Blood in mucus while pregnant

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Avatar f tn I always have a lot of mucus while I'm pregnant. Sometimes (not to get too graphic) it even looks like a giant stringy clear booger! My ob says it's totally normal related to hormone changes (as long as it's not blood!
Avatar f tn I have no insurance and haven't seen a Dr in 2 yrs for the Crohn's. I am not having a BM just mucus and blood in the tolet. When I do have a BM it is thick and takes tons of tissue to clean it up. I don't have a way or money to see a Dr. I just want to know what this means. I have 2 small children and im 33 yrs old. I need to know what to prepare for.
1000557 tn?1249998026 But the next thing is that when I have gone to the bathroom in recent days I have seen blood and small clear mucus looking stuff in the movements I have had. This disturbs me and makes me wonder what it could be. The pain is so harsh I would like to take care of it. Could it be something serious? What could be the diagnoses?
Avatar n tn 2 years ago while I was pregnant I noticed when I would have a bowel movement, there would be mucus, bright red in the toilet. The bloody mucus would be totally separate from my bowel movement. When this would happen, I would feel like I had to go to the bathroom numerous times, but nothing would come out but this bloody mucus. Symptoms that came with this were cramps and feeling as if I had to use the bathroom.
1706065 tn?1332938160 I have ulcerative colitis, and mucus and blood in the stool are very common in my condition. Honestly the mucus was the first indication. As my condition progressed ('flared') the number of stools per day increased and the stomach pain/bleeding started. Other conditions that this may happen include rectal prolapse and celiac disease (I did a lot of research before I ended up in the hospital!).
738822 tn?1264912007 I did the IVF procedure and I received my blood test on yesterday and discover that I am pregnant. I take another blood test on Monday (Wish me well). My doctor put me on some injections which is called progestrone in oil. Prior to the blood work and the injections, I started bleeding and also informed my doctor of this matter. He said if the test comes back postive then may have to put me on the injections, which he did. I took my first injection last night and the bleeding stop.
Avatar f tn I also had a dream that when i breastfed all that would come out was blood, and a lot. And baby was like translucent and i could see him fill with blood.
800427 tn?1324949319 I was born with asthma. I take Albuterol in my inhailer. I don't use it THAT often, but I have been having a very hard time with my breathing. I'm running outta room. Normal activities that usually don't wear me out, wear me out now. I'm also a smoker. So that's my prob. I dunno about as early as you are though. I'd talk to the doc. My doc told me use my inhailer like I normally do.
Avatar n tn Just as an FYI, my daughter had gestational diabetes while pregnant, but strictly followed the diet given to her by the doctor and blood sugars at birth were in the normal range. I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions as to what we can do.
Avatar f tn I felt better in about 3-4 days. I still every once in a while get a stuffy nose but not much anymore. I drank warm tea and took a bath also used vapor rub and it helped clear my nose right up.
Avatar n tn Please can anyone help,ive had my gallbladder out as i had gallstones,i am suffering really bad with what feels like contractions,i am definately not pregnant,i am having trouble with my bowel emotions to,i have had orange mucus and a blood clot pass from my behind,he says its irritable bowel,im having shooting pains up into my vagina,lower back pain,plz can any1 help me as im not satisfied with just irritable bowel,i have had the camera up my bottom and am waiting for the results,plz has anyone
Avatar f tn IS it normal to get white discharge while pregnant no foul smell sorry TMI its just sweet smelling thank you offhand for u input.
659957 tn?1224857787 I found out I was pregnant in 2008 with a due date in May of 2009. I checked into a detox as I wasn't sure if I could stop doing the pills alone. After detox I got hooked up with a doctor that gave me Subutex throughout my pregnancy and in May of 2009 I gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl. She is now almost a year old and was switched to Suboxone after I gave birth.
1070061 tn?1255290935 Sometimes moms-to-be may not even notice that they are losing their mucus plug because it happens gradually, over several weeks, and they've already grown accustomed to varying but increased amounts of the vaginal discharge that often accompanies a normal pregnancy. If you are earlier than 36 weeks' pregnant when you see blood-tinged mucus, or if you have any vaginal bleeding beyond the first trimester, you should call your practitioner. Is labor soon to follow?
Avatar f tn First time being pregnant and have a tmi question. I am 36 weeks pregnant. Since last night I've noticed some blood when I wipe. My discharge has increased. Should I call my doctor? Is it part of my mucus plug? Am I going to go into labor soon? I'm a home health aide so I'm worried that I will go into labor while I'm at my patients house. If I do then I have to wait an hour before someone can relieve me. Should I go on maternity leave sooner than planned?
12863897 tn?1427569451 Typically your mucus plug is tinged with blood... I personally have never heard it being just clear... when I was pregnant with my daughter I had that same discharge a few times... your discharge can change a lot while pregnant... Mine went from watery one day to thick and white in color the other, then turned around and it was clear and stringy... gross i know... but I'm pretty sure it is just normal vaginal discharge... you do create a lot more while pregnant to prevent infection...
7797471 tn?1397192258 When I woke up, I had a BM (didn't have to strain) and while I was wiping I had a mucus blob the size of a nickel come out. There was no blood along with it and I haven't had any pain or cramping since (a couple of hours). I am waiting for my Doctor to call back but I wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else.
Avatar n tn With my first pregnancy, I lost my mucus plug while I was in labor. With my second pregnancy, I lost it about a week before labor. Keep an eye on any watery leakage. With both pregnancies, I had a small tear in my sack. With my second, I was at work all day and didn't notice that my water had broken until I sat down to eat dinner that night. Please note that your mucus plug is to protect the baby so sex and taking a bath is a no-no. You're lucky that you're already dialated!
639543 tn?1297031234 I'm 39W4D pregnant, and last night DH and I BD'ed, to see if we could get things rolling. Afterwards I went to pee (like my doctor instructed me to do to avoid infection at the end of my pregnancy) I wiped and it was pink, then red, then pink again, I spotted for about an fourty five minutes to an hour, and everytime I went to the bathroom I lost a little bit of my mucus plug, which was almost completely pink.
Avatar n tn Be sure you take your temp in the morning, most temperatures taken in the afternoon or after you've been up for a while will tend to be significantly higher than in the morning. I made this mistake the first time, my chart was all messed up. BD stands for baby dancing (intercourse). Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn The week before my placebo pills I have been spotting brown and very light pinkish blood. Sometimes brown and clear mucus would appear as well whenever I wiped. Today (Oct. 23 09) I'm suppose to have started my period. Instead, the spotting of brownish and light pinkish blood is still occuring. This has been going for a little over a week now. I have taken a HTP (home pregnancy test) which resulted in negative. I'm still stressing out.
Avatar f tn 38 Weeks and just finished loosing mine this morning, last few days it was clear and today had a little blood in it..
Avatar n tn I was supposed to get my period today on the 2nd of November but all I see when i wipe is pink blood in mucus, could I be pregnant? I took a pregnancy test and it showed negative..does anyone have any ideas or am I just imagining things.
99709 tn?1204065390 i started yasmin on dec 3rd. I did not miss ne days while i was switching pills and i always take them on time. My bf came in me on dec 6th-- which is when i should of been ovulationg. the past few days I have had brown and red blood when I wipe. My period is expected on Tues or Wed. I took 2 test and they were neg. my question is can i be pregnant or is it just pre period stuff? Any advice is appreciated!!
891774 tn?1241540193 im nine weeks pregnant and i felt like i peed my pants yesterdat but i thought it was just discharge like always but when i got to my boyfriends house to pee it was blood that turned the toilet water red and mucus and blood came on the paper as well as a nickle sized clot? i've stopped bleeding now and that has never happened before should i be worried? i have an appointment with my obgyn on monday so i wil tell her then but i just wondered.
7556298 tn?1409081815 If there's blood in it your in active labor. .
Avatar f tn i also have blood in my stools (have for a while), occasionally blood and mucus mixed. my doctor has been wrong about a lot of things so i don't trust her. so anyway, my major problem is can bleeding ulcers lead to anything serious, such as death or cancer? i have lost my health insurance and cannot afford treatment. the pain is bad and antacids and prolosec dont help anymore. the doctor said ulcers go away on their own. IS THAT TRUE?
Avatar n tn Only, add nausea before bowel movements, diarrhea and constipation in the same movement, at least 3 movements a day, sharp pains around my lower abdomen, and blood in stool and VISIBLE blood in mucus (pink or red, depending on if mucus is clear or yellow). Oh yeah, and I have cysts all over my ovaries, not to mention and endometrial stripe, to which I had to bully doctors into figuring out if I have endometriosis or not.