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1813627 tn?1337725975 Had about 10 viles of blood taken which I gather is normal the first time. They also had be do an hour blood glucose test done which I thought was done later in pregnancy. So today I had to go for a 3 hr test sinces yesterday my number was 141 and they wanted me to be under 135. Anyone that can shed some light on this would be wonderful.
Avatar f tn Ok so I failed my one hr glucose test. I attempted my three hr one but after the first hour it all came right back up and my face was really broke out for two days. So now they want me to take it again. What if it comes back up. I'm almost 32 wks and I just feel like they should give up already or find another solution.
Avatar f tn Please can someone explain to me what exactly is this glucose test all about.
Avatar f tn During my last visit to my 82 yo mother, I happened to see her test results that showed her fasting glucose range topping out at 180 mg. I, on the other hand, being 60 yo & under immunosuppressant meds have a range from 50 - 150 mg, yet I constantly hear the normal range is 70 - 120. Both of our blood samples are tested at the same lab too. So what is the "normal" fasting glucose range?
869568 tn?1248376515 Hello. I had my 1 hour glucose test completed this morning. The range (I'm told) is 70-139. My result was 139. I see the doctor next week and I'm guessing she'll have me do the 3 hour test since I'm at the cut off. Has anyone else had to do the 3 hour test? What is it like?
Avatar f tn If you fail the glucose test means you have gestational diabetes thats what the glucose test is for
11195379 tn?1427925127 8) so now i have gd. Ive read that drinking 3 glasses of water could help lower blood glucose. During my test i wasnt allowed to move around but could drink some water..but i im wondering had i drank water if my level would be lower? I was so focused on keeping the horrid lucozade down (they cancel the test if you throw up) that i was almost napping in my chair for 2hrs. So im going to try hydrating from now on.
Avatar f tn The day before try and not eat so much and definitely not sweets because it can cause you to have higher sugar levels on the 1 hour test and have to take the 3 hour test and that one is noooo fun!
9358102 tn?1418676967 I would think if it was just a cpl minutes then it would be pretty accurate but if they tested like 10 minutes early or something it could give you wrong results. I failed my 1 hr but passed the 2 hr test (they give an option of a 2 or 3 hr glucose test where I live).
Avatar f tn My doc just called and I did not pass the 1-hour glucose test so now I have to go back for the 3-hour! Has this happened to anybody? Anyone know what happens if I have the diabetes you get with pregnancy? Ugh!
Avatar f tn ) I have been ordered to take a first trimester blood glucose test to check for diabetes early. I cannot tell you how awful it is to be here, empty stomach fasting, and have to drink that syrupy stuff when I'm still in the throws of 1st trimester nausea. Trying not to throw up. But already dizzy. If you did a 1st trimester blood glucose screening, how did yours go?
Avatar f tn The test is performed to see if you're anemic. The A1c is specific with measuring blood glucose.
Avatar n tn two, I would get an A1c test to verify normal glucose level. If the A1c results are normal, don't fret anymore.
490398 tn?1319944317 This is NOT a fasting glucose. My dad is diabetic and he has all of the tools to test blood. He has regular diabetes not Type 2 but it usually skips a generation. I had blood taken at the doctor last week, again, not fasting, for other health problems and it came back at 169. My doc obviously wants to retest me when I've been fasting and get an A1c.
Avatar f tn The doctor decided to run a CBC and Chem Panel. I called today and was told that even though the blood test results were in that I would have to wait until next Wednesday to talk with the doctor. I asked the nurse if everything was alright and was told that my blood glucose levels were somewhat higher than normal but would have to wait a week to talk with the doctor. I am very concerned and slightly anxious. Does this mean that I could have diabetes?
Avatar f tn I had my A1C tested the other day right at my doctor's office - it was almost an "instant read" type of thing - nurse put the sample in a machine and had the reading in about 5 minutes. (I have no idea what type of machine i twas though, sorry). She said my A1c was good - it was a 6. What is the "normal" range for an A1C? I've recently been diagnosed with T2.
Avatar n tn At the visit 2 months ago blood showed that I had slightly lowered thyroid which will be retested at upcoming test. In an effort to control this without meds I have eliminated soy, corn, broccoli, and spinach from my diet. I ran out of tea, normally drunk daily, 3 days ago just before this started, but cannot believe that is the cause of all this. I hope you can help me. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Thanks for your help JDRF I just got some blood glucose test results taken recently and the results were: Basal glucose: 79 md/dL (ranges 65-110) Basal insulin: 5.73 (ranges 3.0-35.0 mcU/ml) glucose after 20 min: 92 md/dL (ranges 65-110) insulin after 20 min: 45.8 (ranges 3.0-35.0 mcU/ml) glucose after 120 min: 65 md/dL (ranges 65-110) insulin after 120 min: 8.85 (ranges 3.0-35.0 mcU/ml) I would really appreciate if you could give me your opinion.
Avatar m tn Hi Dr. I took my 1 hour tolerance test last week. I was given 50 grams of glucose and my blood was tested an hour later. My results came back 126, which is supposedly normal. My concern is that with my son (pregnant a year ago) my test came back at 95. I sent a message to my office, because I it appears that my body is not processing sugar as well and the nurse just waved it off, saying it was in normal range. Do you think I should be monitoring my sugar more closely?
Avatar f tn the details are as under Today fasting glucose level -186 mg/dl post prandial plasama glucose- 148 The all other test was done on 09.09.2009 the these are GAD lab range : Below 10.0IU/ml whereas my GAD-ANTOBODY Value: 49.1 IU/ml I am an almost normal weight person Hight 156 cm weight 54 K.G but having the fat on tummy more than usual. I walk 40 minute daily My C Peptide Value is Fasting C-Peptide: .9 pmol/ml Stimulated C-Peptide : 2.
Avatar f tn if your blood sugar comes back high again. they will have you test your blood sugar several times a day and take insulin, also change your diet. baby will be fine. ive had it now 3x and my babies have been 8lbs range. good size. so try not to worry about it, everything will be fine.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I am a dietetic student who just finished working at a camp for children with type 1 diabetes. As part of the staff we were all given blood glucose monitors to help check the kids (even though I don't have diabetes). We were allowed to keep the monitors and I have been doing some random blood glucose checks on myself when I am not feeling well to help myself better understand lows.
Avatar n tn I had a 2 hr glucose tolerance test. The results came back in the normal range but seem odd. My fasting glucose was 5.0 mmol/L 2 hours after the glucose drink my level was 4.4 mmol/L. Shouldn't the second test be higher than the first? My Dr said I have reactive hypoglycemia. Would this be diagnosed from these results?
Avatar f tn I thought I might share my story about what happened to me today with my glucose test because I find it quite hilarious. I was scheduled to take it at nine am so I had to fast all night. I was really hungry. They sat me down, took some blood, no biggie, and then gave me the orange one which was delicious! It was like an intense orange soda with no carbonation. Very sugary but not sweet. It was weird. For about ten minutes I felt fine but steadily became more and more nauseated.
Avatar f tn So I failed my 1 hour glucose test with a 217! I'm really wondering if it had something to do with what I ate this weekend. I had an abnormally high amount of carbs (biscuits, breads, etc.) and sugar (sherbert, donuts). I was out of town and being cooked for so I wasn't able to watch what went in things. I am on metformin 1000 milligrams ER. I go back next week for the 3 hour test. What are my chances of passing with a low carb and high protein diet with a number that high?
131073 tn?1252454452 After my first glucose test (which was a fasting glucose test) I went straight to the local hash house and had steak and eggs. Fasting followed by over-sweetened orange soda is not the way to start the day, LOL. Try some heavily protein oriented meal.
Avatar f tn so mad I failed my glucose test by 1 point and now have to go back for the 3 hour one :(
Avatar n tn It will ruin the whole test and ull have to go back and redo the test. I did it and it *****! My last blood draw showed 2 points over the normal range so i had to get a meter n keep track of my blood sugar.