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Avatar f tn I prefer breast implants to be placed under the muscle. I have very little breast tissue and have heard that people with no breast tissue or little breast tissue will get better results if the implants are placed under the muscle. And I will most probably be getting implants within couple of months. I have already talked to a surgeon Dr. Robert Backstein of Steeles Avenue Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Toronto, but haven't confirmed of getting the surgery.
Avatar n tn Sorry I posted before I was done lol I think because its under the muscle we will still be able to breast feed. I'm not sure about the sagging part I would love to know that as well. Because I was a deflated A (I was a large B before my first child) then got implants which made me a C and now I'm a D and only 17 weeks so I'm thinking I'll get to DD's at least!
Avatar f tn I have under the muscle implants too and plan on breastfeeding. I was wondering this myself!
6918915 tn?1395932871 I have silicone gel implants that are under the muscle. They say you should be able to breast feed but that every situation is different. I am hoping ill be able to.
Avatar f tn Whether implants can hinder breastfeeding or not largely depends on where the breast implants are placed and what type of incision was made during the BA surgery. I had my surgery last month but i'm not married yet. Had my BA surgery in DR.Mclean's clinic in Toronto.
Avatar f tn I am confused and wondering if they somehow came out from under the muscle or if the muscle has become so stretched that they are able to move freely. (Or maybe they were never placed under the muscle?) I hope you can resolve my confusion. Thank you!
Avatar f tn This is my 2nd pregnancy and after having my 1st child I decided to get implants, I got them under the muscle and under breast fold incision, 400cc, I'm due April 8th 2015 and my boobs with be exactly 2 years old. Has anyone else experienced breast feeding and pregnancy with implants? Worries mine might leak? Be a risk to the baby? Incision opening? Not being able to breast feed?
Avatar n tn My implants are over the muscle and was done at the crease under the breast. I have two other children 1 of which I had absolutely no problems nursing,however that was before I got the lift!!! If anyone has experience with this or knows someone I would love to hear what you have to say!!!!! TIA!!!
358455 tn?1277433619 My good friend also has under the muscle implants. She has a 2 year old daughter and she was able to breast feed, with no problems.
Avatar n tn I mean a new "neo-pocket" still under the muscle, but above the existing scar tissue capsule. It would be best to wait for several months to allow full maturation of your existing surgery before proceeding with more surgery.
Avatar f tn i had a lot of pain from my right breast as soon as the anaesthetic wore of i went back to the hospital and they gave me morfin injection i asked at the time if something was wrong as i had discomfort form my left breast but my right was extremely painful, they said because i had my implants but under the muscle and i had more muscle on my right side that is why there was more pain one side.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies! I have an embarassing question....but I've been wondering so I've just got to ask. I had implants put in under the muscle about 3 1/2 years ago. They aren't anything crazy....I went from an A to a full C....they fit my frame well and people are always surprised when I divulge my secret. Anyway, how does pregnancy effect the less than natural breast? ;) Is breastfeeding possible? I haven't gotten my BFP yet but want to know what to expect when I do! Thanks girls!
6918915 tn?1395932871 I've seen this question before but I don't think anyone ever answered it. I have silicone gel, under the muscle implants. I've been told I can probably still breast feed but my boob haven't started leaking yet and with my first they leaked at 29 weeks (I didn't have implants then.) So now idk if that means anything. But also I want to know about the after effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do they sag and shrink?
643558 tn?1258402509 My implants are under the muscle, I had the surgery back in 2003. I do not have any troubles with breastfeeding. I have 525cc for each breast, which took me from a 32A to a 32D. My OB/GYN said that he knew cases were women went too large and ended up causing damage from stretching, but not in my case. I had a friend in Atlanta that had her implants over the muscle, and the incision was around her nipple, and she still breastfed her baby without any problems. I think you should be fine.
Avatar n tn What is the difference with breastfeeding with implants under the muscle but the incision on the nipple than normal breast feeding?
Avatar n tn My implants are over the muscle and was done at the crease under the breast. I have two other children 1 of which I had absolutely no problems nursing,however that was before I got the lift!!! If anyone has experience with this or knows someone I would love to hear what you have to say!!!!! TIA!!!
Avatar f tn In general the preference would be to go through the same scar under the breast to replace the implant and placing the new implant under the muscle. However, without being able to evaluate specifics of your situation we cannot say for sure that this would be the recommendation after evaluation and examination.
Avatar n tn I have had saline implants for 5 years now, they were put under the muscle. sometimes I get little twiches or small pains that really don't last, I haven't gotton checked and I'm worried something could be wrong! Could something serious be going on? the real reason I haven't gotton checked is because I am scared to know something could be wrong! on the other hand I can't do it financially so I guess I use that as an excuse to not get checked! can somebody advise! thank you!
Avatar f tn I am still having pain under my left breast under ribs at times. My muscle do get tired easier. I am confused and do not know what to do.
Avatar f tn My friend had hers under the muscle about 10 yrs ago. She breast fed just fine for her son who is now 2.
Avatar f tn I have silicone gel implants under the muscle and honestly they were one of the best things I've ever done for myself! I was a large B before getting pregnant with my son 10 years ago and went up to a D and then breastfed for about 6 weeks. When I was done they shrank to even smaller than I was to begin with. I was an A. And they looked ok when I was standing but when I bent over they were so soft and mushy. I got implants when my son turned 5 because I just didn't have the money.
336277 tn?1198034142 I have have had implants since 1999. They are under the muscle put in from the armpit. Does anybody have any experience with breastfeeding with implants like that?
Avatar f tn I also remember that my left was the only side that had bruising on the side of my breast. And the procedure was also done under the muscle.
Avatar n tn It takes a muscle from abdomen and sorta tunnels under and restuffs the breast with it. I miss the abdominal muscle and got a hernia where they took it out. I was seduced by the idea of getting a tummy tuck (part of taking the muscle), but I don't think it was worth the risk from moving the muscle. I think there is a new similar process where they take skin and fat with a disected blood vessel instead of taking the muscle. I know at least 4 others that got hernias too.
Avatar f tn hi, I had silicone breast implants nearly 6 yrs ago. they are placed under the muscle.. I did not have alot of breast tissue.. I have never been happy with them and I have always had pain. I have al;ways had burning in them, my surgeon was not very helpful.. I moved from england to the US so I have neot been able to afford to have an MRI. I have never been able to wear an underwired bra since having the implants because verytime I wore one I had pain on the outside of the breasts.
Avatar n tn I'm a FTM 33 weeks due on April 14. I got implants in 2012 (saline, under the muscle). At the time, my surgeon said that I will be able to bf and it will not hurt. But now I'm scared and Is wondering if there is any mamas out there that has bf with breast augmentation and what was your experience I want to breastfeed but not sure if I'm even going to produce enough milk, also what was the outcome after you finish bf did your boobs sag or stood the same.