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Avatar f tn my 8 year old daughter broke her toe on sunday and since last night her leg has been really cold from the knee down,her other leg is warm as usual.She also has some pins and needles in her foot.Last night her foot and leg were almost icy.Could this be a complication from the toe?
634733 tn?1316629592 my leg was so numb the car went over it and I felt nothing but the pressure. The bone is broken. Had there not been witnesses I would have just gone on, walking on a broken leg. My hands are as bad. Interesting thing is I used to have Raynaudes but not any more, but clearly the numbness has returned. One more thing forgot to ask, the classic, are you diabetic? Always worth getting your blood sugar level checked. Just noted your age, definitely worth it. Some ideas to chew on....
Avatar m tn , much to my wifes annoyance. Another aspect of my broken sleep is that I have sleep paralysis. At first this was frightening but now I am used to it. I am aware that I am awake but unable to move, open my eyes or speak. I just lie there now until it passes. This happens a several times a year, but I can have a couple of bouts a month if I am unlucky.
Avatar f tn I try very hard to limit my movement during the day and keep my foot up but still by about 7pm my discomfort is intense with a very tight cast, pain in the leg and numb toes. Is what I am experiencing normal or should I be concerned?
1142155 tn?1261770432 So, there I was in full squat outside the door with my right leg in ront of the drivers seat. No way was the right leg going to lift me up. I looked around, as this was getting embarrassing. I let myslef down to the ground, then rolled over to my hands and knee - the other leg was still in the car. I reached for my pant leg and dragged the right leg out of the car and started to get everything where it needed to be to get to my feet. Suddenly I hear people running toward me. Drat.
Avatar f tn My lower left was also removed like numb chin. I have just began to try to move to noodles, and soft foods. It has been yogurt, pudding, jello, and ice cream for almost a week. Good gosh I never thought getting your wisdom teeth out could be so painful and uncomfortable.
390388 tn?1279639813 Oh my lord Jesus please if it has to happen let it be gentle in her sleep. I feel like I'm so numb yet going crazy in pain inside at the same time. I don't want to loose her; yet, her pain is great and I understand. The morphine every couple hours is not helping much and making the blockage worse. They could not get an NG tube down her today and the blood came out of her nose and mouth as I held her hand. Sometimes knowing the facts are hard.
Avatar f tn So now my ankle hurts. By the way it is my big toe Anyways, It feels very numb, like when I try to move it it doesnt respond only my other toes respond. It is not painful but it is very unconfortable because it is numb. When I try to move it it feels like someone is pulling on my toe the other way. I was going to buddy tape it but i have a bunion and I didn't want to make my bunion worse. I dont know what to do. I have never broken anything and I have medium thick bones.
1354014 tn?1277085755 the doc that found the RSD after my broken foot was the same doc I saw for the broken foot...he was a orthopedic doc.
11505778 tn?1423654250 In December I started to have leg pain. It is in my left leg. It started from my knee down for 2 weeks and then moved up into my thigh. I still have the leg pain and cramping in my thigh for over 5 weeks now. The neurologist really didn't say anything about the migraines other than we will keep an eye on it. He got me on 600mg of Gabapentin to try and limit them. I have had the migraines with auras since 1992. I stopped having them around 2000.
Avatar f tn ok so I have had lower back pain for months now which goes hand in hand with numb lower legs, pain and discomfort really bad in the morning when waking, so much so I get up and have to stretch on my excercise mat to get relief. The veins in the lower legs in the morning really stand out. I saw the doctor who said it was lower back pain causing the numbness in the legs but the circulation seemed ok.
Avatar m tn Why is my left leg burning in such pain and going numb with swelling and broken blood vessels with odd bruising all down my leg, my leg is constantly falling asleep or going numb for no reason and the burning will start.and this is when im laying down. I am only 37 and in severe pain and need answers.
Avatar n tn Also are they definate that the spine is causing leg numbness they were with me until after emg investigation they changed their mind and decided that I had directly damaged the lateral cutaneous nerve in my leg and operated on it, The dull ache in my leg has gone as well as burning etc. The nerve will grow back at 1mm per month so still numb at the mo but they say it will get better..FYI I had a major fall down a flight of stairs bulging L4L5 broken tail bone etc...
Avatar n tn The reason I am wanting to know if it will show nerve damage is that my left leg goes numb sometimes.any help is appreciated.
Avatar n tn no numbness or anything on the back of my leg. While the leg is numb, it still gets itcy and it is very irritating to scratch it. If I stand or walk for too long, the burning sensation comes into play, and I have to sit down, because it also hurts my lower back, makes my back feel like it will break if I don't sit down. This has been going on for 23 years! And not one doctor can tell me what is wrong...
Avatar n tn I know it's no broken leg, and having broken limbs before, I must say it had the 'tang' of a broken pain, but did not feel broken at all. I could put some pressure on it at the time, but trying to walk could at times reduce me to tears (I've broken my arm twice. Both times... well, let's say I'm resistant to broken bone pain. I wouldn't say immune to broken leg pain, but... I could walk on it. It was horrible. It was awful. It was...well...
Avatar n tn I feel quite sure this is a symptom of it, but with the pain I am having in that leg at the hip and the vibrations down the leg, I need relief, not diagnosis. I am already taking arthritis medication, though it appears that may need to try another type to address this issue. I am also taking over the counter Glucosamine and chronditin, which are combined supplements that are suppose to help regenerate the cartilage around the joints that causes osteo-arthritis.
Avatar n tn Also there is a red patch of skin which is completely numb. If I touch it, I have no sensation on that part of the leg. Is this normal and will I just have to wait for the swelling to go down?
Avatar f tn It's alot worse if i had a few drinks the night before (then i get numbness in my face and mouth even my throat and chest feels numb).I've had several sleepless nights and er trips because of this. It has affected my life in such a horrible way. I can barely get out of bed in the morning. I thought that it was being caused by MS or a thyroid problem, but im wondering, can all this be caused by anxiety? Has anyone else gone through this? And if so, have you gotten better?
Avatar n tn Never had a accident, but I do sleep on my stomach with my arm under my pillow!! left leg near my body... Doctors have no clue! Its really annoying, the numb starts when I bend front, like dishwashing, sweeping the floor etc, or simply sitting on a chair! Prevents me from doing everything! Hate it! If anyone found a solution, please post it here!! Thanks in advance! Wishing you all a healthy holiday season!
Avatar f tn He also said that my leg was one of the nicest healed legs that he had seen because of all the calcium that was in my new bone (I don't drink soda so besides water and juice there wasn't much to drink. that and I craved milk the entire time my leg was broken and I healed 3 months before they thought i would). He did some nerve tests and found that my entire leg was completely numb from the knee down.
2108855 tn?1334109869 -- I am so-o sorry about your leg. I fell down the stairs in late 2007 and broke my tib/fib as well. I have the rod,screws as well ... and after all this time, it's still healing. I damaged the nerves in my left leg. I think that bothers me more than anything else. In the hospital it felt as though someone was lighting matches and throwing them on the top of my foot. I have a generalized numbness there even now. I don't do as much as you do, exercise bike,etc.
Avatar n tn For the past 2 days I have a very slight heat sensation in my lower left leg (no other problems). Is this some thing I should be concerned about now, or wait for my drs. appt in a few weeks?
Avatar f tn Hi there I am only 30- I had a bad accident on a tram two years ago- I have a labral tear to my right hip which was Finally found through MRI and a fantastic Physio who wouldnt take the fact that I was in massive pain all the time to the point of where I cannot walk properly as just a mucsle damage. I was flown backwards in the air and hit the right side of my body into a metal barrier. I have had surgery to my right rotator cuff in my shoulder and experience terrible back pain...
Avatar f tn i went to bend down to look down the side of the car and i had a stinging little pop in my leg. i thought it was a blood veins that had broken. one of the girls that i work with told me to go to the bathroom and check it. she said it would be blue if it was. it was not blue. ever since that part of my leg has had this tingling numbness to it. it feels like when you go to the dentist and you start to get the feeling back.
645390 tn?1338558977 The main problem of this flare, is lots of tingling and numbness, particularly in my left foot/leg. I am not feeling my left foot too well, and broke a toe and some other "little" bones. So, today, was at one of the kids schools, got in my car, and without realizing it, my foot was not quite in the van. Tears were flowing. I can only wear flip flops due to my foot, don't know if there are any other suggestions as to what might help.
Avatar f tn I walk with a slight limp because of the nerve damage done to my right leg. My right foot is numb and very sensative to hot/cold. My back always seems to have to have this dull ache. My leg like I said still has some of the shooting nerve pain but not bad. I am not on Gabapentin anymore, it just doesn't work for some people, and I am part of that some people.
Avatar m tn That's bc the drugs keep u numb and they r wearing off so ur emotions are gonna be all out of whack...I was crying over commercials...mad at a fly that was buzzing to the point I thought I would love to shoot it...I mean really shoot a fly??...then I would be so happy that I was making it through the wds and not dying...then cry..then cuss..then laugh...just be patient with urself and know it gets better...ur emotions will level off...but just cry if u feel cleanses the soul...