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Avatar m tn Doctors described it as accumulation of water/fluid in my lungs. They also noticed water in my ankles. I became alright in 10 days after having some pills accelerating urination culminating into ousting water out of the lungs. But the problem persists as I grow the same problem after 15-20 days and I have dry coughing. What could be the possible cause?
Avatar n tn i,we consulted our docter,he suggested us medicines,but after 24 hours my father was found having problem in breathing we got his chest ct done,and docter told us that he might have some water in his lungs, now i am worried what to do kindly suggest what shoud i this the case to worry or a small surgery will do every thing right for us.
Avatar m tn After seeing the report the doctor asked my father that how could he sleep all these nights with this problem.. According to him there is water in my fathers lungs. I want to know how come this water developed in his lungs and what will be the solution. Here the doctor have called father day after tommorow with some blood test reports. I want some assistance in the above matter. Kindly, help me out.
Avatar n tn Fluid in the lungs can have a lot of causes, most commonly from a lung infection called pneumonia (though from the symptoms you are describing, this diagnosis can be unlikely). Heart failure can also cause water to accumulate in the lungs if heart pumping is not adequate. From the recent surgery, injured lymphatic vessels can also cause this accumulation of fluids. Another cause is malignancy, but this would usually present with an accompanying lung mass.
Avatar f tn My younger brother got water in his lungs recently around 2 months ago he removed water from one kidney presently its working properly but now the other one seems to have gained a few water.,i just wanted to know why is it happening.
Avatar n tn When the heart fails to pump a sufficient amount of blood received from the lungs, blood backs up into the lungs and fluids leak into the lung tissues. My conditon was ischemic related (occluded vessels), and that condition caused hypokinesis (heart wall movement impairment). Effective therapy was to revasculate the vessels with a stent and medication.
Avatar f tn Hi, water in the lungs is referred to as pulmonary edema. Pulmonary edema is often caused by congestive heart failure. When the heart is not able to pump blood to the body efficiently, it can back up into the lungs. This fluid makes it difficult to breathe and may cause respiratory distress. It can occur due to other causes like ARDS or kidney failure. Treatment is focused on the cause and on reducing the fluid in the lungs.
Avatar n tn We breathe those in all the time but our immune system fights them off. Those enemies are in water droplets in the air and will not only enter the lungs if someone is laying down, this would be impossible unless the droplets had controllable propulsion systems. If the immune system is run down because the resources are very busy dealing with something else, such as another illness or repairing the body after traumatic surgery, then the pneumonia will begin.
Avatar n tn Anyways, the lattets situation is that he is on oxygen since he's having difficulty in breathing and ofcourse he still has water in his lungs. The doctors are planning to do bronchoscopy soon. As you were asking where am i located. I am in canada right now. I know there are many good hospitals here but for him to come here and gte treatment is a long process. Lets see what happens next. Thanks again for your reply.
Avatar m tn The doctor proscribed me 500 mg levofloxacin i took it and it set off every muscle pain in my body he said the rheumatoid that was in my blood 10 years ago got active. I got off that after 5 days and not being able to walk from bed it felt like it put every muscle on fire even my cheek bone muscles hurt. He then put me on prednisone 3 tablets of 10 mg to calm down the joint pain i am off it now.
Avatar f tn I have cardiomyopathy high blood pressure High Cholesterol Copd I have already had my tonsils out, galbadder, appendix rotor cuff sinus and heart surgery. I survived all that to come to this. Is it water on my lungs that can be removed or is it cancer. I don't know but i do know that I am very scared. Talking to my husband is no help. I have been caretaker for people all my life. Who is going to take care of me and my animals. My husband can't even take care of himself.
Avatar m tn If it is a heart problem, that would indicate the heart is pumping less than 30% of the blood received from the lungs. The blood backs up in the lungs and fluids leak into the tissues. My information from the Mayo Clinic comments are if there is left ventricle dysfunction prior to valve operation, the heart may never return to normal pumping ability. I have moderate to severe mitral valve regurgitation so I am somewhat concerned when I should have intervention....
Avatar n tn he is feeling so hard to breath ,i like to know what cause these symptom's doc says it might caz of too much of medicine use and thy say he got water in his heart i didnt get it plz anyone can help me to understand . he is 57y old .
1178850 tn?1269537680 hi good day to all experts here, im bit of nervous about the situation of my brother,his situation now leads me here in medhelp,my brother undergone a echocardiography and its findings was his hearts have fluids,resulting him to a difficult situation in his breathing, i am asking to good samaritans here to enlighten me about his condition. is the water in the heart can be remove in medication without any major operation?and bring back again the good conditon of the heart?please enlighten me.
Avatar f tn My aunt had water in her lungs two months back. Doc diagnoised TB and removed water from lungs. same problem repeated a month back and same was the treatment. Now she had pink liquid filled in her lungs. She has mild cough. Please comment on her problem.
Avatar f tn He said that the calcium had left the bone and had deposited themselves in the blood vessels - some in the lungs. It can be a sign of osteopenia or osteoporosis.
1198742 tn?1293506976 Beta blockers are meant to lower blood pressure in cirrhotics and help to prevent internal veins from bursting causing the throwing up blood or defecation of blood which is potentially life threatening. He may have had an allergic reaction to the particular beta blocker he was given but there are others that he may not be allergic to. Again talk to the hepatologist. Your husband needs to limit sodium, not just salt. Almost all processed food has too much salt for someone with cirrhosis.
6763842 tn?1385394264 Smoking will cause both pulmonary and cardiac breathing problems. Do your lungs fill with water when you lay down at night? Blood tests could very well help the doctor know if you have pulmonary, cardiac or even anxiety issues. I am recovering from a lot of heart drama which includes failure of a bypass procedure and stent insertion in my native arteries. Breathing didn't cause pain of any kind, but wet lungs were a huge problem particularly at night.
789910 tn?1236881988 you're not getting very good nourishment. The black phlegm you cough up is clotted blood in your lungs, as well as burned lung tissue... Yes I think the crack you have been smoking burned some lung tissue. Then the tissue doesn't expand as it should... loses elasticity and volume. Eventually breaking the tissue. The infection you have is also damaging your lungs even more.
Avatar n tn With this I always feel a wheeze in my lungs and it makes me cough.(It sometimes feels like breathing fluid up my lung) It only happens after I have been lying down for a while. If I lay on my left side, I get it in my left lung. When I lay on my right side I will get it in my right lung. I have no idea what this is. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.
Avatar n tn Hi, My mom had a pain in chest (especially in lower three right ribs) and pain in waist. The pain in waist is on right side as well and it would start in front and radiate towards back. She went to see a doctor about a month ago and nothing came out in ECG and X-ray reports. But few days back her pain started becoming severe and intolerable. Then she went to see another doctor and he sent her for chest X-ray and ultrasound.
Avatar m tn There is a condition called the Hepato-Pulmonary Syndrome in which severe liver disease results in changes in the blood vessels of the lungs and the development of low oxygen levels in one’s blood. You should ask the lung specialist about this possibility. Be that as it may, the most important thing, right now, is that you continue “to have chest pain and shortness of breath which includes a dizziness feeling”. These signs and symptoms can be a reflection of life-threatening disease.
Avatar n tn In the morning when I wake up and spit there is blood in my saliva and the saliva is very dirty. During the day when I spit the saliva is dirty yellow and when I put water in the mouth and again spit then thers is sometimes little blood. What is the cause?
Avatar n tn Yesterday afternoon, a large amount of discolored mucus was draining down my throat, which I was able to cough out. It had some blood in it. Later at night, I lightly coughed some blood up (half clear/ half blood). Since then, no blood. The Dr said my lungs sounded clear. Do I need to worry? I have nosebleeds almost eveytime I blow my nose, and I've been running a humidifier and using saline nose spray.
Avatar f tn well not only have i got the interferon to deal wif , ive got blood clots in my left lung. I was admitted into hospitial 6wks ago and nearly died, since ive been home ive had terrible pain in my left lung and have to have pain relief all the tym (which suxs) ive probaly got a habbit on the pain pills now. Is there anyone that knows about blood clots in ya lung and can give me some advice anything please any ideas certain foods etc that might help.....
Avatar n tn it sometimes happens in some patients who had aspirated some blood into lungs when endoscopy was done.i may not be only water in lungs but could be blood aspirated which is called hemothorax.but why was the endoscopy done?was she taken all kinds of normal examinations n tests done before she is observed with endoscope?could u add more details of the patient?
Avatar n tn He said that although the lungs were black they were not as bad as he has seen in others. Because I have never spit up blood before I am still freaked out by it. The only thing I can even think that could have triggered this is dry out membranes. Last night I fell asleep in front of our gas fireplace. Is is possible that the heat dried out the lining/membranes and when I went on upstairs to bed and slept for a few hours the vessle broke and then the blood gathered at the back of my throat?
Avatar m tn My Father got heart surgery on 18th of January this year, now he is getting water storage on his lungs... I need to know, is this water storage is permanent symptom for heart by surgery patient?Or it can be cured within few months by using medicine or talcom powder types of operation? Is there any permanent solution at all to recover from water storage, please guide..any information will be helpful to us .. My father is 60 yrs old, no blood sugar, no diabetic not a high BP patient.
Avatar m tn I had to be in the hospital for a few days to reduce fluids and normalize the oxygen level in the lungs. Breathing problem was enough to get me in ER.