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Avatar f tn Ive got my glucose test tomorrow but im not allowed to eat until they take my blood tomorrow then I have to wait 2 hours until they take my blood again .
Avatar f tn Im 23 weeks pregnant baby num 2 i have my glucose test 11th nov...i never had this with my 1st..i know abit about it..wat did others think off it..
Avatar f tn If you fail the one hour test. They have you come back for the 3 or 4 hr test. If you fail that your doctor will have you keep track of your blood sugar.
Avatar f tn My next appointment is my glucose test. What should i expect? Is orange or fruit punch better? Did it make you sick?
10219953 tn?1426171839 So with my 2 other kids I never passed the 1 hr test and after doing the 3 hr test my result were normal. So I never had a any blood sugar problem. This pregnancy hasn't been different didn't pass the 1 hr so went in for 3 hr and results were fine as I thought. Till I get a call from internal medicine that my 3rd blood result was abnormally low. My blood sugar was at 124 and it dropped to 36.
10798067 tn?1431550433 They will draw some blood, like a normal Blood test. Then you'll have to drink a sort of juice, which is a glucose solution. Then you'll have to wait for an hour and they'll draw blood again. And that's it.
Avatar f tn A glucose test is when they test for gestational diabetes, you drink this orange sweet drink and then an hour later they take your blood. Not sure if it's in the UK or not, but I don't see why it wouldnt be.
1813627 tn?1337722375 Had about 10 viles of blood taken which I gather is normal the first time. They also had be do an hour blood glucose test done which I thought was done later in pregnancy. So today I had to go for a 3 hr test sinces yesterday my number was 141 and they wanted me to be under 135. Anyone that can shed some light on this would be wonderful.
Avatar f tn When they do it I know I will drink the nasty drink thingy and they will need to take some blood later but I have a question... Is it a ***** of the finger, is it just a regular blood drawing, an I.V.? I have heard some different things and I was just curious what to expect. Also does anyone have any tips to make it an easier visit? I heard it can be an uncompfortable one.
Avatar f tn And also said Ill have the glucose test my next apt. What would they have taken one more vial of blood for?
Avatar f tn Everyone is required to do it now. They just draw blood from your arm, like normal blood work. Mine came back negative, so my little boobear is ok:D and in a couple of weeks you'll get blood drawn again for glucose test...takes about an hr...lame. and then a few weeks after that, they do blood work again...but i forgot why this last time lol cow brains... haha or maybe this lastime was just me because im anemic and my platlets are very very low. Hmmm ..
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I am a dietetic student who just finished working at a camp for children with type 1 diabetes. As part of the staff we were all given blood glucose monitors to help check the kids (even though I don't have diabetes). We were allowed to keep the monitors and I have been doing some random blood glucose checks on myself when I am not feeling well to help myself better understand lows.
Avatar f tn I just got home from by blood glucose test and feel really sick and tired. Is this normal? Does it mean something is wrong?
Avatar f tn I'm so pissed my doctor sent to do a blood glucose test gave me instructions not to fast and now that I got here the nurse told me I have to fast for it to be correct... like what the f***... has anyone had to take that 3 hours test cause of not fasting??
Avatar n tn It will ruin the whole test and ull have to go back and redo the test. I did it and it *****! My last blood draw showed 2 points over the normal range so i had to get a meter n keep track of my blood sugar.
Avatar m tn The Blood Test was Tuesday morning. The results which were flagged as "high" were Hematocrit 52.3%", Glucose 107 mg/dl, Albumin 5.1 g/dl, A/G Ratio 2.7, Bilirubin Total 1.3mg/dl. I don't know what any of this means.
Avatar n tn m getting the tests back with not a lot of explanation. Its making me a little nervous. The thing that worries me the most is that the glucose test came out about 5 points high and I have to go in for the 3 hour glucose test. Has anyone had this happen and ended up not having anything wrong? I'm fearing the worst and hoping for the best.
Avatar n tn In the event that you had an arbitrary blood glucose test, an ordinary outcome relies upon when you last ate. More often than not, the blood glucose level will be underneath 125 mg/dL (6.