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Avatar n tn I've been on Wellbutrin SR 150 mg for 3 years. My dr suggested I switch to the generic 100 mg (3 times a day)because it's cheaper. I was taking the Wellbutrin one each night. Two days ago I started the generic one at night. This morning I woke up crying & didn't feel well, so I took another but it made me feel tired, but better. Is it ok to take two at night of the generic rather than one in the morning and one at noon? Will it stay in my system because it's not timed released?
Avatar f tn 125 mg tablet Levothyroxine 0.075 mg tablet Cyclobenzaprine 10 mg tablet Cymbalta 30 mg capsule Bupropion SR 150 mg tablet D-Amphetamine Salt Combo 20 mg tablet Omeprazole 20 mg capsule Etodolac 500 mg tablet AS NEEDED ProAir HFA Inhaler AS NEEDED Oxycodone/Acetaminophen 7.5 mg/325 mg tablet AS NEEDED (I rarely take this due to side effects) Promethazine 12.
Avatar n tn While it is true that Wellbutrin SR (150 mg) is also marketed as Zyban (in fact the pills are identical looking only with different stamps on them), Wellbutrin does come in a 75 mg and 100 mg tablet (Zyban has only 1 strength-150mg). You can avoid many of the side-effects by slowly and properly increasing your dose over days to weeks.
Avatar n tn My new insurance plan does not cover the Wellbutrin XL, so I had to start taking the generic Bupropion SR a couple days ago. The new Rx is for 150 mg, 1 tab twice daily. I take the first one around 8am and the first day I became very dizzy, shaky and hot flashes around 4:30-5:00 pm. I took the 2nd dose and felt fine within half an hour. I have never experienced any side effects from Wellbutrin, so I wasn't sure if it was related.
Avatar n tn I have consulted this with my family Dr and he issued me Bupropion SR 150 mg tablets twice a day along with my other meds, Provigil 200 mg tablet per day, Cytomel 5 mg tablets I take two per day, Levothyroxine 0.05 mg tablets I take two per day. I also take Hyoscyamine 0125 mg before meals and bedtime, Omeprazole 20 mg capsules before breakfast. Must resent I had a EEG, ENG in November, 2007. I must also mention that over the summer I noticed both my feet swelled up really bad.
Avatar n tn I have experienced weight-loss to the tune of about 16 lbs in a little over two months. I'm currently taking Wellbutrin SR 150 mg and I think it helped with a lifestyle change more than weight-loss. I'm taking it for ADHD and immediately I felt better able to handle thoughts and my actions, where before sometimes I would react, or respond without regard. My mind seemed to always be racing and impulsiveness was my middle name.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if you have had any trouble with hair loss ? Im on 200 mg a day for migrains.I'v lost 48lbs. now ,but I'm haveing major hair loss.The Dr. has blood work and says everything is normal.
Avatar n tn I was already on Wellbutrin 150 mg twice a day and a diet, by the way,and struggling with depression over my weight. Two years later, I am at 200 mg per day of Topomax, headache free with no change in the flavor that I can apprciate. I am also wearing a size 6 working to a size 4. One caution. If you have anorexic tendencies, as I do, be very careful. I forget to eat, don't want to eat, strive for that smaller size, although everyone tells me that that is enough weight loss.
Avatar n tn Before that, I was taking 150 mg for about six months. On 300 mg, my mood was good. I noticed a big improvement in my depression but I've gained between 8 and 12 pounds in that time period. So we all know about this weight gain side effect being real, even if the doctors want to deny it. My question is, are there are any medications available to help treat severe depression, social anxiety disorder, and PMDD that DO NOT have these side effects?