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Avatar n tn Condylox - apparently it is a weaker gel of podophyllin toxin, which burns off the warts. Has anyone used it? Where can I get it online? Aldara - cream that helps your immune system target the warts? Again, has anyone used it? Where can I get it online? TCA - an acid that burns the warts off? Has anyone used it? Where can I get it online? I was thinking of trying to get both condylox and aldara.
4865450 tn?1361298133 have them laser removed and immediately start using an aldara and celebrex combo for a year. tell your doc you are really stiff or something to get the celebrex... maybe do some research and tell your doc what he/she needs to hear because insurance isn't going to cover it for your warts but it has been proven to work. it's not FDA approved yet.. too new of a treatment. There is an HIV drug that cures HPV as well, it's called Lopinavir - also not FDA approved for HPV.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with genital warts 3 years ago. my doctor prescribed Aldara cream, which I bought and used, however it did nothing. She referred me to a specialist, but we just haven't had the money for me to follow through on that, so the warts have just gotten worse and worse and my self esteem is shattered. I found an online add for Dermisil and it all SOUNDS encouraging, but if it's so good, why wouldn't my doctor have suggested it over invasive chances like laser surgery etc?
Avatar n tn there is absolutely nothing we can help you with at this point jeffrey. You need to stop posting online on the boards and go be seen by a medical professional, find out what you have and ask about treatment modalities there. Do not attempt to self diagnose and/or self treat. go be seen and get a professional opinion.
Avatar n tn She also gave me a lot of info which seemed to contradict what I read on the net. To top matters off she told me to go buy a cream called "Posalfilin". After buying this I read the insert it says to NOT use on genital warts! I read on a med site just now that it can actually cause scarring! I told the stupid old lady I had vaginosis and was extra sensitive in that area... what was going on in her head. I actually rang the center back and said why??
Avatar f tn History: I was diagnosed with HPV in 2006. After attempting treatment with Aldara for about 8 weeks I underwent Laser Surgery and had probably around 30 warts removed in October of 2006. The pain was hurrendous for the first day or two and then for another week every time I had to urinate. It did get rid of all the warts though. Six months later I broke out again and again had about 10-15 warts removed.
Avatar f tn Now I have been doing Aldara at home 3 times a week and have had no new warts past one the first week. 9. The vaccine helps protect you from the strains that carry the highest risk for cancer as well as the one most common for warts. 10. In Jan. my pap came back abnormal. This meant I had cell changes or dyplasia due to high risk HPV. I was scared out of my mind with what I found online but this site was the saving grace! I also tested positive for low risk and found my warts on my own.
Avatar f tn will try this. Thank you. Has anyone used Gene-Eden? You can buy it online. Worked quite well for me, but still have some problem, however, much better. I am now going to use L-Lysine and GoldenSeal. These will help fight the infection naturally. There are some articles online about these. Will keep you posted.
Avatar n tn Anyway back to the aldara, if you have insurance its like $160 for the 4 month treatment, otherwise its $1200, when you burn off all the warts, THEN apply the aldara because the aldara did not clear my warts, but after 4 months of using it, it PREVENTED them for 8 months. So basically, Im thinking about just using aldara 3 times a week for life, to prevent. Untill then I'll use compund.
Avatar m tn I had a lot better luck with the Aldara when I first burned the warts off with salicylic acid. The Aldara wasn't helping as well before using the acid, especially in certain areas. Yes, it's a bit more pain but it helped me. You could also add Low Dose Naltrexone to your medication. It helps boost the immune system. In your case, I really don't think it would be enough of a benefit on it's own. I tried it with a lot of herbal immune boosters alone and I didn't get any results.
Avatar n tn Please try Thuja Occidentalis pellets which you can buy online on amazon. I have had flat warts on my face for over 6 years and they kept multiplying rapidly. Absolutely none of the creams or prescription wills helped in any way and i was going crazy and super self conscious over this and reserving to my last reserve of having them surgically removed and be left with scars. I didn't even care at that point just to get rid of them.
Avatar m tn I have been using Vaseline (stops rubbing), Epson salt,witch hazel, Soda,and ichthammol ointment. It is still there and it has been over 2 weeks. Sometimes more painful than others. What can I buy over the counter. I have tried also ladocaine 5% but not helping. I tried numbing so I can cut the cheesy pulse out of the cyst. It is growing against end of the but crack. I have cut on it and the inside is hard so I need a better numbing cream for while I am doing it and after.
Avatar m tn i'm going to buy some cream for yeast infections tomorrow and try rubbing it down and see if it does me any good. the yeast infection symptoms sure sound a whole lot closer to home than the urinary infection or herpes diagnoses.
Avatar n tn Ok, so I've been putting up with on again, off again itching for months on my labia, near my vaginal opening. Never "diagnosed" with HPV but I did get rid of a suspected wart this past year. Can you have a bacterial infection without discharge? It drives me CRAZY sometimes, the only thing that calms it is gold bond ointment, which is minty and refreshing but I'd like no itch. No "rash" that I can see, unless I give in and scratch.
Avatar n tn Doctor's have said that it is possibly just stress but I don't buy it. I don't feel stressed and why does it come on when I exercise or do heavy work? Isn't exercise supposed to relieve stress? I don't know if I am making it worse by plowing through or if that is the best thing to do.
Avatar f tn anyway ask for hbsag quantification it is now 3 years it is presented in conferences and has become routine so they have to buy the new machines to do it, another member in canada found fibroscan and is checking for hbsag quantification, i will let you know in the board if he finds it unless he makes 1 or 2 years of interferon alone or combined hbe seroconversion is useless and as soon as he stops antivirals hbe returns slowly positive.
Avatar n tn My last one showed me as having VIN2 which my oncologist/gyno wanted me to use ALDARA Cream for 3 months, I tried it but i couldnt function with all the side effects, So after much reading as much as i could find on HPV and VIN i started taking the supplement DIM, thought it was helping some but now I have the burning back again and am afraid I will have to go in and have another biopsy again. I hate this. How come so many of us never heard of this before.