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Avatar f tn When it comes to exercise, you lose water through sweat, which is a mixture of water and salt. When you swig water while running, you replace the water in your body but not the salt. While it's fine for shorter runs, you may want to switch to a sports drink for longer runs. Sports drinks contain both sodium and potassium to help you avoid dehydration and sodium deficiencies, which can make you feel dizzy, tired and nauseous.
Avatar n tn After that, i on the tap, small flow of water came out i use my left hand to rinse the water and wash my mouth. I am concern that my hand might not be clean or might have touch blood before going to the toilet.
2121625 tn?1350484749 Well contractions started Thia morning at 4 and were about 5-7 minutes apart. Call the doc said I could come in... this was about 5:15. I told doc I was gonna wait like half hour to make sure they continued and would come in. By the time I got there I was contracting about every 3-4 minutes. I was checked and monitored. Becuz my cervix didn't change in the houri was sent home. Im pretty blown lol. Im still contracting about every 5-7 minutes...
Avatar f tn thats what ive been dealing with and im still trying to find out if im pregnant or not. But i have been feeling like run down, no energy, congestion problems ect. Its been crappy trying to get through work each day feeling like that. and also i have no fever.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I noticed that what I thought were pimples forming on my chin were actually water blisters. They formed in small patches on my chin, along the edge of my lower lip and around the rim of my nose. The skin over them is fragile and are filled with clear fluid. I barely run my nail over them and they burst and the skin comes right off. New ones keep forming and the old ones just crust over and weep.
Avatar n tn my fathers legs are bloated and he is too fat .He has got high blood pressure too.he is feeling so hard to breath ,i like to know what cause these symptom's doc says it might caz of too much of medicine use and thy say he got water in his heart i didnt get it plz anyone can help me to understand . he is 57y old .
Avatar f tn You might want to buy a water filter for the next time you run out of bottled water. It will filter out many of the impurities.
Avatar f tn t experienced any morning sickness but my body overall fees run down. I just wonder if this is pregnancy induced symptoms or my body is generally run down?
Avatar n tn Hi, Ive recently been feeling under the weather, ive suffered from migrane type headaches on and off for 2 weeks now, im sleeping for up to 12 hours if no alarm to wake me, on normal nights i sleep 9-10 hours, before my alarm goes off for work, and i still feel weak and tired most of the time. Im always thirsty and drink alot of water. i dont know if the two are related in anyway. Should i go see a doctor? or am i just generaly run down?
Avatar m tn I will note that before congealing, it seemed to run abnormally thin, almost like dyed water albeit about as transparent as melted red wax.
Avatar m tn Hi i am 15 years old and have just recovered from a broken femur it has been a year and a half since i broke it but my problem is that i cant run i try to but my legs are too weak i went to physio but that didnt really help can anyone suggest any exercises that i could do to strengthen my legs so i can run again.
Avatar f tn m a little confused about what you say regarding blood vessels and your MRI. MRIs do not image blood vessels. fMRIs (functional magnetic resonance imaging) can give information about blood flow, but even they don't image the blood vessels as such. An angiography is typically called for to get that kind of information. Contracting blood vessels is known as vasoconstriction, and I'm not aware of it as a risk when having an MRI.
Avatar n tn Prior to throwing up I drank maybe 12 ounces of water. The blood was, in my estimate, a few ounces in volume. It also came out of my nose which was fairly odd to me. Did I just tear something or does it indicate something more serious? I'm sure I drink more than some but less than most. It might be worth mentioning that I also drink alot of water - at least 64 ounces of water during the day. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn i recently had some mor e blood work done this time it showed low creatinine anybody else with low creatinine?
2148771 tn?1415014409 That being said, your symptoms are consistent with calcium deficiency probably secondary to simple D3 deficiency. The screening test is to pump a blood pressure cuff up about 20-30 mm hg above the upper limit and hold that for a minute and the patient's hands will develop into a claw. That is called Trudeau's sign. So, the first step is to determine your blood calcium levels, preferably by blood test. Often there is magnesium deficiency also.
Avatar f tn They say you can exercise if you are used to doing it in your daily routine. But if you never run before then its best not to do it. Sounds like you are good though!
524209 tn?1213086976 I noticed that I had some blood dark in colour under my foreskin when i went for a pee after this happened I straight away washed in basin and had a shower washing area carefully letting water run in to the eye of penis area to wash all possible areas ! what are the chances from this exposure if the female had HIV ? I am of course uncertain of thier HIV status please help.
Avatar m tn Anyone had a long run of PVCs? By long I mean 3 days or more pretty much non stop. Not one every five minutes. Just non stop. No pain (other than the anxiety they cause). Can't really exercise other than walk. I weigh more than I should but work out a lot. Resting HR around 50, but highish BO (128zone/high 80 and change) - drink too much - a habit I am changing now. I've had PVCs on and off all my life. Until recently they'd only last minutes or an hour.
967168 tn?1477584489 I went to get blood work this morning around 8:30am and made sure I drank water after I got up because I get dehydrated easily...even doing this my lips and mouth were dry by the time I got to the dr's office...that set off more pvc's and nsvt runs grrrr Nurse took me back and she kept trying and no veins would pop...when she would find one it would just collapse...arms, back of the hands and inner arms...
Avatar f tn ll have to go more but when the urine is not so concentrated the spasms lessen and therefore hurt less in the long run. I had on urologist tell me to sit a warm tub of water, basically a sitz bath, and urinate there. Yes, kinda messy but it sure does hurt less and you can then freshen up.
Avatar f tn Definitely get a copy of your lab work for one to make sure they ran all the proper tests and for two to make sure that you are in fact "normal". I was told for 3 years that my blood work was in the "normal" range and didn't question it until one day decided to get copies for myself and sure enough I was only "normal" based on old outdated lab ranges and even then it was optimum. Get copies and post here or start researching.
Avatar f tn Im 2 days past my due date. I woke up this morning and felt a drop or two run down my leg. This happened about 3 times. Other than that I havent had any pain, contractions or felt any different. Does this sound like my water broke?