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Avatar f tn With me the Celexa just killed my libido and had no desire for anything. My doctor then weaned me off the Celexa and put me on the Bupropion XL. He started me for 7 days on 150 mg and then went to 300 mg. Everyone is different but the Bupropion gave me back my libido and still keeps my depression in check. I do recall my doctor saying the Bupropion can take a few weeks to get the full effect since I had already been on the Celexa.
Business woman3 Also, I was told that bupropion xl 150 mg, yellow oval, id 681 is no longer available...can you confirm?
Avatar f tn Hello, I have been on Bupropion XL for a year now for my generalized anxiety disorder...I started out on lexapro, but the unfortunate sexual side effects were far too terrible..So my doc switched me to bupropion. That worked out great for me, I was having the best sex of my life with my fiancé, except I was losing way too much weight on it. I have always been thin, 5'5 & when I started out I was 123 pounds....last check up I was all the way down to 108 pounds, which I am not okay with.
Avatar n tn But, I'm currently on the same med bupropion XL, only 150 for the past 3 weeks and I was wondering since you have been taking it longer, how long till you started feeling any help w/ the depression?? I'm waiting for a call back from Doctor(maybe up it?
4951398 tn?1365460343 No problem :) I was on XL
Avatar n tn Last month, a different pharmacy gave me the Bupropion 150 XL made by Mylan. Within two weeks, I have become increasingly depressed (lethargy, apathy) and I am getting very irritated and angry, feeling jittery all day, trouble focusing my eyes, and more manic behavior (I am also on lamotrigine for bipolar disorder). From what I have read online and in this thread, I am hoping that a switch back to the Budeprion will bring me back to normal!
4951398 tn?1365460343 I started Wellbutrin XL 150 mg (generic) 17 days ago and have been bleeding/spotting for the last 15 days. My question is, when will my cycles go back to normal?
5371853 tn?1367028972 I started taking Buproprion XL 150 mg on 4/11/13 in addition with Sertraline 100 mg although I have Hypothyroidism since 2003. Recently I have had higher amounta of depressed and rage feelings. So my doctor gave me an increase to 300mg Bupropion XL and to help me sleep Lorazepam/Ativan .05 mg. I would give it a month and see your doctor in a month for a recheck with your doctor.
Avatar n tn I have been on sr 150 for two months now and just switched to xl 300 as the sr was not doing anything for me. Should I be expecting a change for the better or are they the same?
Avatar f tn Thank you for your educated response. Yes, the Wellbutrin I'm on is XL 150 mg once a day. The Lexapro is 5-10 mg depends on how much I can tolerate. What does QD mean? quarter a day??
Avatar m tn So she said that wellbutrin is good for depressives with sleep issues. I started out on 150 mg XL once a day and it didnt really do much, so she doubled the dosage to 300 mg XL once a day, and that gave me SEVERE side effects, horrible head pain. I almost went to the hospital, but to be honest, I was desperate for help so I kept taking it. except instead of taking it once a day, i broke it in half and took it twice a day at least 12 hours apart, if not more.
800430 tn?1237766224 In recent months I found things were getting progressively worse with my depression, I'm thinking it's because we had lowered my dose to 150 per day and it was only lasting 12 hours.. I'm now on the right one, 300MG of XL once per day, does anyone have any feedback on if this works better for them then SR? I hope and pray this gets me back on track, I can't take much more of this rollercoaster ride... Any imput would be great!
Avatar n tn I've been on Wellbutrin SR 150 mg for 3 years. My dr suggested I switch to the generic 100 mg (3 times a day)because it's cheaper. I was taking the Wellbutrin one each night. Two days ago I started the generic one at night. This morning I woke up crying & didn't feel well, so I took another but it made me feel tired, but better. Is it ok to take two at night of the generic rather than one in the morning and one at noon? Will it stay in my system because it's not timed released?
5050843 tn?1362873926 took half my pill for 3 nights and on the 4th morning I started 150mg of Wellbutrin (Bupropion). This Monday will be 2 weeks that I have been on the Bupropion and it has been a living hell so far. The panic attacks have came back, I'm very irritable, short fused and cry at the drop of a dime-then immediately feel guilty afterwards.
370801 tn?1264408618 My doctor gave me a perscription for severe depression but he wrote it for Wellbutrin XL 150 mg. The past 3 days I have been on the W XL and my mood has worsened to even worse than it was before taking Wellbutrin. I'm going to try and go back on the SR 100mg now and see if there is a difference.. My question is it possible that once version of the drug makes me more depressed while the other once makes me happier?
Avatar n tn I have recently for the last few months went into the worst depression since highschool. I am on Bupropion 150 mg for 1 week and already I am having sex with my husband that feels like it did before the Paxil more than 4 years ago , However on the 9th day , the 2nd day of uping my dosage to 300 mg I broke out in a non-itchy rash everywhere and had tingling in my throat with very slight closing, nothing scary just slightly uncomfortable. Of course I called the DR.
370801 tn?1264408618 My doctor gave me a perscription for severe depression but he wrote it for Wellbutrin XL 150 mg. The past 3 days I have been on the W XL and my mood has worsened to even worse than it was before taking Wellbutrin. I'm going to try and go back on the SR 100mg now and see if there is a difference.. My question is it possible that once version of the drug makes me more depressed while the other once makes me happier?
Avatar m tn in march 08 he started taking the welbutrin ..generic bupropion hcl xl 300 mg once a day ...to stop smoking ..he went from 2 packs a day to 1 pack a day ...however things started to get worse with his mood and i thought it was just because of the trouble in marriage but now that i have researched the welbutrin some i now feel it was the medication .my husband has never been depressed ...but he started being emotional ...fearfull i was going to leave him ..
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Avatar f tn Changed antidepressants 3 weeks ago from Lexapro to Bupropion Xl 150... Bad insomnia hit this week... up for over 36 hours. They gave me Lunesta 3mg. I have taken 2 nights in a row and sleep well. Then today Pins & needles in arms, legs, feet, and head. should I be looking at thyroid again and not the new meds?
Avatar m tn duloxetine (Cymbalta), bupropion (Wellbutrin XL 150 mg), ibuprofen (Advil), vitamin D, and any additional medications and supplement that you are currently taking. If the reaction is due to medication, it is necessary to discontinue the causing agent, with or without taper. Please consult your provider and pharmacist by carefully reviewing your medication and medical history.
Avatar f tn I am currently being medicated with Wellbutrin 150 mg three times a day and neurontin 100 mg twice a day. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder. I want to learn everything I can to stay well...I try to read up on the condition I am diagnosed with to be informed.. the more I read ,...the more I see that these meds are used to treat bipolar disorder....I am starting to suspect that I am not getting the right diagnosis or that the psychiatrists are not telling me everything.
Avatar f tn The dose should not exceed 150 mg every other day in these patients. Wellbutrin XL should be used with caution in patients with hepatic impairment (including mild to moderate hepatic cirrhosis) and a reduced frequency and/or dose should be considered in patients with mild to moderate hepatic cirrhosis (see CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY, WARNINGS, and PRECAUTIONS). http://www.drugs.com/pro/wellbutrin.
Avatar n tn This is a question that in my opinion you would be better to discuss with the doctor who put you on the Wellbutrin XL. I take Wellbutrin XL or Bupropion as it is also known, but only 150 mg once a day.
Avatar f tn 15 mg I in AM paroxetine hcl 40 mg I in AM bupropion xl 150 mg I in AM clonazapam 1.
Avatar f tn I then ping-ponged back to Wellbutrin XL, 150 mg. for acouple of days, and still continued to get worse. I called my psychiatrist, and he told me to go back on Teva's Buproprion, 100 mg. until I feel better. I have done this, and still have the tingling, prickly, sensation in my extremeties, and the hot/cold flashes are horrible. How d o know if I am getting these side-effects from too much Buproprion or am I suffering withdrawl symptoms from lack of the original Buproprion.
1058304 tn?1257045915 Today my doctor told me to keep taking the zoloft and he also told me to start taking welbutrin 150 xl. Supposed to effect different parts or chemicals of the brain. Today is only day 1 and I realize that it takes some time to take effect. So my question is how has it worked for anyone out there taking this combo. Do you feel better, worse, same. I hope to feel better since it is supposed to effect the dopamine and make me happier and what not.
Avatar n tn Effexor and 150 mg. Wellbutrin (bupropion, generic) P.M. 75 mg. Effexor and 150 mg. Wellbutrin I feel remarkably better. Hang in there. Give it a chance so you can feel as good as possible through Tx. btw: It is the Wellbutrin XL that is hard on the liver, because it is time-released. The 75 mg. are available "non-XL". They aren't time released.
Avatar n tn I took wellbutrin XL 150 mg for several months. I gained 10 pounds and constantly craved sugar and sweets. Everything smelled very strong. It also greatly increased my sex drive. that was nice but I couldn't handle the weight gain. I just want to warn everyone that not everyone loses weight I didn't.