Contour blood glucose test strips recall

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Avatar m tn If you have medical insurance get the doctor to prescribe a meter. test strips and start checking and finding out what it going on. Bayer contour is about the best. Results in 5 seconds. You can not manage your diabetes without knowing what is going on. Only tests will tell you that. Good luck and reply if you want more info. I would recommend a book but don't want to push too much.
Avatar f tn is still a little swollen...He used Steri-Strips(little strips of bandage,I guess) instead of stitches...and I was able to shower by the 18th....The first couple of days my arm was real sore & bruised and I couldn't lift much...but it is getting much better....I go back for a Post-Op exam on the 25th...I'll try to keep ya'll posted... Good Luck andreamarie122...I hope you get to feeling better soon....