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Avatar m tn Fast forward to today-- I have 5 or 6 painless, raised bumps on the back of my tongue, causing me to feel like I have a hair or something back there. I have been looking around the internet (obviously) and it really looks like the pictures of circumvallate papillae I've seen. What I'm wondering is this: what is possible for me to have contracted (and become symptomatic) in this period of time, STD-wise? A bit of background-- the last few days I've had somewhat bad allergies.
Avatar f tn i also have little bumps on the back sides of my tongue again do not bother me at all. Also little bumps on the top of my tongue the whole tongue that do not bother me. (i think they are just raised taste buds) I just noticed all these when me and my friends talked about oral herpes. Is this a sign of oral herpes or another STD. I looked at the pictures and nothing looks like it but they are there constantly.
Avatar n tn But the other day I noticed for the first time on my tongue, these bumps on the back, I didn't notice any in my throat or on the roof of my mouth. There are different ones. Like the ones in the middle just look like little ones and the ones in the back are big, I took some pictures, I hope they will help. I have a pic in the other bulletin below Picture: http://s98.photobucket.com/albums/l273/maleficentmoon/?
Avatar n tn Another problem I was experiencing at the time and am still experiencing is white bumps underneath my tongue, along my lingual frenulum, and at the very back of my tongue as well. They are quite prominent to anyone who looks in my mouth, and unusual. One of them along the side of my tongue rubbed against my tooth and caused a small chunk of skin on my tongue to open up and caused me some pain and irritation, and then went away.
Avatar n tn A couple weeks ago, i noticed some white stuff on the way back of my tongue accompanied by some red bumps, which could be normal because they dont hurt and dont look inflamed or anything. I have looked at pictures of thrush, and it does have some similarities to it, however, it has not spread to anywhere else in the mouth and it is not curd like. Furthermore, it does not come off, when i brush it or scrap it.
Avatar n tn I noticed bumps on the back of my tongue towards the front of my mounth. I don't know if they have always been there. Does anyone know where I can find pictures to see if this is normal. They do not hurt. They just seemed enlarged.
Avatar m tn But no sign of blisters. And no pain whatsoever. Now noticing those taste bud things on top of tongue are kind of irritated as well. Not sure if maybe it's an infection. Have u checked yourself for anything else? When I wiped myself I also bleed a little until recently I did more then a little. And never don't anything back their. If you can please keep me updated. I just went to get tested for herpes. Waiting on results.
Avatar n tn #1 diagnosed me with coxsackie instead of herpes, saying that if I had herpes in my throat/on the back of my tongue, I would be in immense pain.
Avatar n tn It is an awful thing to 'have to put up with' I also have ulcers on the back of my tongue and roof of my mouth, this cannot be normal.
Avatar n tn my lips feel dry no matter how much stuff I put on them, and they feel scaly because of all the teeny tiny bumps. I used to have problems with seborrheic dermatitis around my nose when I was a kid so the only other thing I can think of is that. Is there something else they could be? If they are forcyde spots, is there a way to make my lips feel moist again? I don't care about the appearance, but they are very uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn But the other day I noticed for the first time on my tongue, these bumps on the back, I didn't notice any in my throat or on the roof of my mouth. There are different ones. Like the ones in the middle just look like little ones and the ones in the back are big, I took some pictures, I hope they will help. Picture: http://s98.photobucket.com/albums/l273/maleficentmoon/?action=view&current=bumpsontongue.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch1 <img src= "http://i98.photobucket.
Avatar f tn hi , i was researching on the internet and going through pictures of what the back of my tongue looks and it looks exactly like enlarged circumvallate papillae i am certain because i have about six little bumps around the really big one but wasn't really paying attention to the i was wondering if this could be from switching mouth wash because thats about when i noticed them do you think i should switch back to my old mouth wash?..
Avatar f tn They're now on my feet and a few in my mouth that hurt extremely bad. I also have a few on the back of my thighs and under my breasts along my bra line. I know since you said it's viral that it just has to work out of my system. When I looked it up to see what this is, it said it's very contagious? Should I take off from work until this clears up?
Avatar n tn i would look more towards seeing if it is geographic tongue i was told by a pathologist that with these symptoms and after i had shown pictures of time of high activity on the tongue that this what i have. I am 26 and this is the first time i have had the symptoms. There is no cure nor is it harmful just annoying as hell. If you feel that these symptoms consist of GT and you want proper diagnosis see an oral surgeon they can give you the best diagnosis. Sites to look at are http://www.
Avatar n tn Its normal to have some bumps on the back of your tongue. If they are sore or inflamed, it could be some kind of bacterial thing, but no std would cause this.
Avatar n tn near the vaginal opening on the bottom, i have like a stand of bumps. they are the same color as the rest of the labia minora. they look similar to swollen taste buds that are kind of spread out. both sides of the labia seem to have it, but way more so on the right side. i am worried they might be warts, although they do not look like the ones i see online. does hpv go away on its own after awhile?? please help me! i have been stressing for 2 months over this and i do not want to go to a gyno..
Avatar n tn These same bumps everyone is describing here, popped up on the back of my left and the back of my left thigh just a few days ago. I know skin ailments relate to something going on in the blood, thus a need for blood cleansing. Leading up to these bumps, I also noticed for two weeks prior, a somewhat heavy white coating on my tongue, which I suspected the beginnings of Candida/yeast issue in my body.
Avatar m tn I decided to take a closer look at my tongue and noticed some painless white bumps at the back of the two sides of my tongue. Day 3: My tongue was still a little swollen/numb. I could say that I played / moved a lot my tongue during that day. Day 4: I woke up in the morning and my tongue didn't feel swollen/numb anymore. However, I had pain at the base of my lingual frenulum. After taking a closer look at it, I noticed had a relatively large white bump at the base of it.
Avatar n tn I had been on antibiotics (doxycycline) for a few weeks to treat a mycoplasma infection and after I took the antibiotics I had some pain while urinating and in my glands which my eurologist said was a "prostate inflamattion" and my physical therapist said was a "muscular problem". The pain subsided but then I noticed some "bread-like" white substance underneath my scrotum on some of the hairs about a month ago.
Avatar m tn Recently, I have started having some tingling on front of my tongue, where is no real coating on my front tongue and I dont even brush it there so much. Yesterday only, i found small, infact tiny, bumps cluster on my inner cheeks just adjacent to my gums. Pls. suggest what this can be.
Avatar f tn I also am getting some red bumps on my face and some of the bumps are white puss filled and some are not. They are not itchy... I have a headache when I get this usually. A couple of years ago it used to just be on my face and now it shows up more on my chest than anywhere. Generally it never covers my stomach/extremities or anything like that. I recently took pictures of it because I am not sure what to do.
Avatar m tn No oral or anal sex was performed. A couple of hours later the bumps came back and I know that herpes cannot appear that fast, but then I noticed these red spots on the tip of my tongue. It is not painful or uncomfortable but I wanted to know if the red spots on the tip of my tongue can be related to herpes?
Avatar n tn - My tongue has a white coating on it, as well as very small red bumps close to the tip of my tongue. There is one large sphere on my tongue that doesn't have this white coating on it, perhaps a sore? It is not paintful (yet). This looks similar to some pictures I have seen on the web of herpes or syphilis on the tongue. I am not sure when this developed as I don't look at my tongue on a regular basis. I just noticed yesterday, so about a month after my at risk encounter.
Avatar m tn everyone seems to be of a concensus here on this site but the amount of information on the internet is getting me crazy cause it makes your mind think you're dying if you get bit by a bug.
Avatar m tn I have a date with a very attractive girl next week, and I am a little nervous about going to it with this on my mind. There are a few bumps on the side of my tongue, and I could post pictures if it would be helpful. But from reading different sites, I think the places where blisters were leave pitted red spots on the tongue after they heal up.
Avatar n tn i just moved down to alabama bout 3 weeks ago. the other night i was outside and when i cam inside i had almost a perfect ring on the right side of my right knee of these "bumps," i woke up yesterday and had a few more on my left leg, now today theyre all over my right knee and up and down my right leg. i have no idea what they are but they only itch if theyre touched, and when they itch they itch like crazy!!!!!
Avatar f tn .ER back in March - was given IV of benedryl, steroids, pepcid .5-19-12 swelling on opposite side of tongue - 2 Benedryl took swelling away .
Avatar m tn These bumps could be papillae which are taste buds on the tongue and are situated in a V that leads to the back of the throat. Sinus infections can enlarge the papillae. Eating spicy foods can inflame the taste buds as well. The few other possibilities in your case could be oral thrush or some other bacterial infection. A detailed evaluation may be necessary for appropriate diagnosis and management. For more queries and assistance visit an ENT specialist. I hope it helps.
Avatar n tn It's supposed to be very powerful stuff, but it only sort of worked for the bumps around my eyes and then they came back. I had to give up the tea tree oil stuff. It was pretty nasty and I read some articles on line that it can be dangerous to ingest. I also tested it on some mold (or something) that was growing on the lid to my hot tub. It didn't even touch it. However, bleach and white vinegar did kill the hot tub mold within only a few hours.