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Avatar m tn hey im a 20 yr old male. i used aldara for genital warts and it has only made my life worse. i used it for about a month and a half and been off it for about 2 weeks. anyways it did not diminish my warts AND MOST IMPORTANTLY my penis is STILL really red and with a burning sensation and sensitivity down the shaft and base (which is not even where i applied the drug!). I have tried vitamin E oil but have now stopped cuz idk if it helped or made it worse......
Avatar f tn He recently surgically removed 2 keloids on his chest and our dermatologist gave him ALDARA cream to be used about 3 times a week on the wounds. I really want to know if he is doing the right thing. What chance is there that these keloids will re appear? and if they do will they be worse than before? what is your best advice? According to our dermatologist (who is known to be one of the best in our country) there is only a 10% chance that they will re-appear using ALDARA cream.
Avatar n tn ) I think I might have genital warts. I am going to buy some white vinegar to make a home diagnosis, as the warts apparently turn white. If I have it, I know of various home treatments. Which should I try? Which is most effective? Condylox - apparently it is a weaker gel of podophyllin toxin, which burns off the warts. Has anyone used it? Where can I get it online? Aldara - cream that helps your immune system target the warts? Again, has anyone used it? Where can I get it online?
Avatar m tn Hi guys! Does anyone know any web page o company which I can buy from Wartec solution/cream for SouthAmerica/Peru?. I just moved to South America (Peru) and it seems Wartec is not sold around here and I need to keep on my treatment. Or if anyone has the chance to buy and send it to me I would appreciate that (obviously, i´d pay for it). Just let me know.
Avatar n tn I have had genital warts for 5 years now and ive been using aldara for quite some time. aldara seems to work pretty well for the most part. while using aldara frequeantly i would experience some side effects like some pain or swelling after using it for a long period of time. i would stop the use and the redness/ swelling would go away and i would contine use and everything would be okay.
Avatar m tn I was Told to buy ALDARA....... very expensive but life is more important..... has any one used this medication? Please help and I appreciate all the answers.
Avatar m tn This year I finally got health insurance and saw a doctor. I have used 4 rounds of aldara over the last 3 to 4 months and saw absolutely zero improvement. Hundreds of dollars gone and more warts keep sprouting. Please help! What can I do to get rid of these things. Any home remedies? Anything I can buy on the net? I saw a site for vidarox. It looked good but I'm skeptical and it's expensive. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I first saw a doctor and they told me they could either freeze them off or I could use Aldara. I chose the latter and although I attempted to use it two different times for over a months period of time, it did not seem to work. On top of that, I have also tried using cider vinegar and freezing it off at home which has caused some scarring. I'm very embarrassed about seeing a doctor again about this so I have come to you guys for some advice.
Avatar f tn I got tested for STDs and came out negative. I've been using aldara tropical cream but haven't notice any difference. Is there some sort of treatment I may use to stop anymore from coming out ? Is it safe to use the same utensils ad my girlfriend(such as soap) when I shower ? I have my doubts on them being genital warts, buy what else can they be ? Another doctor said it was a skin infection dude to unprotected sex and gave me a tropical cream and antibiotics that didn't help me what so ever.
Avatar n tn If they are continuing to return even after having them treated - have you talked to your doctor about topical treatments like aldara? Search for the study on mc and cimetidine. It was only effective 1/3 of the time but heck at this point why not since you can buy it otc and rather cheaply as a generic. Definitely worth talking to your doctor about. I hear ya on the lack of sex issues!! How do you think I got carpal tunnel?
Avatar n tn It went from 4 or 5, to by my new doctor's count, more than 20. So we tried cryotherapy and a Rx of Aldara. Cryo seemed to work okay-ish on the two or three warts near my penis, destroying most of each wart (leaving a bit behind that was was further frozen the other day). The cryo and two weeks of Aldara saw pretty much zero progress on any of the perianal warts.
Avatar m tn Thank you for the reply, Grace. You're always very helpful. The last time I went in to get them burned off she prescribed me imiquimod (I think that's the generic version of Aldara). And I'd say I used it for probably 4-6 weeks. What I found was that it helped to prevent my new, small warts from growing any larger, but didn't actually make them go away. I stopped using it because it began to cause painful sores/lesions in other areas of my penis.
Avatar n tn You can try aldara at home, but its prescription, and expensive, so if you don't have insurance, it might be cost-prohibitive. MCV can linger, unfortunately. The average time to clear the virus is 2 years. Check for more info.
Avatar f tn Is there a special way to wash clothes to kill it or should I buy new clothes? Also, to spread.. does the lesion have to be an open wound and/or bleeding for it to spread to other areas? I've quit shaving the area because the NP said it could have been spread that way.. so do you think it would all start going away after that? Would buying an over-the-counter wart remover be safe and effective in getting rid of Molluscum or should I just go down and get the Aldara for 75$?
Avatar f tn It is recently discovered that neomycin is in fact.. ANTIVIRAL. There is a possibility that it might even compete with Aldara or Zovirax creams. Aldara can come with horrendous side effects. Google neomycin and antiviral The scientist discovered that neomycin can stimulate your immune system to produce a response that can attack herpes viral infection. They also noted that neomycin has antiviral effect on flu and Zika viruses! Can you beat that?
Avatar m tn I've had symptoms for 1 year now. Started treatment (aldara) last July. Haven't used aldara in a while. Maybe condylox? Maybe acv. Should I buy organic acv. If so where from? Walmart? I take multi vitamins everday drink lots of fluids including green tea as suggested. Although I drink lipton diet green tea. Not sure if that is quality. I just don't know. Suggestions!? Let's beat this together!
Avatar n tn Could it be because I am still putting the Aldara on it ? Should I discontinue the Aldara until the skin heals and then continue ? I think the Aldara is slowing the process of healing. Thanks again for your help.
4865450 tn?1361298133 have them laser removed and immediately start using an aldara and celebrex combo for a year. tell your doc you are really stiff or something to get the celebrex... maybe do some research and tell your doc what he/she needs to hear because insurance isn't going to cover it for your warts but it has been proven to work. it's not FDA approved yet.. too new of a treatment. There is an HIV drug that cures HPV as well, it's called Lopinavir - also not FDA approved for HPV.
Avatar n tn 1) You may be prescribed a topical cream like Aldara 2) or you can get them zapped off a number of ways and there might be more I'm not sure (I haven't started treatment on mine yet so i don't know much about that area) Also, remember that pretty much everyone is exposed to HPV. It does not make you disgusting, you and I are just the lucky ones that got the kind that makes visible warts. it is VERY common, not life-threatening, and temporary, and it does not make you any less of a person.
Avatar n tn Guys, since this morning i just had new "suspected warts", i wish to hear your opinion... I have been living with HPV for 16 months and more, i know i must keep my faith on the promise that within 24 months we could take care of the virus but so far it's not that good. Usually I treat the warts immediately and I never waited for more than 2 days. This is basically my journal: 1. first time i saw warts on my penis <- late June 2010 had electrocautery on early July 2010 2.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with genital warts 3 years ago. my doctor prescribed Aldara cream, which I bought and used, however it did nothing. She referred me to a specialist, but we just haven't had the money for me to follow through on that, so the warts have just gotten worse and worse and my self esteem is shattered. I found an online add for Dermisil and it all SOUNDS encouraging, but if it's so good, why wouldn't my doctor have suggested it over invasive chances like laser surgery etc?
Avatar m tn vit d3 and pth at optimum levels hbv vaccine boosted by aldara cream at site of injection zadaxin (expensive)
Avatar n tn than those that have a subclinical infection under their skin. What you do is buy cotton balls or pads, soak them in the vinegar, and apply them to the skin. You then need to hold them on to the area, I suggest medical tape or gauze. Either way, leave it on as long as you can, it may sting and be a bit uncomfortalbe, but it's nothing I've found to be unbearable. It's not clear how much or how often your supposed to do this.
Avatar n tn She also gave me a lot of info which seemed to contradict what I read on the net. To top matters off she told me to go buy a cream called "Posalfilin". After buying this I read the insert it says to NOT use on genital warts! I read on a med site just now that it can actually cause scarring! I told the stupid old lady I had vaginosis and was extra sensitive in that area... what was going on in her head. I actually rang the center back and said why??
Avatar n tn There are several potential treatments--freezing, simply scraping them off (not as painful as it sounds), imiquimod (Aldara), and other options. Put aside your hesitancy and get examined to learn for sure what you have and get advice about treatment. Your recent sex partner(s) need to be checked and, if you have MC, you need to be checked for other STDs.
Avatar n tn You can also buy Aldara (Imiquimod) or Podofilox (Podophyllotoxin) which you can apply at home. I have read a lot on this forum and all of the doctors say about 80% of sexually active people have HPV. From a relationship standpoint, honestly if someone leaves you just because you have HPV then they probably didnt love you in the first place. Take care and know your not alone. I feel your pain!
Avatar f tn I've tried Tea Tree Oil Lemon Myrtle Oil Home Freezing Kits Gel Kits Wart Stick Apple Cider Vinegar Wart remover pads Aldara Vitamin A Cream Daily multivitamin with skin booster By now I am completely terrified to shave. I DON'T scratch any itch by fear it might spread.
Avatar f tn Now I have been doing Aldara at home 3 times a week and have had no new warts past one the first week. 9. The vaccine helps protect you from the strains that carry the highest risk for cancer as well as the one most common for warts. 10. In Jan. my pap came back abnormal. This meant I had cell changes or dyplasia due to high risk HPV. I was scared out of my mind with what I found online but this site was the saving grace! I also tested positive for low risk and found my warts on my own.
Avatar f tn History: I was diagnosed with HPV in 2006. After attempting treatment with Aldara for about 8 weeks I underwent Laser Surgery and had probably around 30 warts removed in October of 2006. The pain was hurrendous for the first day or two and then for another week every time I had to urinate. It did get rid of all the warts though. Six months later I broke out again and again had about 10-15 warts removed.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately in the country i live in having something like this can result in being arrested if you are not married, which i am obviously not. I couldnt buy the medicine officially so i had to use over thr counter methods to get aldara cream. 100$ later it didnt help me. However i started using the apple vinegar method and one wart has fallen off and others decreased in size! My worry is that i have found someone i love and i want to have a bright future with her.