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Avatar f tn Water Mission today. Only water for the next 40 days.
Avatar m tn I am a 20 year old woman getting ready to go on an LDS mission. I leave in less than two months. The past week or so almost every time I've pooped I've found blood on the toilet paper (only the toilet paper) and white fuzz on the poop. Every time the poop is little and in piles. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn 5 mg, b12 injections, and triamterene (water pills. I live in kentucky and can not find a place to get the B12 injection. I called the clinic to see if I could get a RX and they dont do that you have to get them at their clinic. If anyone has any suggestions about this program or the injections please let me know. The clinic gives you 2 monthes of pills and your supposed to go in and get weekly injections.
Avatar n tn well l had protected nagina and anal sex with a lady when she was on her period. the condoms didnt fail, but there was blood on my testicles and thighs. l also performed oral on her (stupid), so probably had some of her blood in my mouth. l am scared to death. Is my life over or l stil have a chance. the girls tells me 3 days later she is positive. What my real risk here, do l need testing.
Avatar n tn Our son has had high blood sugars for over 3 months. He also has stomach pain and diarrehea. Blood tests and stool samples have ruled out Celiac Disease. He's going for an endoscopy and colonoscopy next week. Has anyone else experienced high blood sugars and stomach pain for extended periods?
Avatar m tn If the Hemopurifier being tested by AEMD in India is able to reduce viral loads in blood of HCV infected subjects, then how could this not be anything but helpful? I am sure that it is not cure because not every copy of the virus is in the blood. There are likely only a small percentage that in the blood. But from the virus''s point of view , is it not a numbers game. Because the reason that a person's own immune system can not rid the body of the virus is because the virus keeps mutating?
Avatar f tn “scientists invented the water to save people's blood in science fiction, why not mother?” In November 2007, Janna decided to conduct a special study of dormant cells in order to foster artificial blood. She received the approval of a special fund. In December, Janna determined the man-made carbon suspension emulsion as the blood of 90% liquid carrier after she had read a lot of blood research information and had a series of experiments.
194605 tn?1246925538 , that is associated with low blood pressure. Are you drinking enough water? I assume Malaria must be dehydrating? Try and drink at least 8-12 eight-ounce glasses of water a day, or half your weight in ounces of water. Might make a difference with the blood pressure as dehydration can cause blood pressure it to drop and therefore dizziness.
Avatar f tn ist my first child and i plan on having him without any meds. But lately my blood pressure has been over the hill high I know ive been stressed out alot during my pregnancy but didnt think it would be that high.........can someone give me some advice on how to lower my blood pressure?
Avatar m tn Lately I have severe neck ache at top of neck where it meets the head and pressure on top of head ( not a head ache just pressure). I have had loads of blood tests, all clear. Sugar levels all OK. Heart checks all ECG, Echo cardio graph clear. In fact in great shape according to doctors. Now just had an MRI as it getting worse. I get tingling in face under ear and pressure on top of head. They have given me something for the dizziness, that seems to be working.
121807 tn?1200972954 sil is breast feeding, one night she was pumping when she started to bleed. she looked down and there was a puddle of blood. she called for dh and went to bathroom, leaving a trail. sil said there was quite a bit of blood. she called dr office and dr out, nurse advised breast feeding causes uterus to contract. my sil did not breast feed anymore that day and everything was ok. the next she tried again w/same result but less blood. sil has forgone breast feeding until coming week when dr returns.
Avatar f tn Don't where U live, but, there might be a free clinic at the mission, I would check though. Are U drinking enough water? Are U sleeping at least 8 hrs? I would try a OTC Migraine med and see if that helps, if not seek medical help. It just maybe you're coming down with a virus.
Avatar f tn I went to so many ERs, had so many CT scans, ultrasounds, pelvics, x-rays, colonoscopies, blood work, etc. After my first colonoscopy, because I was in so much pain after the procedure, I was admitted to the hospital for observation. The suggested a laparoscopic look into my tummy to visually see what was going on in there.
Avatar m tn Normally I would never use something like this but nearly my entire mission team has contracted something during our stay in Peru despite all efforts to maintain cleanliness. I definitely contracted it the worst so I'll use my symptoms to request help if anybody can tell us what this might be. Shortly after working one day in the clinic, maintaining what I feel was adequate hydration, I felt faint and had the worst headache of my life.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I went to the E.R. and they tested my heart and blood and they came up with a urinary tract infection. God i just feel weak. I've not had that type of infection in years, thats all i know. Thanks lisa for jumping on. Your a sweetheart!
Avatar f tn Avoid smoking, alcohol and keep awaking for very long periods. Do regular stretches, some meditation. Keep a record of your blood pressure readings as your doctor may require it. A warm bath and massage will put you to comfortable sleep. You can take over the counter painkillers if pain is bad. Do consult your doctor if nothing work's for you. Keep posting your thoughts and take care.
Avatar m tn You say blood tests show lack of water? this means you are dehydrating. This will certainly affect many things in the body and give all kinds of different symptoms. You need enough fluid for example to keep your blood pressure up (controlled by the kidneys), and if you are low on water, then you will be low on plasma, and this will cause the heart to work harder at times to get your blood pressure up. Dehydration will cause muscular pains also and sudden rise and drops in temperature.
Avatar m tn Combine in a blender one cup of plain Greek yogurt, 1 tbsp of sugar, ½ cup frozen mango chunks, and enough water to blend. Amla Juice Amla is a sour fruit from India. It's high in antioxidants, In some preliminary Western studies, amla has been shown to reverse diabetes and cholesterol markers. You can buy frozen amla berries online.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure how this information effects anything. You should use universal precautions when coming in contact with any blood, whether it is wet or dry. Always assume that it is infectious material. If you are going to clean it, wear gloves and use a 10:1 water/bleach solution (or any commercial disinfectant that specifically says it deactivates hepatitis c).
1260255 tn?1288658164 Still, I figured I could use it, because it was just cracked in places... I started to rake, only to realize that the handle was fiberglass. So a little bit of blood on my hands within five minutes and I had to give up the ghost with that one. I went inside and tried running my hands under cold water to see if I could gently rinse out any bits of fiberglass. I may have gotten some, but definitely not all of the little buggers.
Avatar m tn I was afraid to use toiled paper in public washrooms fearing it could have HIV on it. BTW, even if there was traces of HIV blood in that water (which is imposible) you cannot get infected that way.
Avatar f tn Reishi mushroom in green tea, raw honey, and tumeric with hot water (not microwave hot water, but either boiled hot water or in an electric kettle).
1310633 tn?1430227691 Knoxville police say they began investigating after a student was taken to the UT Medical Center in critical condition early Saturday with a blood alcohol level of 0.40 -- five times the legal cutoff for driving.
Avatar f tn I had on my hip and a few on my legs. 10) Today, I see I have new ones. 11) Blood tests do not reveal I have a blood disorder. Extensive testing was done. Pathologist states that the SSRI I take can be the cause for the bruising and the bleeding. 12) My mother suffers with DVT and from a very young age (late 20,s). Her mother passed away of a blood disorder but cannot remember the name. 13) I have low blood platelets.
Avatar m tn Lately I have severe neck ache at top of neck where it meets the head and pressure on top of head ( not a head ache just pressure) and feeling very tired . I have had loads of blood tests, all clear. Sugar levels all OK. Heart checks all ECG, Echo cardio graph clear. In fact in great shape according to doctors. Also had eye checks and everything OK. Things seems to be getting worse. Now just had an MRI and awaiting the outcome.
Avatar f tn I try to be healthy and only drink water and go for 45 minute walks a day. But I have been having major stomach issues for the better portion of this entire year. I have been going to my gynecologist for a few years now because I miss periods here and there. I had an ultrasound done and one ovary was a little bigger than average, but the other one is legitimately twice the size of the other. It's really big, but it doesn't seem to be from cysts?
675347 tn?1365464245 For most of us "CHEMTRAILS" sounds like a wacky thing. Like maybe some new-age weird idea, or conspiracy theory, or paranoia..... Oh no it isn't! Increasingly, blue skies, throughout the world are being criss-crossed with wide vaporous lines which are obviously not aircraft (contrail) trails. Quite often a huge area is covered with a nework of these "trails". Aluminium has been found -to highly toxic levels -in "pure" mountain melt-water....
Avatar n tn I compete in a team watersport 3 times a week in San Diego Mission bay. The water is known to be very dirty especially after heavy rains as sewage amongst other things get leaked into the bay. It is large enough that this contaminated water does not filter out easily with the tides. Again I am in this water repeatedly. Myself and another team member have gotten a strange rash. Both of us have described the rash adequately to one another. My teammate had a cut on his leg.
Avatar n tn I was like an inflated water balloon on synthroid, and I had most symptoms listed above plus others. I'm on 265mgs of Armour now, no hyper or hypo symptoms, and I've also lost 35 pounds without dieting. Mind you, I have a very healthy diet. But I was eating healthy on synthroid to no avail. I feel like I did study medicine, for 4 hours a day for a year, to figure out what the heck was wrong with me! And now I know for certain that I was on the wrong medication.
Avatar n tn I went to Dominican Republic for volunteer mission may 26-june 11, 06. I took chloroquine malaria prev tx. On the night of return(june 11): severe spinning/vertigo resolved next am after sleeping face-down. I went hiking (++ mosquitos, tics) June 30 in mountains. July 4, 06: pressure headache began mild, progressed to severe in 5 days. mild imbalance (feeling of falling, floating on sea, etc.) No fever. PCP dx: side effects chloroq. Previous. vertigo dx was sec. to air travel.