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1732032 tn?1310186715 if my fathers blood type is A and my step mom is O is it possible that their child is B?
Avatar f tn Found out I was Type 2. Started cholesterol meds, blood pressure meds, and oral glycemic. Changing diet, meeting with diabetes educator.
Dog I have diabetes type 2 and am now in renal failure stage 5. I have been at stage 5 for 6 months and the Dr says I will probably go on dialysis in a month. The only symptom I have is fatigue. I can only work about 5 hrs a day and I am exhausted. I do not know what to eat. I know a lot of things I shouldn't eat but the dietician was very vague and was really no help on what I can eat. Is anyone out there in the same boat? I am hungry......
Avatar f tn If a certain food spikes you up say over 140 you might try a lesser amount of that food or just eliminate it from your diet. It is not really possible to make a list of foods to eat and not eat because we are all different. But a diet of protein and lots of fresh vegies, small amounts of fruit and small amounts of carbs should do best.
Avatar n tn In this example, the person has two forms of the gene, O and B. This person’s blood type or phenotype would be type B blood. Another genotype for people with type B blood is BB. Type A blood is another phenotype that can have the genotypes, AO or AA. In your example, if the mother’s genotype were AO, and the father had type B blood, then it would be possible to have a daughter with type B blood. Whether blood is positive or negative is another phenotype.
Avatar n tn The mother would pass on an O (Rh-d) and the father would have to pass on a B (Rh-d) to give you the blood type BO (Rh-neg). Any time you have a A or B with an O it is always going to be that letter (A or B group that is dominate as I said previous the O is not having nothing on your Red Blood Cells). Hope I didn't confuse you to much.
Avatar n tn my husband blood type O and me blood type O positive why is my son he's blood type B positive is it possible?
Avatar n tn If a male is A+ and a female Is B+ , what should the out come of the childs blood type be?
Avatar n tn m no doctor, but I am Type 2 and had VERY high cholesterol, but thanks to diet and exercise I currently have my blood sugars under tight control. I do strongly suggest you find a nutritionist somewhere, if even for one visit if you have to travel far to see one (just call and let them know your situation and most nutritionists are willing to work with you, in my experience.
Avatar n tn "A mother is unsure who is the father of her newborn. two men are the potential father so their blood is collected. the mom's type is "o'" the baby is "b" potential father-1 type is "a" father-2 is "ab". who is the father?
Avatar n tn if you havent taken any type of treatment at all then you probably are in the inactive state and are living your life as a healthy carrier but i can not tell you any further details until you list your complete hep B and blood results . not everyone with Hep B needs treatment . a lot of people live a normal life with medical monitoring every 3-6 months depending on the current status of the infected person at any given time. do not worry NEHA, people with Hep B live a normal life.
Avatar m tn Is it possible for Father with blood type A+ Mother O+ and child B+ blood type??
Avatar n tn This means that a child with type O blood could have parents with type A, type B, or type O blood (but not with type AB). Conversely, if two parents both have type O blood, all their children will have type O blood. Another medically important blood type is described in the Rh system. These genes were first discovered in the rhesus monkey, hence the designation Rh.
Avatar f tn for A baby is born with A blood type,the father is B and the mom is A.What are the phenotypes?genotypes of the parents and the baby? what are the possibles genotypes of the parents and the baby?
Avatar n tn And the only way for someone to show type B blood is B,B or B,O. For your son to be B -one of you would have had to have a B to give him. Which means one of you would have to be either B or AB blood type. Either your son isn't yours- switch at the hospital or (not wanting to infer anything) a different father than your husband. OR they messed up on the blood test. To further investigate it you may have to do a paternity test to see if your son is really yours.
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374668 tn?1214338737 My son also has type B Blood. Both my parents have Type O blood, and so does my Brother. I am completely sure my parents are my parents, cause I look like both of them, and have the same genetic health problems. Can a Type O mother give birth to a type B baby? I was told my grandmother from my mother side was type B.
233151 tn?1392312633 Started checking blood sugar more regular today.
Avatar f tn i started today type a diet.
3246889 tn?1349974415 e – Exercise is a seminal part of the treatment for type 2 diabetes. It improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure and blood glucose, strengthens bones and improves psychological health. Most exercise lowers blood glucose, but some exercises such as strength training can raise it temporarily. 5. d – A1C stands for glycated hemoglobin. The more glucose there is in the blood, the greater the amount that attaches to hemoglobin (the molecule that carries oxygen in the blood).