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Avatar f tn t have had any kind of withdrawal going to Percocet from Vicodin. Whatever occured was unrelated. Percocet is stronger than Vicodin. Try not to over think this. It will be what it won't be the worst thing you'll go through. Just not pleasant. It's truly like having the flu...
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Avatar f tn t make me too drowsey, if so I will need to go back to the Vicodin or Percocet. One more quick question, my Dr. says a 10 mg perc is the same as a 10 mg vicodin but the percs seem stronger to me. What's your opinion on that? Thanks again for the help.
Avatar n tn yes, percocet is a class 2 narcotic and vicodin is a class 3. Percocet is an oxycodone with tylenol, and vicodin is a hydrocodone with tylenol. If ever you need a refill you can't have a doctor call in a class 2. Both are addictive equally...
590280 tn?1310087366 Whats the difference between say a percocet 512, vicodin ES to a 5mg oxycodone generic for percolone
Avatar f tn Ill keep it short - not only are they addicting, they are probably more addicting than vicodin and stronger. Percocet is one step ABOVE Vicodin on the painkiller strength scale. Ever hear people talk about oxy? Percocet is Oxycodone. If you had a problem with vicodin, percocet will just be a bigger problem. Id stay away. Good luck and congrats on all that clean time.. Keep going in the right direction. God bless.
Avatar f tn In 2013 the FDA mandated changes in opioid formulations containing acetaminophen. Vicodin, Norco, and Percocet now all contain only 325mg of acetaminophen and known as 5/325 formulations -- 5mg of opioid analgesic with 325mg of acetaminophen. A few months ago with the law went infor effect, there was a shortage of 5/325 formulations in the distribution networks. By the way, other drugs can hurt your liver.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have thyroid cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. A week ago I had surgery to remove the lymph nodes (surgery went well and I was sent home). Now I am on percocet for the pain. I have been able to reduce my doses and think I will be completely off in a couple of days. My doctor said after the surgery, I could start trying to conceive.
890900 tn?1284577303 ADELPHI, Md. - Government experts say prescription drugs like Vicodin and Percocet that combine a popular painkiller with stronger narcotics should be eliminated because of their role in deadly overdoses. A Food and Drug Administration panel on Tuesday voted 20-17 that prescription drugs that combine acetaminophen with other painkilling ingredients should be pulled off the market.
Avatar n tn I have a couple questions concerning possibly having a tummy tuck done. I have 3 children and we are considering a fourth in the next year and a half. With each pregnancy, my abdomen has become more stretched and I'm left with an "overhang" or an "apron" of tissue no matter how many toning exercises I do.
Avatar f tn This time it was 30 milligrams of vicodin, with a two month prescription of percocet 10 milligram mixed in at three times a day. I tapered the percocet and 36 hours ago quit the vicodin. My body feels achy, but I havent had the restless leg which was a night mare last november and I have yet to have diareeham, and i have slept more than i did when I quit before. I am praying that these last 40 hours are just toying with me and it will hit me all at once.
1279189 tn?1275244868 Ok, today I am picking up my RX for the Fenytal patch, my idea is not be on both the patch and still have to take Vicodin. My question is if I just stop the Vicodin, if the patch works out great for pain management. Will I have withdrawals from the Vicodin?... Also just want to know with the patch, do you get that spike In Energy like I get from the Vicodin, one of the things I did enjoy with the vicodin...haa haa... As it helps keep up with my 2 and 10 year old..Just woundering.
Avatar n tn Hey there.....I don't know about percocet but I took tramadol with vicodin before. I take tramadol and my script was running out before I could get it refilled so I took the vicodin to help make what tramadol I had left, last. So, medically I think it wouldn't hurt anything to take them. You just have to be very careful with tramadol! I am in the process of trying to ween off of it and my dr.
599170 tn?1300973893 You're about right with the meds and their strengths. I had a cervical discectomy with fusion and really didn't need pain meds beyond about the third day post surgery. My problems started about 7 months after the surgery when it became apparent that I had developed adhesive arachnoiditis as a result of the nerves in my spine reacting badly to the dye in the myelogram before the surgery. Had I not had the myelogram, I would no longer have needed pain meds after the surgery.
Avatar f tn A LORTAB is basically Vicodin (hyddrocodone), whereas a PERCOCET is a more natural opiate, also called oxycodone. Because oxy is less synthetic, it tends to be a bit stronger. Both meds contain the opiate (either hydro or oxy) and acetaminophen (tylenol). Both are habit forming when used improperly, or for long periods of time. Hope that helps.
Avatar m tn can i fill a prescription for percocet 9/29 even though ifilled a prescrition for vicodin on 9/27?
710547 tn?1295446030 I was up to 6-7 Percocet a day and 60 mg of hysingla a slow acting Vicodin. My doctor gave me 210 Vicodin in a month and I took them. Now my husband is dispensing 1-2 pills of Percocet a day and I'm down to 40 mg of the long acting meds. The first two weeks were horrible but my doctor refuses to see me now unless I see a psychologist to prove to him I'm not a drug addict. I have severe rhumetoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and I'm constant pain.