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Avatar m tn That's very common practice w/ a fibula break.-My brother does heavy construction & is working as we speak w/ a broken fibula.- & no it not a weght bearing bone.I broke my tibia and fibula & while my tib healed with hardware placed- my fibula was left alone-I walked around for 3 months with a unhealed fibula & never knew until Dr.told me.I guess where my break was is a fine line whether to put hardware in or not. Hope this helps! Take care!
1284405 tn?1271618449 my fibula was broken end of january 2010, had pot removeafter 4 weeks, i was walking on it for 10 days, before i found out that it was broke, have had physio on leg on numerous occasions, i find physio very painfull, i think physio is making it worse, especially the latest physio, walking on what is your my tiptoes, this is unbearable, i try to do it, but i have to hold on to a surface the physio, says that i take painkillers beforehand, say's i must do it, to get me back on track is the physio
Avatar n tn I've broken my leg. Doctros said that tibia is okay. But I wonder about my fibula. It is quite dislocated. RTG: What should I do? Should go to private clinic??? Please help me!
1196614 tn?1265079373 I had a auto accident and I broke the tibia and fibula bones. After 12 days in the hospital without having the surgery on my leg I was told by the doctors that it wouldn't matter the long waiting. When I finally got the surgery and after seeing an X-ray of my leg I had some questions from my own. I asked the doctor why my fibula looked like is still broken. The response was that the fibula was already healing and there was no reason to attach pins or screws to it.
1196614 tn?1265079373 I asked the doctor why my fibula looked like is still broken on the x-ray. The response was that the fibula was already healing and there was no reason to attach pins or screws to it and also they said that fibula bone does not support the body weight at all. I just wanted to have an opinion to make sure that I will not have problems in the future with my leg because of the fibula bone is now on that position.
Avatar n tn Ordinarily a simple broken fibula, a bone in the lower leg, does not lead to this serious a condition.
Avatar f tn hi, I'm 15 & I broke my fibula from one morning running in the park. while running I had tripped & got a lot of cuts in my legs. when I got up I couldn't run right, I thought I had a sprained ankle. I went home & took a long nap then when I got out of bed I completely fell cuz I couldn't stand on my left leg. I took a look at my leg & it was completely swollen. I got concerned & told my mom & she took me to the emergency room right away.
Avatar n tn so i posted a wbout a week ago about possibly having a fractured fibula... i saw a second doctor about it and he figured i had bruised my fibula bone so, i cancelled the x-ray that i had booked. although i am walking around fine, i am getting more swelling around my ankle now, and i have a hard bump over by lower fibula where i hit this a result of the bruised bone? it is still very tender to touch! i've heard bruised bones can take a while to heal.
Avatar f tn I broke my fibula and tibula, ankle foot leg area on one break and calf area on other, had a hard cast for 5 weeks no weight bearing, to a knee cast for 3 weeks with limited wt bearing, to a walking boot full weight, my question is .. the boot actually makes my foot hurt worse walking than my tennis shoe does, so I have been walking in my sneaker .. will it damage any thing that I have already went through of healing? I don't want to harm any healing processess..
Avatar n tn That means before I can walk it will be 9 weeks from the injury date. All for a broken fibula and sprained deltoid ligament. I think the doctor is being extremely conservative, I need to be weight bearing to get back to work. Does this seem like a rather stiff sentence? Shouldn't it be 6 weeks from the injury date assuming normal healing occurs on the bone?
Avatar n tn You did not mention whether you had a both bone fracture of the lower leg or only tibia or fibula fracture. A cast is appropriate for tibial shaft fractures that are not badly displaced and are well aligned. Patients need to be in a cast that goes above the knee and below the ankle (a long leg cast). The advantage of casting is that these fractures tend to heal well and casting avoids the potential risks of surgery such as infection.
Avatar f tn I got left leg tibia and fibula fractured by hitting a metal pipe.The tibia was broken at one point. There was no open wound.And titanium rod with 3 screws are used in the fixation.i am 3 weeks post op. Now i can do my things with the help of walker.But when can i go to work for desk job. And what exercises can i do to strengthen my muscles.
Avatar m tn In terms of diet, it was recommended that I have extra calcium (with vitamin D) either in the form of diet or supplements to expedite healing of my broken fibula. My doctor said full healing takes 4-6 months, so I'd be really careful with basketball, especially. Good luck!
623966 tn?1222197798 Xray shows the tibia screw protruding into the head of the fibula and lateraly rotating the fibula. My leg is still extremely painful but my doctor insists that everything is normal and that I don't need any pain medication yet he's telling me to take Ibuprophen which is reaslly working bad on my stomach. It's been a year and doesn't seem to be improving! Is this really normal?
964879 tn?1247298276 i met with an accident on 28 may 09 & my tibia & fibula bone broken into 3 is compound complex fracture.very next day i had to undergo the surgery.doctors said it is very nasty fracture.doctors put metal rod to hold bones in place.i have got big wound above my ankle which is not yet healed.its 1 month now i am in cast.i am on complete bed rest.doctors told me not to hang my i have kept my leg straight on pillow.i can move my fingers but i feel numbness in my shin bone.
Avatar f tn haha) But per my X-ray, my leg is still just as broken as it was last January. For a while i thought oh well, it doesnt hurt so it must be fine. But im really not looking forward to later years because i do not want to have walking issues as i get older. I've been told my options are either Bone grafting or a bone stimulator. I'm really troubled because im not sure what should be done next. What do i do?!?
Avatar m tn I’m 34 year old with a previous athletic lifestyle, I got hit by a pick-up truck in the spring of '06, I broke my right ankle and my left Tibia / Fibula about 4-5" above my ankle. The ankle seems to be fine, since all the pain resides in my left leg. I have a titanium rod through the Tibia and a half of a pin near the ankle, I went to the doctor about 2 months ago, and had the other half, that was broken, removed.
Avatar n tn My husband has broken his tibia and fibula. the doctor has given us options 1st option is to have a cast from him hip to his foot for 6 weeks then a short cast for 4 weeks then he will splint it with no weight bearing for the 1st 6 weeks. 2nd option is to have the metal rod put in his bones to help with the healing process no weight bearing for 6 weeks a removal cast... with lots of Physical Therapy. Total healing time possibly 6 months to a year.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have a distal fibula fracture and was wondering about how long before it'll heal. I had fallen down the stairs of my apt. after moving some stuff, missing a step, landing on right foot, and I couldn't walk afterward. The fall itself didn't hurt me, but I knew immediately my ankle was broken as it was swollen. I have some of the posts about it and it scares me that it may not unite. What is the general outlook for this type of fracture?
Avatar f tn I never returned to this site after the second posting because I found a fantastic group on Facebook called broken ankle/foot/leg recovery -on a quest for normal which was a godsend to me and still is. If you are still out there and want to connect with a great group going through the same things as you and you are on fb, find us and request admission, its a closed group. Hope you are doing well. I am just weaning out of boot into shoes....
Avatar n tn The fracture you mention is a nasty one. Since the foot as well as the tibia and fibula were broken to the point that a fusion and bone grafts were required tells me that the one or more of the lower leg bones (tibia/fibula) needed repair that included requiring the bone to re-grow and fill in gaps in the bone where the bone was crushed.