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Avatar n tn She also gave me a lot of info which seemed to contradict what I read on the net. To top matters off she told me to go buy a cream called "Posalfilin". After buying this I read the insert it says to NOT use on genital warts! I read on a med site just now that it can actually cause scarring! I told the stupid old lady I had vaginosis and was extra sensitive in that area... what was going on in her head. I actually rang the center back and said why??
Avatar m tn does it make any sense to try this vaccine during pegintf or for those with very low hbsag levels with monthly injections in a skin area previously treated with imiquimod (with also zadaxin added for the lucky ones who has it), the vaccine seems inexpensive and if it makes no harm it would be a good try are there any trials on these new hbv vaccines in combo with peg intf and zadaxin, i couldn t find any?
Avatar m tn 2013 and they are all awfully quiet. I think it is time people for a massive online action against these companies. What in the hell are they doing not releasing cures now. At expose them. People are not aware of hbv or how much we suffer and what is really going with with these companies how they go about saving lives. We dont need more Baraclude or simvastin to remedy it.
Avatar m tn $75,000 for these business guys is nothing. Here is another example.. There is GS9620.. Imiquimod that works, very very promising drug. So they are doing "clinical trials" makes sense.. But they are very selective of who they take. I live within driving distance of San Diego. And just because I take Baraclude I cannot try this drug. Have to be on Tenofovir fro 3 months or more.. Does that make sence to you? What is the difference? Both are the same group of drugs.
Avatar n tn Please try Thuja Occidentalis pellets which you can buy online on amazon. I have had flat warts on my face for over 6 years and they kept multiplying rapidly. Absolutely none of the creams or prescription wills helped in any way and i was going crazy and super self conscious over this and reserving to my last reserve of having them surgically removed and be left with scars. I didn't even care at that point just to get rid of them.
Avatar f tn will try this. Thank you. Has anyone used Gene-Eden? You can buy it online. Worked quite well for me, but still have some problem, however, much better. I am now going to use L-Lysine and GoldenSeal. These will help fight the infection naturally. There are some articles online about these. Will keep you posted.
Avatar m tn I recommend driving different combinations until you find something that works. Imiquimod (Aldara) is a topical immune response cream, applied to the affected area. It causes less local irritation than podofilox but may cause fungal infections (11% in package insert) and flu-like symptoms (less than 5% disclosed in package insert).
Avatar m tn i wouldn t bother testing nagalase and VDR but i'd go straight at starting gcmaf as soon as possible, there will be plently of time for those tests (nagalase requires 3 weeks and vdr about the same) as regards cancer gcmaf in vitro has antitumoricidal activity even alone without immune system so vdr might not be so go straight for it because after stage 2 cancers even gcmaf is not so helpful.
Avatar f tn And we will make sure that they will make all the money to pay for their time and investment. If they will collect donations online they will get more then the big pharma will ever offer them. So the plan should be going to the people and reaching out and we will pay for the meds, even for those that cannot afford them. So I propose lets all email Replicor folks with the link to this topic and ask them to join us here.
Avatar f tn Thanks, sorry you have it too! I spent some time online last night looking up whatever anyone had to say about it (I'm sure you've done that too--it looks like a ton of people have the same thing)--I put hydrocortizone creme on it last night, and it seems to be a little better this morning. Mine keeps coming and going tho, so I'm never sure what affects it.
Avatar m tn As appose to just 12 weeks of therapy. The laws are ridiculous and amoral. Lobbied by special interests that buy politicians and this is just a pure example of it if a company has a drug that can rid people from HBV but Cannot collect development funds online to precede further and faster.. Replicor has a CURE or at lest the best available. And if they need funds they need to go to the people not to a private investor shark to whom this disease is another way to profit in a big way.
Avatar f tn May i ask where did you buy your phyllanthus niruri leaves? I couldnt find them in stores here or online. Also, if my hbv dba remain under 2000IU/ml, does it mean I'm under immune-control phase, and that liver damage is under control?
Avatar n tn If you need someone to talk to online then feel free to say so and I'll try and figure out a way to get you my MSN addy.
Avatar m tn http://www.healio.
Avatar m tn the patient with very high hbsag was on entecavir 3 years only low potency antivirals need many years for response and might not respond the hbsag level may have little importance, potent antivirals rescue immune response by lowering t-regs and other effects, so that pegintf add on works anyway i want to try imiquimod again with a daily suppository schedule of 12,5mg which i tried only 2 times for 7 days because of the high cost.
Avatar f tn anyway ask for hbsag quantification it is now 3 years it is presented in conferences and has become routine so they have to buy the new machines to do it, another member in canada found fibroscan and is checking for hbsag quantification, i will let you know in the board if he finds it unless he makes 1 or 2 years of interferon alone or combined hbe seroconversion is useless and as soon as he stops antivirals hbe returns slowly positive.
Avatar m tn i'm going to buy some cream for yeast infections tomorrow and try rubbing it down and see if it does me any good. the yeast infection symptoms sure sound a whole lot closer to home than the urinary infection or herpes diagnoses.
Avatar n tn if we all start donating small amounts (we are millions of hbv carriers) we might even buy the company and make drug approval in asia and then ship the drug worldwide......