Bumps on tongue infection

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Avatar f tn I have a question regarding a small lump which is inside my tongue. A few times per year I get the irritated bumps on top of my tongue (when I eat really acidic foods) but this is not what I'm referring to. I developed a bad sinus infection during the last week of November. I sought treatment and began antibiotics December 3rd. On the evening of December 4th my tongue suddenly hurt as if I had one of those "acid bumps".
Avatar f tn Makes sense since lots of different chemical reactions from the food you eat. Bumps on the back of the tongue are normal. Here is a link that may help: http://www.livestrong.com/article/312859-red-bumps-way-back-on-the-tongue/ There are many other links that that one above. I had a sore a few months ago that was inside my lower lip and lasted 12 hours (half a day). It was my paranoid stage when I thought I was suffering from oral HPV.
1855970 tn?1325823613 The past few days I've noticed bumps on the back of my tongue... they were just visible if I stuck my tongue out far and didnt hurt or anything. But today, one of the bumps toward the left side just feels annoying. Like when a popcorn kernel gets stuck on the back of your tongue... thats what it feels like. I tried using a toothbrush to kind of 'brush' it away, and it didnt work.
Avatar n tn A few days ago I noticed severral bumps on my tongue spreading all the way back through my throat. They are slightly elevated and soft. It does not hurt to eat, however, the appearance is awful and I want them to disappear. I went to see the nurse practitioner and she said she's never seen anything like it before and that it might go away on its own. I didnt find this information overlly helpful, and was wondering if anyone had any idea what it could be.
Avatar n tn What would cause a white coating on a human tongue accompanied by a brownish spot in the back center of the tongue with several "bumps" toward the back of the tongue. Teeth were cleaned at a dentists office March 20,2008. None of this was present at the time. A crown has been temporarily glued on over a cavity.
Avatar n tn I have these red bumps on my tongue that look like inflamed taste buds. They are painful, mostly when I eat spicy or acidic foods. Also, some of them bleed when I brush my tongue, it is also very painful to brush my tongue. Why is this?
Avatar f tn I saw my doctor yesterday for a sinus infection and a few bumps on the back of my throat. He explained lymphoid bumps. He gave me a Z-pak and Flonase pluse said to use Claritin. What concerns me is that one of the sub-epithelial lymphoid bumps (?) is on the mucousal piece that runs in front of my tonsils and I can feel it like something is stuck there touching my tongue. It is also a bit red there. I did show it to the doctor and he said it was nothing to worry about.
Avatar m tn I am now at two weeks past the encounter. The whiteness on my tongue and red bumps are persisting. The swollen glands have almost gone away, but no longer have any soreness. The general "out-of-it" feeling has continued, but remains very subtle. I have been able to continue working out at the gym without any loss of energy or lifting power. I've read too much on the Internet to have a good idea of what this may be. Oral herpes? Candida?
Avatar n tn I think the bumps on your tongue are called Transient lingual papillitis. They're those tiny things that go away on their own and can be caused by too much salt intake. I often get them on the under side of my tongue. I have a bump very similar to that on the roof of my mouth in the back. I just ate garlic bread, so I'm wondering if these bumps can also occur on the roof of your mouth? I mean I literally just noticed it.
Avatar f tn The swelling in my tongue went away however, now on the right side of my tongue I have white bumps that are somewhat painful and seem to be causing a chalky aspirin like taste in my mouth.
Avatar n tn I have had a small bump on the tip of my tongue for about 1 1/2 years. It has not changed size or shape, and there is definitely only one bump. I am worried it is a wart and have started using garlic to essentially "burn" it off. Neither my partner nor myself have genital warts or other oral bumps...so I'm wondering where this thing came from, and if it could be contagious.
Avatar n tn It started when I was in class and I was scraping my tongue on the roof of my mouth cuz it felt like I had somethin on my tongue. the part I was scraping then felt wrinkly so I went to the bathroom to check it out. There was a tan like spot in the center of my tongue. It was like skin I could peel off with no pain. My friend told me it was just extra skin or dried skin I could peel off. I didn' believe it. I ten went to the doctor to check it out.
Avatar f tn Ok solast Thursday I gave me boyfriend oral sex tht lasted a minute.& 3 days later (sunday) I went to sleep & had my fan on high& windows open. In the middle of the nite I woke up& my throat was super dry& hurt. i drank tea& went back to bed. Then when I woke up in morning my throat hurt a lil & I looked in& on the way back of my tongue was bumps there are 3 on each side forming a V & way further down on my tongue are just a bunch of bumps.
Avatar n tn It felt like a popcorn husk stuck on the back of my tongue and when I looked I found the bumps. Just like you, a couple on one side and about twice as many on the other. No pain, they don't look ulcerated, just bumps. Also, like you, when I researched on the internet, it just scares you what you find. I'd love to hear what you found out about your's and if they have cleared up.
Avatar f tn I woke up the following Friday with two bumps on my tongue. The bumps are painful but do not effect the rest of my mouth. Is it possible that I have herpes on my tongue now?
Avatar f tn - My boyfriend told me he HAD gonorrhea, and I realized that i been had this sore throat for a week now, and it doesnt seem like its getting better. TO BE HONEST. and. Its little red bumps on the back of my tongue, and i believe going down my throat.They hurt mainly at night. I went to the docter to check out my throat and he said that my immune system is healthy and that its a regular sore throat. So i feel confused.
Avatar m tn m freaking out about a month ago I started performing oral on a strange man and stops pro some precu anyway this week I have noticed dry mouth and some small bumps on my inside cheeks towards the bottom gum line they bumps have been the same for a few days I feel them when I rub my tounge along them I do have type one usually get just a cold sore on lip does this sound like type 2 now when I zoom in with a flash light they look almost yellowish inside I'm fresking out Aldo having burning mou
Avatar m tn I had the white bumps and yellow tongue also and found out i had a yeast infection in my mouth. I'm not saying that you have the same thing but its something to possibly think about.
Avatar m tn I have small red bumps all over my tongue. i think they are from when i burnt my tongue but ive never noticed bumps before when i had burnt my tongue. the bumps dont hurt but it looks gross and i want to make sure this is normal.