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Avatar m tn I posted a comment/question on "vicodin vs dilaudid" could somebody please read it and tell me if I should ne ss scared as I am after Reading these posts? Please? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Hey all! I used Vicodin 7.5 for years. I always had Tramadol that always helped with the withdrawal. I have since had to use Dilaudid instead. I notice the Tramadol does not seem to reduce the withdrawals. At least physical symtpms such as sweating, insomnia, and discomfort persist. This was pretty much taken care of with Tramadol after running out of Vicodin. I also get this horrible hot/cold feeling in my arms. I do not think I ever experienced this with Vicodin.
Avatar n tn Thank you everyone who posts to this forum. I had neck disc surgery just ago 10 days ago and had a dilaudid pump in the hospital then vicodin. Soma too. I'd never had a narcotic before but I have lost 2 family members to drug addiction and they scare me so much that I just flushed all the pills down the toilet after I got home from the hospital. For 3 days now I have been shaking, vomiting, sweating and crawling to the bathroom.
Avatar f tn m out of Vicodin and I have had a few 8 mg Dilaudid hanging around for awhile because a friend gave them to me. Has anyone had this combination of drugs? I need something but I am afraid the Lyrica and Prozac might interact with Dilaudid. Has anyone used Dilaudid to manage Fibro pain? How does its effects compare to Vicodin? Any advice would help - thank you.
Avatar n tn My doctor decided to switch me from 2 10/325 norco 6x per day to one 8mg dilaudid 4 times per day. I am not sure how much stronger the dilaudid is from the dose or norco I was taking, and I do not understand those narcotic equivalancy calculators. Can someone with experience please help me understand how much stronger this medication is? The only other medication I take is xanax .5 twice daily.
Avatar n tn I am in serious need of information. I am 5 months pregnant and was very honest with my OBGYN about my Vicodin Addiction. We discussed a treatment plan and I am following a taper and counseling. My Dr. called me yesterday and said she was concerned about my Drug Test results. She said that it was positive for Hydrocodone and Dilaudid. I said, "what is dilaudid?" She said that it is a form of morphine. I said I have only taken vicodin and lexapro which she prescribed.
Avatar n tn Once you realize that there is no going back, then and only then will you start looking for ways to stay away from the pills vs. looking for ways to go back to them. This is a process, not a week, a month or a year process, but a life process that you must totally commit yourself to, if you really want to overcome it. I hope and pray that you and everyone here will find the motivation and stregth needed to commit to this change.
585134 tn?1218579114 the withdrawal is horrible and i have to work to support my family so ive put it off as long as i can, i took last week off to try and quit and i didnt use dilaudid for several days, i had 18 vicodin 5mg and i tried to kick with them but it didnt take so ive used just a few dilaudid and now ive got some more vicodin(35-5mg pills) and im attempting to quit again, i dont have any support because it seems everyone thinks i should be able to kick this in 2 or 3 days but the withdrawal goes on and o
Avatar n tn was taking up to 10 - 10mg (a day) of anything and everything I could get my hands on, i.e., vicodins, oxycotin, methadone, dilaudid, percs, etc. This habit was formed over the period of a year. The W/D's were horrendous, as many of you know. I couldn't function AT ALL for at least two weeks, even by a month out it was still pretty bad. Anyhow, within the last 6 months I relapsed and began taking oxy's and vicodin again.
Avatar f tn So lortab will not work any differently than the vicodin you have been taking. As for the Dilaudid, I have never been prescribed it so I can't comment on it. I do know that it is a very strong narcotic pain reliever and is a derivative of morphine which many are. Hope you can find the answers you are looking for. Best of luck with your pain. I'm also a chronic pain sufferer and know how difficult life can be at times.
Avatar f tn I am a 31 year old mother of four. I work about 20-30 hours per week and I go to school full time. Dispite what may sound stressful, I have NEVER been happier. My husband is incredibly supportive. My children are amazing and active. I love my life....well...most of it. About 3 and 1/2 years ago I started getting migraines. In no time they increased to about 2 to 3 times a week. I was seeing a doctor for a while, and had to leave her. All she did for me was prescribe me a ton of Vicodin.
Avatar m tn Hello guys, this is my first post though I've read a few threads from this forum while researching my pain management schedule. What I basically want to get information on is the type of medication I should stick with, and strategies to maintain efficacy. I'm relatively young but had a few sports injuries when I was in high school and shortly after.
Avatar f tn At my lowest, I was injecting 16mg of Dilaudid several times a day plus the Roxicodones.. Dilaudid is up at the top when comparing powerful opioids with only Opana topping it .I quit shooting up CT and I can not describe the 4 days of torture I went through. Just keep reminding yourself that it will be over in a few days and although you will think that you are going to die, you will be fine.
Avatar n tn My husband has a dependency on dilaudid and is getting ready to start a slow taper off of 12-14 mg he has taken daily for 16 months. The doctor is switching his dilaudid for perocet starting Sunday. He will take as much as he needs to seek releif for two days and then visit the doctor. Then the doctor will have a taper schedule and will see him weekly or bi-weekly. So what does switching from one pain med to the other do? Will he notice a big difference in the way they work or do not work.
Avatar m tn dope history: dilaudid IV for a year and quit cold turkey. then on and off dilauded several times thereafter. then was on methadone for almost three years(80-120mg/day in later stage) and quit cold turkey. i had been clean for over three years and started taking care of my health. diet and exercise were my new addiction. i'm in it on my own, i have no one to work out with and nobody gives a sh*t about their health around here.
Avatar f tn It is a very bad drug to use because it has acetaminophen in it and acetaminophen can actually cause rebound migraine pain... so vicodin can actually make your migraine pain much worse... not better. The dilaudid, also called hydromorphone, is a MUCH better medication to use because it is a pure opiate, it doesn't have any sort of medication in it that will make your migraines worse.
Avatar f tn t have had any kind of withdrawal going to Percocet from Vicodin. Whatever occured was unrelated. Percocet is stronger than Vicodin. Try not to over think this. It will be what it won't be the worst thing you'll go through. Just not pleasant. It's truly like having the flu...
Avatar f tn I thought so but they dont. There is a 4, 7 & 12 panel but they dont test for vicodin (hydrocodone) they test for oxycodone and opiates that are metabolized into morphine in the body, such as oxycontin, dilaudid, heroin and of course morphine. According to the pharmacist hydrocodone isnt considered dangerous enough to be tested for. I asked her 'do they live in a bubble or something??
Avatar n tn I recently found myself in a position where I have no Vs and am unable to obtain any. My doc had given my Adderol for depression and for focusing so I can work. I find that when I'm going through the w/d, the adderol helps with the cravings and other w/d effects, except the sleepless nights, crazy legs and no appetite. I was doing up to 20 Vs a day for chronic back and neck pain from ruptured discs. So many of us have this problem.
Avatar n tn While I intend on talking with my OB and PCP, I would like to know if anyone knows the risk of w/ding suddenly on a fetus, vs a withdrawal that is tapered, vs having less while pregnant. I have chronic pain now and have been off long enough to know that much. However, this is not just about me anymore. I didn't have this problem with my first child, and I am going insane trying to figure it out. I swore I read somewhere that the straight w/d could cause a miscarriage.
Avatar n tn My doc has 4mg per 24hr of dilaudid, I was taking oxycontin 80mg 3xdaily and aqtic 1600mcg 4 time daily and now I have no breakthrough meds and I feel like my pain is worse now with the pump, My doc says I don't need anymore medication because it don't work on me.....I am devistated because I have torn tendons and ligaments in my back by my shoulder blade. I feel like I have a broken wing from my shoulder blade.....