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Fasting blood sugar i.e. glucose test fbs

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Avatar m tn I think A1c is veyr important for monitoring trend over time. Fasting blood glucose is a bit useful in that fasting glucose can change over time and indicate a problem. But in many people the fasting blood glucose might be one of the last numbers to be abnormal. On the other hand fasting blood sugar can also be affected by your previous day's meal and activity levels.
231441 tn?1333892766 Regardless of the results of your glucose test, you should continue to keep an eye on your blood sugars during your pregnancy because you are at higher risk of developing gestational diabetes given your history. You will stil need to gain adequate weight to nourish your baby, but you should aim for about 25-30 pounds during the pregnancy and not too much over that, so that you can limit your chances of having abnormal glucoses during the pregnancy. Hope this helps. Good luck and take care!
915119 tn?1341948989 I have my appointment on the 2nd of April. I will ask why. The lady who drew the blood said it was different from all the others she had done. She didn't know why they would want a "Fasting Blood Sugar" test and then a "Glucose Tolerance Test". That kind of concerned me. I just hope everything is ok.
107693 tn?1252864443 My husband last was A1C 6.2 . My question is, why is that his blood glucose is high upon waking up. It is 130 than he has breakfast and works out. So about four hours later the blood glucose level are in the 80's.
Avatar m tn i think if more people eat lower carb we have less t2 epidemic now. problem is we test blood sugar and not insulin. if we test insulin we detect insulin resistance early because insulin level will be high but blood sugar still normal. then we switch to lower carb and exercise and stop diabetes before pancreas is damage. solution simple. implementation hard because no money in selling insulin testing and low carb diets. drs and industry make more money from high carb and prescriptions.
Avatar m tnFasting: 1st thing in morning b4 eating or drinking any colored liquids • Postprandial: 2-3 hours after a meal Post back with your test results exactly how they appear on your copy of the lab sheet. Include the target ranges too, we can take it from there. In the meantime, have a Happy New Year celebration.
231441 tn?1333892766 While anything under 100 as a fasting blood sugar can be ideal, they really want to see readings around 80-90 FBS. Your doctor is being very cautious and rightfully so. So I don't think it's too early to do a Glucose Tolerance Test. What harm can it do, except make you feel high as a kite from all the sugar? At least you will know how your body is tolerating high levels of sugar in your blood, early in your pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I have pre- diabetes (fasting blood sugar 107) and would like to start taking fish oil supplements for health reasons. I've read that fish oil supplements can raise your FBS and shouldn't be taken by diabetics. I would appreciate any thoughts, comments or advice.
Avatar n tn In general, if your blood sugar level is below 100 mg / dL after fasting for at least 8 to 10 hours, then your blood sugar is normal. Blood sugar levels are usually lowest before each meal.
Avatar m tn In fact they wonder when they see my strange blood glucose test results. Today as a final confirmation I took FBS and PP test . Fasting 6.1 mmol (109.8 mg) After taking breakfast (2 hours later) 5.6 mmol (100.8) . The lab technician took a marker and correct the fasting result 6.1 to 5.3 mmol (95.3mg). I dont know why she did so . I can see the correction mark clearly. I came out of hospital and tested blood sugar with my glucose meter it is 5.5 (mmol).
Avatar n tn I have had a blood sugar test and gave a reading of 6.1 about 1 hour after a breakfast (Weetabix, Milk, Orange Juice). I have to go back and have repeat test but after having nothing to eat approx 9 hours beforehand....will this give an increased or decreased reading.
Avatar m tn Please test your post eating blood sugar. Test your blood sugar 1.5 - 2 hour after eating your regular meal. The post eating number should ideally be < 120, and not more than 140.
Avatar m tn However, as the answer above explains, the fasting blood glucose is not the best test for diagnosing diabetes. I would recommend that you speak with your doctor about what they would recommend as the next step for more reliable testing to see where you stand.
Avatar n tn The range of 70-126 is considered normal before eating a meal, or as a fasting glucose level. So although the one test at slightly above 200 does seem suspect, one test alone is probably not something your doctor would base a diagnosis on. Most doctors will do a fasting glucose reading, perhaps a glucose tolerance test, or perhaps a hemoglobin a1c test, which would show the average glucose level in your body during a 3-month period.
Avatar m tn d guess, but one thing I did a few months ago was test my fasting glucose maybe an hour before going to have blood drawn for professional lab testing for complete profile. I was getting mid 80s at home, but my glucose came back 106 from the lab.
Avatar n tn To diagnose diabetes, your A1C has to be 6.5 or higher, or your fasting blood glucose (blood sugar) has to be equal to or greater than 126 mg/dl (7 mmol/l). This test has to be taken when you've fasted (not had anything to eat) for at least 8 hours. Perhaps your A1C levels were at pre-diabetic levels, but your blood glucose levels were higher.
Avatar f tn I have been monitoring my blood sugars at home since at a doctor visit my fasting glucose was 135. Every morning in the past week I have taken it (on empty stomach) it has been in the 130's, only one time it was 114. All throughout the day it is between 129 and 158, sometimes it is 192, 263. I had blood drawn today for A1c, should get the results in a couple of days. I am wondering if these numbers are normal, or do I have a problem?
Avatar f tn YOu can test your fasting blood sugar and also sugar levels 2 hours after eating. This can both guide you in what your blood sugar is doing and also help you to control your diet appropriately to see what you can and can't eat in terms of sugar target. Normal fasting is typically in the 70 - 95 range, and post eating levels in non-diabetic persons are always less than 120. You should be tested also for vitamin D and iron levels.
Avatar n tn Hi recently my BP shooted to 140/90 during that course i was tested for CBC, Renal, Lipid and Sugar. All the counts of CBC, Renal and Lipid are absolutely normal. But my fasting blood sugar was 8.1 which is quite high. Before this test i used BP tablest for 4 days until the test is done. Later from the next day i was tested for Random blood sugar several times for 2 days always the readings are normal the highest shown is 5.2. My doctor not even commented on this.
Avatar f tn I am a type II diabetic and I would like to know what is considered a "good" blood sugar reading for me when I test at different times of the day....before meals, after meals, fasting in the morning, at bedtime and other random times during the day.