others cannot get to it. Tramadol can cause side effects that may impair your thinking or reactions. Be careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be awake and alert. Do not stop using tramadol suddenly, or you could have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, sweating, nausea, diarrhea, tremors, chills, hallucinations, trouble sleeping, or breathing problems.
955456 tn?1316230779 I was married to his father, and it turned out he was using me for his green card. When I had my son, the performed a C-section. I was given Percocet for this procedure. Long story short, when I took these percs, the pain was GONE and I didn't dwell on my son's father day and night. After my prescription ran out (it lasted about 2 days), and the dr wouldn't refill, I stopped taking them. Then 7 weeks later, when I got a job, someone was selling them at the job.
Avatar f tn The way it worked was 1/3 of the subjects got some new experimental medication that was an opiate, but supposedly freer of side-effects including addiction. 1/3 got oxycontin, and 1/3 got placebo. I was sure from the first dose that I got one of the non-placebo drugs. About a month in, my curiosity got the better of me and I broke open a capsule to see what was inside. Inside were small round tablets I was able to identify off the internet as oxycontin.
Avatar f tn I just had a baby five weeks ago and was on percocet (same as vicodin pretty much) all the way thru. narcotics have very little effect on the fetus. rest assured, you are not harming the baby with the amounts you are taking. the issues about wanting to stop, you'll need to deal with when you are ready, but going c/t ca stess the baby and stress your body. I've posted many times about my experience, so go thru the archives and you';; find all kind of info.
Avatar n tn I didn't take the warnings from others and my 8, 5mg vicodin habit turned in to about 20 or more 10mg percocet or norcos. I even went through a time where I talked my doctor in to prescribing oxycontin and worked my way up to the 80mg sometimes taking up to 5 a day. I know you are not there yet, but with time, you more than likely will get there. So deciding that you want to stop now and great! Most say cold turkey is the way to go. I disagree unless someone isn't able to taper.
Avatar n tn Maybe you have to suffer the side effects of withdrawal to realize exactly what you have done to yourself and realize that this is a path you will never want to walk again. There was a time in your life before the pills. Think back... wasn't it nice? Didn't the sun shine a little brighter and didn't you notice the birds singing and the wind blowing? Well life after the drugs can be the same way as before them. Now please don't get me wrong.
Avatar n tn Hi, My daughter, 19, had her wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago. She was given vicodin 50, 1-2 every 4-6 as needed for pain. She found 1 was not enough and was taking 2 every 6 hours. She ended up with complications and an extended recovery and pain, so the Dr. gave her a new script. We asked for 75 as 50 wasn't working and 2 x 50 (100) was too much, making her really high and sleepy.
Avatar m tn The only downsides I've found so far is that it doesn't work very well for pain (nowhere near as well as Percocet or Vicodin) and also most noteworthy PRICE! Methadone can be found for $2/pill where Bup runs around $8-10/pill. This addiction is a horrible roller-coaster ride. I want to kill the pain to still be able to work, which I must work, but then in order to kill the pain I am addicted to the medication.
Avatar n tn I'm nervous about going back on Vicodin because that type of drug is not acceptable to society but the drugs that they want me one prozac etc are useless to me. My delemma Vicodin vs suicide. Thank you for listening.
Avatar m tn i have ulcers from trying to self treat with IB, spent over $3K on back procedures i can't afford, ended up at a neurologist because i was given muscle relaxers by the back doctor- the side effects where so dreadful, they thought I had parkinsons keeping in mind, i am in my thirties, raising too little girls, finishing a divorce, and a full-time student. i can't even work with my school/children's' schedule so we are living off cc.... but i have also realized it it a dangerous game.
464393 tn?1206758995 Also, remember that methadone is a potent pain killer and that mixing other opoids might increase the effects of side effects such as respitory depression, which can be life threatening. I would highly recommend consulting a pharmcist before taking tramadol with methadone. Above all the warnings I gave, IF you must use both together, make sure the tramadol is a very low dose (37-50 mgs) so that if you do get side effects or withdraw, they are minimized.
Avatar f tn Tramadol is listed as a non-narcotic and I have heard some horrible stories about the drug and it's effects. Vicodin is a narcotic and in my opinion, has better pain relief than the Tramadol. Both are addictive. Please discuss this with your Doctor when you see him in 2 weeks. He is the best qualified to make that decision. Take care and good luck in the future.