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Avatar m tn Have any of you ever used Aldara 5% cream? My dermatologist suggested it to determine if my mole was just an irritation or a skin cancer. After reading the package insert and doing some research online I was to scared to try it. If it is recommended to me again I am wondering if I should use it. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I really dont understand it, but evidently the bad cells are thru 3 layers of the vaginal wall. My dr prescribed Aldara vaginally, twice a week for 12 weeks. I've had my 4th treatment, and I'm not having fun. Within 24 hours after teatment I am crying in pain, muscle aches, joint pain, my skin over my whole body hurts. I also have vaginal itching, burning, but its not that bad. I also am having nausea, with upset stomach and vomiting. About 48 hours after the treatment, i begin to feel better.
Avatar m tn The doc froze them off then he prescribed Aldara cream. He said that I should put the cream right on the spots that he froze. He said that I did not need to wait for those spots to heal and that I could start using Aldara right away. Is this ok?? Also, I am not quite sure if I have other warts on the shaft of my penis. There are a few other very small bumps that I am not sure of. It is ok to rub the Aldara over these spots even if they turn out not to be warts?
Avatar f tn Hello doc, I was diagnosed with genital warts and on Aldara cream for it. My wart went away quickly in about 2 weeks. Here’s my worry: I had mild skin irritation while I was on it, but a week after I had stopped the Aldara I developed a rash around my anus near where I had been using Aldara and I’m worried it’s herpes. It was a red rash. It itched, felt irritated, and the skin was shiny. I would compare it to mild sunburn. I never saw breaks in the skin: no blisters, ulcers, or scabs.
Avatar n tn I also concerned after reading horror stories about aldara online that the virus could have harmed aspects of my immune system which now may result in herpes outbreaks more often. Do you think this is likely to happen? I am in good health and when I got the first outbreak in July I had NOT been down at all emotionally or no other aspects of my life had changed.
Avatar n tn Condylox - apparently it is a weaker gel of podophyllin toxin, which burns off the warts. Has anyone used it? Where can I get it online? Aldara - cream that helps your immune system target the warts? Again, has anyone used it? Where can I get it online? TCA - an acid that burns the warts off? Has anyone used it? Where can I get it online? I was thinking of trying to get both condylox and aldara.
Avatar m tn I inquired to my doctor about trying Aldara, as I have some old aldara that I tried on my keloid scars years ago, he told me to "try it" and that it should work in three days, after reading much online about people having horrible experiences with this drug i chose to try condyline one more time in my last trial which is where I am now. Now that I can see the warts coming back again, my question is; Should I try using aldara?
Avatar n tn 1) I have HPV and have been using aldara successfully whenever a new wart pops up. However, this week I had the worst reaction yet to the cream ( I think?!): Itching, burning, painful sores (which scab over in less than 1 day). This has persisted on one side of my body for 5 days now. I am worried that I have herpes. My right lypmh node is swollen as well in my genital area. The redness and swelling has subsided somewhat on the 5th day. Is this too short to be a herpes outbreak?
Avatar m tn hey im a 20 year old gay male who used aldara for some small gw for about a month. i quit becuase it was irritating my penis. i have a huge redish pink tinlgling burning blotch that appears to be getting better (after over 3 weeks!) but now another is starting to form i believe it is not incredibly flakey like some of the psoriasis pictures ive seen but it has been kinda dry..
Avatar m tn Do they have Aldara?
Avatar f tn I have genital HPV and I was treating the warts using Aldara. Applied a lot of the cream Monday to the outside of lower labia minora. Wednesday the labia was hard, swollen and really sore. Friday the swelling was reduced and in it place were 2 sore lesions located just inside the labia. I am now convinced it is herpes from looking at pictures online and reading the symptoms. I am also experiencing tingling down there too!
Avatar f tn I have genital HPV and I was treating the warts using Aldara. Applied a lot of the cream Monday to the outside of lower labia minora. Wednesday the labia was hard, swollen and really sore. Friday the swelling was reduced and in it place were 2 sore lesions located just inside the labia. I am now convinced it is herpes from looking at pictures online and reading the symptoms. I am also experiencing tingling down there too! I also have a decreased appetite although this could be from worry.
Avatar m tn I don't know about these products I only have experience with acid treatments and Aldara. It is difficult to know what is honest when looking at info on these products online. One option is to go to a health food store, vit shop and ask. They often have books and computers with programs that will suggest natural products. I am taking some vits that help the immune system and with warts.
Avatar n tn Even looking at pictures online I saw a few similiaries but not a perfect match. After he removed them he said he wasnt sure they were warts when taking a closer look, so he had a biospy done. The biopsy came back as squamous papilloma. From what I understand, squamous papilloma is caused by a certain type of HPV. Is that true? that is basically my question... what type of hpv is squamous papilloma?
Avatar m tn HI all, I need some help. I went to the doctor and diagnose with Genital Wart. The doctor did freezing method for me and she said it might need more treatment. Because my insurance is not cover all the treatment she suggested that I can find the cream and apply it myself it will be cheaper. I would like to ask if "Watrol" is work or not? I check online and seem like they have all good reviews. Seem too good to be true.
Avatar n tn i held off on using monistat because of the aldara cream. but since aldara seems to be irritating the area sooo much, i've temporarily stopped. i know creams can irritate, but this is pretty brutal.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been diagnosed with HPV about a year ago and have been using Aldara succesfully. Recently I had a small out break and I guess I used too much as I had a bad reaction. I got a rash and what apeared to be lumps. I read online that is is fairly common? After I stopped the use, everything returned back to normally within about a week or so. After anouther week i got a fleshlump on the top of my scotum.
Avatar n tn Could Aldara cream clear up genital warts in just 3 treatments? From what I've read online, it seems extremely unlikely and even my doctor was surprised. I'm beginning to wonder if I was misdiagnosed with genital warts, and actually have/had Vestibular papillomatosis? I had a few small, skin-tag like growths on the very outside of my vaginal opening. I noticed them because my vagina was becoming sore(my boyfriend at the time and I had intercourse quite frequently and he'd last a long time.
Avatar m tn Don't bother using Aldara if they recommend it - it has low success rates for mcv in adults. Trust me, I have had this for like 10 months and tried Aldara for nearly 6 months of it with only a few going away (which was probably coincidence). I just had them scrapped off the other day and it feels great not to worry about this anymore. Hit me up if you have any more questions - I have extensively researched mcv.
Avatar m tn thanks for your response.. went to see a doctor today and got prescribed Aldara, just applied it and feeling nothing so far, which is different to what I have read online about itchiness, readness, burning etc..
Avatar m tn Still not sure if this is due to the medication. Other than that I haven't noticed any effects or any type of side effects. Everything I read online says the areas should be very red/inflamed. Has anyone had a positive experience with Imiquimod without showing many effects? Should I just give it some more time or is it apparent that Imiquimod isn't going to work for me? Wondering if Podofilox or the stronger 5% Aldara cream would have been a better choice.
Avatar n tn I've gotten tested for Herpes and came back negative for HSV-2 but positive for HSV-1. I've used Aldara in the past on a lesion that was burned off, but stopped after 3-4 weeks of use. I've read online that Aldara has a tendency to burn the skin and my dermatologist also mentioned that she has noticed that Aldara always irritates the penis in the location where mine is irritated. I have tried applying 1% hydrocortizone cream with no luck.
Avatar m tn Hello Doctors, Thank you for giving your time to such a valuable online tool. I recently just finished a round of Aldara for anal warts. It's working great. But today I noticed some small and "wart-like" bump on the underside of my tongue. Could these indeed by HPV warts? If so, what do I do? What would the treatment be for warts on the tongue?
Avatar f tn I really thought I was a healthy person until these bumps showed up! The doctor prescribed me Aldara cream and I just started using it last week, she said it can take up to 8-16 weeks for the warts to go away. They're small bumps though so I hope it wouldn't take that long. My question is, for anybody that has used Aldara cream before, how effective is it?
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm totally new to this whole forum thing, just randomly found it online, considering I research std stuff almost everyday. Im going crazy i swear. so heres my story... Ive only had sex with one guy, two times. Once 2 yrs ago when i lost my virg. and once in nov.05. i have not had sex since. I had not given oral sex in the past 2.5 yrs either. and when I did, it was once three yrs ago and once two yrs ago.
Avatar n tn is that a bad thing that one broke open this morning?...its like a red dot now...and what should i do to get rid of it?...there's this cream online called zydaderm or something...will that work?...
Avatar f tn I have 4 growths 2 larger and 2 smaller, she ruled out Herpes and was left believing it was either Molluscum or Gential Warts. She prescribed Aldara to me and I have been using it for the past 3 weeks which have made the bumps much smaller. I was also tested for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, both tested negative. Sround the same time I had a medium to light grayish discharge that had a fishy odor especially after I showered. I've had no pain in this time.
Avatar n tn I have talked to several docs some use cryo but I have not found any that use laser. None even brought up imiquimod which I learned about online and feel that it might be best in my situation. It seems they prescribe whatever they are familiar with. Also a transmission question. Would my partner get the condyloma exactly where my affected skin touched theres? or could it pop up anywhere on them once they have contracted it? Also does my sperm carry the hpv virus?
Avatar n tn Why can't I put a band-aid over the condyloma after putting on the Aldara? The Aldara inevitably seeps onto the very sensitive inside of my vagina causing redness and irritation. Would it be okay to put a band-aid on after using the cream? 6.
Avatar n tn Is it true that if I had a cluster of raised bumps that itched that showed up overnight that didnt become fluid filled nor would they pop even with extreme pressure and didnt hurt after putting aldara on it(and believe me i over did it with aldara) and turned grayish white but after 4 times of aldara it did peel into an open sore. its not herpes? 3.