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Avatar m tn My new dr has put me on bupropion sr 2 monts ago. I didn't feel I needed it, but she persuaded me to try it... I wish I hadn't. I am having terrible nightmares, headaches and bronchitis type cough for 6 weeks. I don't know if the cough is related to the medicine or not, but I can't shake it... The dr hasn't figured the cough out, but thought staying on the medicine would help me overcome my recent weight gain. I have decided I want off this stuff and want to go ahead and do it on my own..
Avatar n tn My doctor swiched me from Paxil to Bupropion Sr. last week and He said that thier was no need to ween myself off of the Paxil. So I started the Bupropion Sr at 150mg once a day for 4 days and then was to go on to two a day, Well since I started the drug. I have been very dizzy and if I move my head to fast I feel like a jolt in my vision. I told my doctor and he suggested to stay on the one a day for another week. I also have lost a pound a day since starting the drug.
Avatar n tn But according to the manufacturer and depending on how many milligrams you are taking you should take Wellbutrin SR and any generic form like Bupropion SR TWICE A DAY when used for depression and should definitely NOT take two tablets once a day. Bupropion SR is also a sustain release tablet. I am surprised you are not able to take it during the day and take it at night. Typically Wellbutrin and Bupropion can act as a stimulant for many people and can make it hard to sleep.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever tried bupropion sr 150 mg for hot flashes? I have had severe hot flashes for a number of years along with anxiety. I started to take bupropion sr 150 mg and it has subsided and I have been only on it for 5 days, I hate being on another anti depressant currently also on amitriptyline 50 mg for sleep a big weight gain issue with this.. the only side effect I get with bupropion sr is the is the ringing in my ears that bothers me. Anyone have similar issues?
4951398 tn?1365460343 Started Generic Wellbutrin 150 SR almost 2 weeks ago. Only taking 1 per day prescribed by a GP. Dose will probably change after my first actual phsyciatrist appt. this week. Question is: I got my period for the normal 5 days and have been spotting for 5 MORE DAYS AND COUNTING! Is this one of the "start up" side effects or a permanent thing???
4951398 tn?1365460343 Started Generic Wellbutrin 150 SR almost 2 weeks ago. Only taking 1 per day prescribed by a GP. Dose will probably change after my first actual phsyciatrist appt. this week. Question is: I got my period for the normal 5 days and have been spotting for 5 MORE DAYS AND COUNTING! Is this one of the "start up" side effects or a permanent thing???
Avatar f tn I just started taking 150 wellbutrin SR , I was taking paxil . . . I had been taking an ssri for about 8 years now and I was always SO tired, never no energy, and the sexual side effects were something I decided I no longer wanted to deal with, not to mention no energy and I felt emotionally numb. Long story short right after the switch i noticed a HUGE change for the good of course. It was like someone had flipped a switch on and I began to live again.
Avatar n tn My husband was taking Wellbutrin sr 150 the doctor upped him to 200 sr and they gave him buprion 200 sr(on the bottle it says just Bupr). He had lots of energy on the Wellbutrin sr150 and was a pleasure to be arounds, but on this 200 buprionsr he goes to sleep and is like snappen at me all the time. After reading some of these questions I am worried that things are going to go back to the way they were before he started taking his meds.
Avatar m tn but she basically said that the reason they were breaking is because they have a time release coating and yada yada so she switched me to 150 mgs SR twice a day. I was kind of heartbroken because i have read SR isnt as good and i'm so scared of going back to where i was, ive been crying about it. I've only been on the SR for three days and i can already see my progress fading. I wake up tired and don't want to move and my rooms already getting bad. I havent showered. i'm scared.
800430 tn?1237766224 Long story short I discovered yesterday when calling in my refill of Bupropion that it was SR and has been since June when both my doctor and I thought it was XL.. I had been taking 300MG of SR every morning and not 2x daily like recommended because my doctor told me it was going to be XL 24 hour, I assumed it was right and realized I've been doing it wrong all along..
Avatar n tn Dear Bo, Wellbutrin SR (Bupropion) is an antidepressant that was shown not to have any sexual side effects. About 25% of the patients who were taking this medication showed some weight loss . It is preferred to gradually taper Effexor over a few weeks in order to prevent any withdrawal symptoms. Abrupt discontinuation of Effexor can lead to withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, insomnia, lightheadedness etc. These symptoms may last for a period of few days to a week.
370801 tn?1264408618 For this reason, I take the generic bupropion SR (also it is cheaper for me). When I started, I was taking the SR 150mg only in the morning, then after 4 weeks the dr. had me take it 150mg in the morning and 150mg in the evening. I could definitely tell the difference with the twice daily regimen, but for me it took several weeks to get the full effects; although, it helped with mild ED right away. I'm not a Dr., but I think the generic SR is fine.
Avatar f tn Budeprion SR and Bupropion SR are both approved generics for Wellbutrin SR. You should be able to switch to the Budeprion SR without incident.
Avatar n tn My doctor prescribed bupropion 150 mg SR tab twice daily and cyclobenzaprine 5 mg tab (1 daily @ bedtime) for muscle spasms due to back injury. I saw online that it might be dangerous to take these together. Is this true? If so, wouldn't my doctor know about it? I'm scared to take the cyclobenzaprine even tho I am in terrible pain. Help.
370801 tn?1264408618 It does not make me hyper -- This drug actually makes me a bit sleepy and drowsy so I take it before bed. I took Bupropion SR 100mg for 3 days and felt instantly happier, less stressed out and brighter about life. My doctor gave me a perscription for severe depression but he wrote it for Wellbutrin XL 150 mg. The past 3 days I have been on the W XL and my mood has worsened to even worse than it was before taking Wellbutrin.
Avatar f tn Is anyone getting ringing in the ears from taking Generic Wellbutrin(Bupropion sr ) 150 mg. Here is my situation I have been on amitriptiline 25 mg 4 years then went up to 50 mg for 3 years. I started taking only one 150 mg of bupropion sr this is my 5 day. Can I stop taking the amitriptiline with no withdrawls after only 5 days of Bupropion? or has it not been long enough. I hoping that I can stop the amitriptiline by taking the bupropion sr in place of the amitriptiline.
Avatar f tn Is it possible for hot flashes to go away with taking only 150 mg of bupropion sr. I know from what I read it can cause them, but I already have them pretty severe, and it seems better is this possible?
Avatar n tn i just started bupropion sr 150 mg. today to help me quit smoking. is it ok to take it with my other meds. esp. trazadone?
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Avatar m tn I noticed that when she recieved a new script from Medco, the pills were a different color and it said Bupropion HCL SR instead of Bupropion SR. They assure us they are the same but with the mood swings and agrevation I have observed in the last week. "Something is different". I guess my question would be since she has been totally sober for the last ten years or so and has been taking a lower dose for the last year, 150 mg, I am wondering if she should just stop.
Avatar m tn in march 08 he started taking the welbutrin ..generic bupropion hcl xl 300 mg once a day ...to stop smoking ..he went from 2 packs a day to 1 pack a day ...however things started to get worse with his mood and i thought it was just because of the trouble in marriage but now that i have researched the welbutrin some i now feel it was the medication .my husband has never been depressed ...but he started being emotional ...fearfull i was going to leave him ..
Avatar f tn Personally I take it for ADD andwhen I was boosted from 150 sr to 300sr I frlt as if I were losing IQ points by the minute. Currently I am on 150sr and then in the afternoon another 75 regular release pill. This seems to work much better.
Avatar n tn my wife is taking bupropion sr 150 mg to quit smoking and wants to know if cold medication can be taken while on this drug.
365714 tn?1292202708 Iaccidentally took two 150 mg Bupropion SR tabs this morning and not sure if I should worry too much for adverse reactions. What can I expect? It is prescribed for me to take one in the morning. The problem is I don’t wake up in the morning. When I do wake up it is closer to noon which may be too late to take the pill because I get too hyper late at night. I can’t sleep. I’m trying to take it before I wake up fully, so I can take it earlier.
Avatar n tn While it is true that Wellbutrin SR (150 mg) is also marketed as Zyban (in fact the pills are identical looking only with different stamps on them), Wellbutrin does come in a 75 mg and 100 mg tablet (Zyban has only 1 strength-150mg). You can avoid many of the side-effects by slowly and properly increasing your dose over days to weeks.
1691275 tn?1322331107 I have been taking 150 mg sr 2x/day for 5 years and have taken it 3x/day starting in early fall until early spring because I have a seasonal thing going on. 450 mg made me nutty, 300 less so but there is still the issue of irritability, anger and sometimes downright hostility. Being warned about it when I first began using bupropion, I have been willing to risk the irritability vs. a relapse into a depressed state.
Avatar n tn I lost 30 pounds n 4 months on bupropion sr. I have kept it off for a year now. Im concerned with if I stop taking the medication will i gain all the weight back.
Avatar n tn Last month, a different pharmacy gave me the Bupropion 150 XL made by Mylan. Within two weeks, I have become increasingly depressed (lethargy, apathy) and I am getting very irritated and angry, feeling jittery all day, trouble focusing my eyes, and more manic behavior (I am also on lamotrigine for bipolar disorder). From what I have read online and in this thread, I am hoping that a switch back to the Budeprion will bring me back to normal!
Avatar f tn I take: Buspirone HCL 15mg 2x (1x morning, 1x night) Bupropion SR 150mg 2x (1x morning, 1x afternoon) Fluoetine 20mg 3x (3x morning) I am going to stop. What is the best weaning schedule for these medications.