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979425 tn?1251403163 Red Bull contains taurine which in combination with caffeine has caused some fatalities. So in interactions with psychiatric medications it can be a bad idea. Before recovery, I took taurine by itself as a "supplement" and it speeded me up to the point where I was psychotic and I would never take it again so the whole thing is best avoided.
Avatar f tn Is it ok to drink a red bull drink from a espresso stand or not safe? Is it just because the caffeine or other ingredients?
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8550901 tn?1400740690 I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I was craving a red bull ? Can I drink red bull while pregnant? Is it consider alcohol?
8550901 tn?1400740690 Hello I'm 26 weeks pregnant and been craving red bull my entire pregnancy.will one red bull harm the baby?
401095 tn?1351391770 Yall...I made it out the door and got to work on time...I bought a red bull last night and drank it when i got up...dont like them but it sure perked me up! I think I am getting better with this cold too...a moderate energy day....but I do have energy!
Avatar f tn So I drank half a can of red bull (the little can ) I'm 30 weeks , was that bad of me to do , I never had a red bull but needed a little boost , I been drinking water since to kind of balance it out
Avatar f tn i drank a small amount of red bull on friday. after almost four or five hours only i breast fed her... but from saturday night she started geting rashes and small flat swelling all over her body.. is it because i drank red bull. and if yes now wat do i do... to clear my breast milk... she cannot take any other supplemrnt milk becuse she is intolerant to all. she vomits after taking it.. so pls tel me wat to do?
Avatar f tn OK, I got some Adderol or however you spell it from someone almost 4 hours ago. I drank an 8 oz Red Bull and now I'm buzzing. I've never experienced a high like this! I'm sure this is not good but, I wish I could take this stuff daily and forget the Red Bull!!!!!!!!!!!! Any one else out there know abt the Adderol buzz??? I so should have not done this! I do not feel good at all. 1 in the morning might have been good, but I took this one at night and then drank Red Bull!!!!
737752 tn?1238253672 I had to call 911 and I did. I ended up sitting on the sidewalk and just doing anything in my power to get my mind back to reality. I finally collected myself and apologized to my neighbor for putting her in that situation. When the Cops came I explained to them I had been out drinking pretty heavy and had a big dinner. The EMT came inside, my pulse was fine 110, and my BP was 125/88 i believe. I waived the hospital visit because I had felt a lot better.
Avatar f tn A small sip wouldn't hurt but don't drink a can. The caffeine in red bull isn't the only concern. There is also tuarine, ginseng, and guarana, all of which are not really considered safe for consumption during pregnancy.
1168172 tn?1263445152 Also do you think mixing multi vitamins with Yohimbe Bark and Male ehancement pills( Vim-25, Samauri-X) and Red Bull is screwing my system up? She thinks it is. I don't know.
Avatar m tn ve been the urethra, that occured after drinking a bad Red Bull and had been going on for 2 weeks but has gone away now. Dunno if these two are related somehow. What could it be? I believe the pancreas, liver and gallbladder is in the area where the pain is.
Avatar n tn When they checked my blood pressure they said it was high, but chalked it up to my breakfast of a red bull adn stressful morning. They told me they would perscribe a pill with lower hormones because they said that can also have an effect on it. This week ( a week since the appointment) I have been experiencing tightness in my chest. I am 20, not overweight, I play soccer, i have never had any problems in the past.....any advice or help would be nice. P.S.
Avatar f tn You can try some natural remedies, drink pure grape juice and a red bull, the caffine in the red bull helps and the grape juice is a vasoconstrictor.(hope I spelled it right) also use warm or cool compresses whichever feels better. If you try those and it doesn't help go to the er. Hope u feel better soon.
823825 tn?1265071431 Red Bull is currently under investigation and may be taken off shelves completely. It's not good when you're NOT pregnant. So definitely do not take it while pregnant.
Avatar f tn How long did your doctor mention that you needed to fast? I'm not sure what is in the sugar free red bull- but I don't know that I would try it- I've got a feeling that would mess with results. I wouldn't hesitate to call and ask your doctor though- they will best be able to answer if that's ok, given your work situation. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Water lol.we have well water and they use sulfur to clean it or w.e. so it smells like rotten eggs and I can't stand to drink it. We usually have bottled water but my husband invites the whole world over to drink our water so we have nothing but milk and red bull. Well I'm lactose intolerant and obviously red bull is out of the question so water. I'm craving water.