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Avatar n tn About a year later they were removed since you could see the screws thru my skin and they were sticking out a bit. I noticed after i healed from the broken leg that i am now bow legged really badly. Since then i've also found i am unable to walk alot without my ankle and lower leg swelling up and cause pain. I started working out recently (water arobics and the machines) thinking this would help and it hasn't, if anything its made it worse.
Avatar f tn Leg swelling could be related to inflammation in leg tissues, due to rheumatoid arthritis or another inflammatory disorder. It could also be associated with skin infections, uric acid, broken leg, Osteoarthritis and such others. You may try home remedies before considering to visit a doctor.
1140169 tn?1370188676 They are going to do a CT scan sometime today to check for any blood clots. The swelling in her leg is at an acceptable level for the operation, which will involve 2 steel plates to screw her bone back together, but the lung and breathing issues are what's causing the hold up. She will maybe have the operation on Thursday. That's the soonest. She doesn't want a spinal block because of compression fractures she has in her lower back, so they have to be able to put her under.
Avatar n tn I broke my leg and had surgery over 8 to 9 months ago and this leg is still swollen. What can I do to reduce the swelling so I can wear my boots again. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I was literally sent flying head over heals across the roof of the car, as an eyewitness reported, yet my worst injury from this accident was a severely broken left leg with a complete Tib/Fib break near the joint including a plateau fracture of the Tibia. I was rushed to the hospital and immediately underwent surgery and woke up in the hospital room with 4 rods screwed into my leg, 2 in my shin and 2 in my femur, with several carbon fiber rods holding it all together.
Avatar f tn It feels like iv done something more then just bruise or twist it because its gradually getting worse, iv broken my leg before and it kinda feels like that. Im a lifeguard and am worried that this is affecting my work, also soeone at work suggested i might have injured my 'scaphoid bone' (spelt wrong) does this sound possible?
Avatar f tn Prior to surgery, my ankle was placed in a plaster cast, which proved very discomforting due to swelling of my foot. After surgery my ankle was bandaged up in a compression cast and tomorrow I'm due to have a plaster cast put on once again. Since surgery there has been minimal pain in my ankle (although a momentous amount of bruising along my leg) It appears that I'm experiencing a great deal of pain in my knee.
Avatar n tn I've had my left ankle broken on sept 29, it was a fibula frature with a tibia dislocation, was on splint for a week, had surgery on oct 7th,plate + screws + a very long screw to place my tibia on the right place, splint for another week, then my orthopedist put me on aircast Air Stirrup Universe since then. He told me to start physical therapy a week after surgery, but I waited until 2 weeks. Now my foot hurts on an area that has nothing to do with the fracture.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I fell while hiking and broke my finger (right hand ring finger) Went to the ER got an x-ray that showed the break in-between the knuckle and the last joint on the finger. They gave me a referal to an ortho but he is out of town for a couple of weeks, so they said to call my Dr to get a referal for an ortho as soon as possible. The finger is severally swollen, bruising bad and I can't move it up or down.
Avatar m tn i don think i have broken my leg because i can walk around.nd when i touch and feel my leg i dont think its broken.htere is easy and free movement just that it is it possible to have swellin even if there is no fracture? in case there is swelling is it wise to imerse my leg in warm water as there are bruises on my leg and getting scared that water might go in. THANK YOU.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma but my podiatrist said the neuroma wasn't the cause of the swelling of the foot. Had bone scannned searching for fractures it came ok. Had ultrasound of the veins in the left leg and came out ok. the problem is only the left foot swells, wondering if anybody has the same problem and found out what was causing it.
Avatar m tn You could try some tylenol/ OTC NSAIDS for pain relief. To relieve the swelling the leg may be slightly elevated by 15-20. Movement, if advised is best discussed with your treating orthopedician since this would depend on the type of fracture/ surgery etc. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn Hi!, two months ago i was operated of a broken tibia, now i'm using an intramedullary rod in order to align and stabilize the fracture which occur 2" above my ankle. My Physician authorize me to full weight bearing (my bone is healing quite fine), how ever when i take a walk or just go to a mall, my ankle start to get swollen (even using a crutch).
Avatar m tn this was missed twice by doctors due to no swelling or bruising. they constantly rotated her legs and stretched them out again to check her hips before fracture was dianosed. then they put a cast on on the bottom of her leg instead of the top. would all of these mistakes have made the fracture worse than it originally was.
198419 tn?1360245956 I haven't been posting too much because of my leg but it's doing much better now as far as the swelling. I have to still take it easy though because I developed another cyst on my ovary that decided to stick around and it's pretty big. The doctors have decided to "wait and see" because this is my last female organ left in my abdomen and they don't want to leave me with no hormones at 35.
1196614 tn?1265079373 Here's my story , i had a broken tibia and fibula as well i was trying tio help a female from getting beaten by his boyfriend , it was slippery oitside my right leg went forward and my left leg went backwards and my big ***( lol ) landed on top of my ankle and distored my ankle and broke my tibia and fibula , i went to the hospital where i stayed two nights then on monday i had to go see the bone doctor at the other hosiptal and told me that your fracture was a bad one .
Avatar n tn Tibia is the shin bone that bears most of the weight and the Fibula is the splint bone located on the outside of the lower leg. In the case of a closed fracture there may be swelling and discolouration due to the large amounts of blood that emanate from a fractured bone. The usual healing time for a mid-shaft Tibia and Fibula fracture treated with cast immobilisation is 12 to 16 weeks.
Avatar f tn suffered broken ankle in May 2010. Had surgery with plate and screws to fix. 2 weeks no weight bareing, 8 + weeks in camwalker boot - weight bearing as tolerated. Then moved to right ankle element brace and cane. Have completed 2 sessions of PT. Have chronic pain i ... [More] n foot/ankle with every step I take. Both my foot/leg are still swollen and discolored. Taking pain meds daily. Recently returned to work (4 hours per day sitting).
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I don't want to sound like a broken down record.......... But I have had ms symptons for years now, about 10 years now that I can recall. Anyway, I had 2 mri's in 2007, repeat in 2008, negative L.P. in 2008, and a repeat mri on a 3T last week, of brain and spine and it was again all clear.......... Should I still be concerned about ms, or would I be in the very, very unlikely bracket????? What or who should I go see now?????????????
Avatar m tn The following morning all swelling was gone. That evening I developed swelling in the genitals. Swelling lasted about 24 hours. I had a full day with no new symptons, and then my righ foot swelled up. The foot swelling was quite painful, but began subsiding after about 12 hours. Unfortunately my the swelling moved to my left foot. I also experienced some swelling in my left cheek during this same period.
Avatar m tn But, I am very much worried about my kiss on the partner's *****. I had slightly broken lips. But my lips were very dry when I gave a kiss on partner's *****. This kiss hardly lasts for 1-2 secs. When I kissed I had partially broken lips(due to biting habit) but were very very dry that time since I didn't wet my lips for few hours before kiss. Is there any chance of HIV transmission ? Please let me know. Thanks.
Avatar n tn The doctor gave me a steroid injection called Kenalog and said the swelling should go away within 24 hours. The swelling did go down throughout the day, but the aching continued. I started getting painful areas on my skin( palms of my hands, outsides of my knees and my tailbone). My hips ached so badly i could barely walk, but i just gave it time per doctors orders. Oce again i awoke the next morning with the same itchy "hives".
Avatar m tn My concern is that after almost 2 years, anytime I try to do anything requiring the use of my right leg, the knee swelling and pain returns. I also experience significant range of motion issues. I still have not found a Doctor who can tell me what is wrong with my leg and if it can be fixed. I sometimes wonder if they are concentrating on the knee and it swelling, more than the R side of the leg where the injury took place.
Avatar n tn I recently punched a wall out of anger much like your son. I have alot of swelling and bruising arouynd 3 of my knuckles, and pain when straightening or clencing my fist. Is is sore and spongy to touch. Do you know if i may have broken it?