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Avatar m tn Hi. So, the exact number for everyone as to fasting glucose level and what they'd see after 3 hours after eating is unique. There is a 'range' of normal. Normal for fasting glucose level range is around 72 to 99 and up to 140 two hours after eating. You sound within normal to me. Have you been concerned for any reason? Did you recently get this lab work done? Tell us more!
Avatar f tn Thanks for your help! I appreciate your feedback! I was wondering about the reactive hypoglycemia and if that's what it could be. This lower blood sugar after eating didn't start until my blood sugars were under the normal limits all throughout the day. I realize it wasn't that low but it was lower than what I was used to. Also, I was wondering if you might know about normal insulin levels? She checked my insulin level and it was 6, she said 0-25 was normal???
Avatar m tn Today I ate a breakfast burrito and had orange juice. My blood glucose was 92 thirty minutes after eating. Sometimes it will fall in the 60 range. My fasting blood glucose level was around 80. It seems like my body overcompensates when I consume sugar. Do you think I have reactive hypoglycemia?
Avatar n tn I finally tested again after eating dinner and my sugar got to 90 but the odd thing is the more in range my sugar got the worse my head hurt almost like I had a hangover
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing lightheadedness after eating for about 8 weeks. I'm 61, not overweight. The lightheadedness is followed by sweating, stiff neck and fatigue. The biggest trigger is refined sugars; it can be as long as an hour delay with other foods. Fruit isn't a trigger. I've tried smaller, more frequent low carb meals, which helps, but not entirely. The symptoms are milder on days when I do cardio.
Avatar n tn One of the main things I was pondering through all this was that if 140 - 180 is the common blood glucose range that doctors look for 2+ hours post-meal, what do they estimate is/should be a common range for blood glucose very shortly after a meal if someone is eating recommended healthy foods in controlled portions?
Avatar m tn A home glucose meter, used to test blood sugar 2 hours after eating, may be used to guide food choices, so that you take foods that keep your blood sugars below 120 (6.6) all the time. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn You say you were tested for diabetes? Well, sometimes low blood sugar can cause the sleepiness after eating, have you had a glucose tolerance test performed?
Avatar f tn ve been suffering dizziness, headahces, chest pain and sweating after eating or through the day. Doctor says I should eat more between meals and gain weight. Since I was 14 I have had the same size and weight, therefore I don't see why my weight might be the issue. I believe he thinks i have an eating disorder, just for my low weight, but that's not the case.
490398 tn?1319940717 A blood sugar of 239 two hours after eating is too high. It should be no higher than 180.
Avatar n tn ve been having troubles lately before I knew my blood sugar was high, after I would eat I would feel very bad, not knowing I had high blood sugar I was leading a normal diet, even some fast food here and there, I'm sure my blood sugar has been very very high until I started dieting now. Are those numbers normal or should I be worried?
Avatar f tn / I go see my Dr tomorrow so I will talk to him then about my concern. Anyone else having this? Or have had it in the past?
Avatar f tn glucose exam before and after eating. the glucose before eating is 87 and after eating is 91. the insulin before eating is 9.1uU/ml and after eating is 113.2uU/ LDL is 103.32 and my HDL is 43.0 and triglicerides is 99.9. should i be concerned?? am i at risk of getting diabetes?? is the insulin level after eating normal??
1154802 tn?1266485720 What is the normal range for blood glucose fasting, 1 hour after eating and 2 hours after eating? I think mine might be a bit high...
Avatar m tn I recently had a fasting glucose test and it showed my blood sugar was 142.. which is basically the diabetic range, I redid the test the next week and I dropped back down to 118 the prediabetic range. I've never spiked to the diabetic range until that day. Could lack of sleep and stress maybe have spiked the glucose that high?
Avatar f tn So because I threw up during the 3hr glucose test, I have to check my blood sugar levels at home for a week. So just curious what is the normal range? I have to check it when I wake up and 1-2 hrs after every meal.
Avatar f tn I have noticed though that when I check it after exercise, it is in a normal range. I have tried changing my eating habits and the time I consume my last meal, no matter what I do, it is still closer to the 200 range than the 100 range.
Avatar f tn A week later the surgeon repeated the tests to prepare me for surgery. The glucose level was 86 which was normal since the range used was 65-99. Three days ago my blood was drawn an hour or less after eating. The results once again read the glucose level of 115 which was high since the range used was 65-99. No one in my family has diabetes. I will see my pcp in a few days. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn Then, you drink a sweet syrupy drink and blood is drawn at different times after this to see what happens to your glucose levels. If you have an episode of reactive hypoglycemia during this test, it will show up. I am a very tightly controlled diabetic, and because I keep my baseline glucose levels low, I often have slight drops in glucose or mild hypoglycemia. Sometimes when this happens, I have the same symptoms you describe.
Avatar n tn This morning at 8 am I was 112, two hours later without eating I was up to 147, two hours after lunch and med it was 165. I have also found that I am experiencing stomach discomfort with resulting trips to the bathroom. At the visit 2 months ago blood showed that I had slightly lowered thyroid which will be retested at upcoming test. In an effort to control this without meds I have eliminated soy, corn, broccoli, and spinach from my diet.
875426 tn?1325528416 "Is the reference range supposed to be below 60 to be considered low even for someone who has not been fasting, as my parent was not?" One is supposed to fall "between" the reference ranges, not below or above. Doesn't matter if the patient has been fasting or the test is random [excludes OGTT [oral glucose tolerance test]]. A doctor may perform random glucose 'blood' testing to see if glucose varies widely throughout the day. Healthy peeps do not.
Avatar n tn Actually just took it again 30 min later now at 2 hour mark and the blood glocose readings after eating almost 2 bowls of oatmeal w/ skim milk is at: 117 ? Is this an ok number after 2 hrs ?
Avatar n tn s glucose ranges from 70-126 when fasting. I have read that after meals, glucose levels can go up to about 146 before a person is considered in the diabetic range. So your glucose readings thus far sound like they would be considered in the normal range of values except for the on at 61. As a diabetic, I know that I can actually start to feel bad when glucose is in the lower 70's even though 70 is considered the lowest level of normal.
194838 tn?1303428544 Before eating lunch and two hours after eating lunch. Before supper and two hours after eating supper. And at bedtime. Experiment a bit and fast during the morning. Take your blood sugar and eat a single apple or 190 calories of yogurt. Take your blood sugar an hour after and an hour after that. Make note of the drop. Do the same and exercise for a half hour. Then check your sugar. Perform these tests without medication for a day and then with medication.