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Avatar f tn Hi there I’ve had type 2 diabetes for 4 years now and my blood sugar used to be around 16.4 via blood monitor or 60 via blood test now after trial with medication and diet mods I’ve had it controlled between 7-9 for years but all of a sudden I’m feeling Dizzy, fatigued, nauseous, flushing cheeks, irritated easily, moody. Now when this started I tested my bloods at home to find it as low as 3.7 mmol/L so I had a sugary drink and some breakfast and it went up to 5.
Avatar n tn Hello Cdc29, I have not much further to add (since the above explanation is very specific) except to mention a great site for you to see which has blood type calculator/chart as well as a simple but concise explanation regarding how the outcomes are possible. The site was constructed to assist with court and paternity questions. See here:
Avatar n tn im 19..and my friend is 26..he got a diet chart from a doc. Can i use it??? the doc asked him for many tests.
Avatar n tn We have a dietitian on Med Help I think they will be able to help you further , go back to the forums page ..
Avatar m tn With a high uric acid level you should completely avoid beer and meat (produces uric acid) , as well as reduce spinach, chocolate and rhubarb (have oxalates, which can react with high urate to form bad crystals in the blood stream, leading to gout). Try a vegetarian diet for a while, rich in fibre. Good luck!
Avatar n tn What should be the diet chart for me?
Avatar m tn All nuts are classified as fatty foods, but most have a small amount of carbohydarates and protein in them too. This chart tells you how many grams of carbohydrates and fat are in different types of foods and are grouped by type of food. Go down to the Nuts and Seeds area and you will find the carbohydrates, protein and calorie amounts for the different types of nuts:
Avatar n tn I would suggest consulting a qualified nutritionist to chalk out a diet chart that would suit your needs and consider discussing the change in diabetic medications with your doctor. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn Does anyone follow the blood type diet? I am type A and I need some good recipes I can use regularly.
Avatar n tn Will you please suggest a complete effective diet chart and a exercise routine to loose at least 7 kg within a month. He has to work a lot. So only one hour he can spend on his exercise time. So what will be the effective exercises on that one hour. And please again suggest a complete diet chart and routine of the whole day meal.
Avatar n tn If you are in grade 11 and studying in school, really your parents should be taking care of you and your diet! For your iron deficiency you need to eat plenty of dark green vegetables. The best thing for it is liver (lambsfry), although it is an acquired taste and many people don't like it. Anaemia - iron deficiency - can definitely cause lethargy, a pale complexion etc. I think the problem may go deeper than just diet and I think you should see a doctor.
Avatar f tn I have been looking into this blood type diet myself being a blood type O but recently I have become concerned if I suffer manic episodes or am bipolar. Certain periods in my life become notably amazing. Usually when Im relatively lean I find myself with too much energy than I know what to do with! My social life improves dramatically! I quit 2 different jobs during these periods of "high". I almost become contagious during these periods wishing I could feel like this forever!
Avatar n tn My doctor just told me that I am slightly hypertensive and borderline type II diabetic. She put me on the diet plan for daibetics and I like it. I've been losing weight and getting energy highs then I get the "munchies" for popcorn and BBQ chips. I can't drink fruit juices or anything else except diet soda, water, and diet teas or sugar free Kool Aid. But if I drink the sugar free stuff I get so "gassy" and diarrhea. This part ***** big time.
Avatar m tn What are the means to lower Blood Urea Level in Type II diabetics.My MOL has type II diabeties since last over 10 years and takes insulin 12 in the morning and 6 in the evening apart from two tablets of oral medicine.Her Blood urea level recently was 60 and uric acid 8.4. She has been put additionally on one tablet in the morning and 1/2 tablet in the evening of Zyloric and told to avoid tea /coffee and take low protein diet.
Avatar m tn For others, it significantly slows the progress so that they can maintain on diet and exercise or the addition of an oral med for many years. Normal blood sugars are fasting under 100 and two hours post prandial under 140. People who are non-diabetic rarely go over 120. There is little reason to do random blood sugars, they don't tell you very much; I would suggest fasting blood sugar and then two hours after meals. This tells you how different foods affect you and how high you are going.
774736 tn?1311331385 It certainly can! Even if you don't have a true allergy and don't have definite Celiac--yes, you can get brain fog from gluten. Particularly if you have gluten intolerance. If you have other issues, such as IBS or if you get migraines or if you have blood type O, you should definitely stay away from gluten. Yep, your blood type matters. I got this information from "Eat Right for Your Blood Type" written by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo. Glutenology.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in March of this year. My A1C was 7.8. I was given Metformin to take 2x Daily. They told me they wanted my fasting blood sugar to be 70 - 110, but I can't remember what they told me the range should be 2 hours after eating. I am only suppose to check my blood sugars once a day so I try to do it at a different time every day and I just can't remember what they told me what they should be after eating. Oh, and my A1C was down to 6.
Avatar n tn Suggest eating about 1800-2200 calories per day broken down to three meals a day, with snacks between meals. Heart Healthy diet which is a moderate fat diet and a moderate fat diet means = using polyunsaturated (omega 3, corn oil, nuts, etc) fats and monounsaturated (olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, etc) fats, no saturated fats (high fat snack foods, butter, fat spreads) and no trans fats.