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Avatar n tn Actually just took it again 30 min later now at 2 hour mark and the blood glocose readings after eating almost 2 bowls of oatmeal w/ skim milk is at: 117 ? Is this an ok number after 2 hrs ?
Avatar m tn You say you were tested for diabetes? Well, sometimes low blood sugar can cause the sleepiness after eating, have you had a glucose tolerance test performed?
Avatar m tn Two hours after eating breakfast my glucose levels were 161. Right after a brisk 1 hour walk they were 104. I ate a small sandwich and checked (2) hours after eating. My glucose wat 181. What's up with this. Right now my waking numbers average about 150. Do these seem right?
Avatar m tn Any sustained blood sugars over 140 are when complications begin. So if the blood sugar spikes up that high and comes right back down it isn't as bad as if it stays there for awhile, but it would be better not to get that high altogether. But it really doesn't make sense that your blood sugar would be that high right after eating. It usually takes awhile to reach its highest point which is why we are told to test at 2 hours (though some people hit their peak a bit sooner).
Avatar m tn s may not do the trick but if you eat something that you think is going to make your blood sugar go up drink lots of water right after eating and it will equalize it self out i now this becuz when i was preg. with my daughter i had ges. diebetes. had to check my blood sugar 4 times a day.
Avatar n tn I'm 18 and have a problem with nausea after eating. About two years ago I became a vegetarian but have only recently starting having problems. In addition, I am tired all the time, have bad headaches, and when I work out I have shortness of breath. My doctor thought I had exercise induced asthma and prescribed an inhaler, but it doesn't seem to help. And now I am having stomach pains.
Avatar m tn Hi. So, the exact number for everyone as to fasting glucose level and what they'd see after 3 hours after eating is unique. There is a 'range' of normal. Normal for fasting glucose level range is around 72 to 99 and up to 140 two hours after eating. You sound within normal to me. Have you been concerned for any reason? Did you recently get this lab work done? Tell us more!
Avatar f tn Though a rare disorder, pancreatic insulinomas should also be thought of in your case and have someone check your blood sugar just after eating which will show hypoglycemia. Dizziness after eating can also be due to TMJ. Many patients with TMJ have dizziness. There are two possible causes. One is that when TMJ is inflamed inner ear is affected causing dizziness. The second possible cause is inflammation of the sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM) involved in TMJ and chewing.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your help! I appreciate your feedback! I was wondering about the reactive hypoglycemia and if that's what it could be. This lower blood sugar after eating didn't start until my blood sugars were under the normal limits all throughout the day. I realize it wasn't that low but it was lower than what I was used to. Also, I was wondering if you might know about normal insulin levels? She checked my insulin level and it was 6, she said 0-25 was normal???
Avatar m tn need to start eating right had hep c for 14 years 10 years of tremeants then they say nothing works 4 years doing ok 2 weeks ago blood work 4,000,000 in blood have to see hep dr again want to know how to eat right without spending money on different cook books any help
Avatar m tn i did a glucose torlerance test, and when i went in my sugar was 95 then i drank the glucose drink and after 3 hours my sugar was 65....any clues 31 i do smoke, i did a ultrasound of heart, some ekgs and chest x ray, ?????
Avatar f tn I just took my blood sugar and it was 96 after I had a cup of coffee with milk and sugar. I am about to eat oatmeal with no sugar.
Avatar m tn It also implies that you are eating whatever you want to eat and need to stop, think, and start self-prevention therapy to halt further glucose increases by not consuming sugary foods or liquids, stop eating white foods [white bread, white rice, potatoes, pasta], lower your carb intake and do some sort of physical exercise after eating to help burn off the excess glucose. Weight control is just as important too.
Avatar m tn The reason the drooping increases after eating is likely due to the increased glucose levels. Because of osmolysis, there is a movement of fluid into the area surrounding the nerve sheath surrounding the cranial nerve that controls the eyelid. This increases pressure on the nerve and thence, the droop. It is a hallmark of diabetes and you need to get an hba1c test for a definitive answer.
Avatar n tn If your blood glucose was 61 an hour or two after breakfast, especially if your breakfast was fairly high carb (such as cereal, bread, etc) you might have a specific type of hypoglycemia called reactive hypoglycemia which is people who have low blood sugar after a meal high in carbs. I would suggest seeing your doctor and getting tested to see what type of hypoglycemia you have and to make sure you aren't pre-diabetes.
Avatar m tn fasting, two hours after breakfast, 2 after lunch, 2 after dinner. That way you can get a sampling of where you're at different times of day. Also testing two hours after meals is a good way of seeing how different foods affect your blood glucose and knowing then what is good and not so good for you to eat. So bottom line is there is no absolute time you have to test but it does provide you with important information about managing your diabetes.
Avatar f tn Fasting should be 80-90, 1 hr after eating 120-140, and 2 hrs after eating 100-120. Not sure if that's what you mean or not? Or after the glucose test. I've been using a glucometer to keep track of mine over the course of a week.
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing lightheadedness after eating for about 8 weeks. I'm 61, not overweight. The lightheadedness is followed by sweating, stiff neck and fatigue. The biggest trigger is refined sugars; it can be as long as an hour delay with other foods. Fruit isn't a trigger. I've tried smaller, more frequent low carb meals, which helps, but not entirely. The symptoms are milder on days when I do cardio.
Avatar m tn No need to test 1/2 hr after eating as glucose is still on the rise. Opposite with 4hr. Stop worrying. You're OK.
Avatar f tn These secrete huge amount of insulin in response to food and the person has hypoglycemia or low blood sugar just after eating. Diagnosis is by doing blood sugar levels fating, after food and through glucose challenge test. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do consult your doctor regarding these possibilities and treatment options discussed. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
808904 tn?1307057809 I am a 61 yr old female. I have once in a while a heaviness in chest area after eating. It goes away rather quickly. I am a very anxious person and think this pressure may be something more. I have lost 100 pounds these last two years and walk 30 minutes each day without any discomfort whatsoever. I had a 70% blockage in left carotid and had subsequent endarterectomy. Right side is 35%. I have had follow-ups and these are ok with left one clean and the other stays the same.
Avatar f tn Can you have diabetes and have lows like this right after eating? I tested again 45 minutes later and it was 58 and an hour later and it was 69. I don't feel any different.
Avatar n tn Today about 20 minutes after my lunch I started sweating, feeling weak, heart racing, etc. I checked my blood sugar and it was 71 after eating a chicken salad, salad. I checked it before eating and it was 77 so why would it go down after eating a salad and a few wheat crackers? 71 is normal but again I felt horrible, weak, shaky, anxiety, etc. Could this be something other than Hypoglycemia? Before I had lunch I ran 2.5 miles on the treatmill and felt fine so this is beginning to puzzle me.
Avatar n tn I finally tested again after eating dinner and my sugar got to 90 but the odd thing is the more in range my sugar got the worse my head hurt almost like I had a hangover