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Avatar f tn Thanks for your help! I appreciate your feedback! I was wondering about the reactive hypoglycemia and if that's what it could be. This lower blood sugar after eating didn't start until my blood sugars were under the normal limits all throughout the day. I realize it wasn't that low but it was lower than what I was used to. Also, I was wondering if you might know about normal insulin levels? She checked my insulin level and it was 6, she said 0-25 was normal???
Avatar n tn Today about 20 minutes after my lunch I started sweating, feeling weak, heart racing, etc. I checked my blood sugar and it was 71 after eating a chicken salad, salad. I checked it before eating and it was 77 so why would it go down after eating a salad and a few wheat crackers? 71 is normal but again I felt horrible, weak, shaky, anxiety, etc. Could this be something other than Hypoglycemia? Before I had lunch I ran 2.5 miles on the treatmill and felt fine so this is beginning to puzzle me.
Avatar m tn You say you were tested for diabetes? Well, sometimes low blood sugar can cause the sleepiness after eating, have you had a glucose tolerance test performed?
Avatar n tn If your blood glucose was 61 an hour or two after breakfast, especially if your breakfast was fairly high carb (such as cereal, bread, etc) you might have a specific type of hypoglycemia called reactive hypoglycemia which is people who have low blood sugar after a meal high in carbs. I would suggest seeing your doctor and getting tested to see what type of hypoglycemia you have and to make sure you aren't pre-diabetes.
Avatar n tn Headache and lightheadedness may arise from (among other) low glucose, low iron or low vitamin B12. This often happens in vegetarians. Low glucose could be simply from not eating enough or not getting enough calories. Bread, pasta, rice, cookies and such are caloric foods. You should avoid sugary foods because they may worsen burping and flatulence. If you have iron or B12 deficiency it's not likely you can correct this in short time just with foods, so you'd need to take supplements.
Avatar f tn I'm 6 1/2 weeks & my blood sugar has been dropping really low also. Try eating smaller meals more often. That has been helping me.
Avatar f tn Various things can lead to low blood sugars. If you go without eating for a period of time, your blood sugar can drop, or if you exercise strenuously (especially if you do both in combination). If you are on insulin than taking too much insulin for the carbs you are eating can definitely cause low blood sugars and these can be the more dangerous kind because you can drop very rapidly. If you are getting frequent lows, talk to your doctor.
Avatar n tn after eating anymore. I remember crashing real low after eating, and feeling terribly cold and shivering a lot after each meal. That doesn't happen to me anymore after I converted to eating LCHF. Also, my skin is so much more resilient and soft now. I also used to get really dry skin on hands and feet, had to use tons of creams to moisturize....but not anymore after LCHF.
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing lightheadedness after eating for about 8 weeks. I'm 61, not overweight. The lightheadedness is followed by sweating, stiff neck and fatigue. The biggest trigger is refined sugars; it can be as long as an hour delay with other foods. Fruit isn't a trigger. I've tried smaller, more frequent low carb meals, which helps, but not entirely. The symptoms are milder on days when I do cardio.
Avatar f tn Fasting should be 80-90, 1 hr after eating 120-140, and 2 hrs after eating 100-120. Not sure if that's what you mean or not? Or after the glucose test. I've been using a glucometer to keep track of mine over the course of a week.
910435 tn?1296748610 People with this type tend to rise in the morning with higher than normal blood glucose levels, and after eating may have a drop in blood glucose levels. I call it a reverse spin cycle [no pun intended]. A lot of doctors have not been made aware or just do not know how to treat LADA. Frequent testing before meals and after meals to see how foods affect your blood glucose is a must. Bad carbs and starches are bad guys so pay strict attention to the intake. Do you have a home glucose meter?
Avatar n tn You need to treat a low of 40 with glucose tabs. They have 4 grams per tablet and so you can control the dose, and don't risk overeating. For me, two tabs work well, for others they may need more. If you don't have glucose tabs try a glass of oj or some simple sugar such as candy. If you don't have those things, a glass of milk. A chili dog without the bun doesn't have hardly any carbs at all. You need fast acting concentrated carbs. You don't say if you are a diabetic.
Avatar m tn Low 60's 2 hours after eating dinner is low and not normal. When was your last doctor visit?
Avatar f tn These secrete huge amount of insulin in response to food and the person has hypoglycemia or low blood sugar just after eating. Diagnosis is by doing blood sugar levels fating, after food and through glucose challenge test. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do consult your doctor regarding these possibilities and treatment options discussed. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn I got a tooth removed and due to excessive pain I kept on taking Panadol tabs and Amoxilin capsules for little more than a week. after 2-3 weeks later I got symptoms of diabetes and after regular checks I found it to be in the range of 11-14 readings on my testing meter.I never had diabetes, I had a bypass 3 years back and been to clinic every time ,never my blood sugar was so high. Is there any treatment to overcome this situation?
9309926 tn?1405447056 More protein and I would carry some candy with me because it usually happened when I was away from home and there wasnt any orange juice handy. I had a blood glucose meter and when it happened my sugar was around 55 which is pretty low. But after month or so it stopped happening. So it may be a phase of your pregnancy and could go away on its own.
246464 tn?1249452147 Thanks- I was referred to one "Specialist" who told me he did not believe in Hypoglycemia as it was nothing more than a 'trendy' complaint in the 1970's. He said my readings, the EMT's Readings- have all been false lows as there was no way my Blood sugar could have been 34.. He'd only believe it if I went to a hospital lab when it gets that low and have it done there.
Avatar f tn hi i’m tuts i had blood drawn today at one of my appointments and the lab called the nurse practitioner and said my blood glucose level was 39 how low is that especially after eating and what does that mean
Avatar n tn He said it was reactive Hypoglycaemia, which is low blood sugar a few hours after eating or during exercise, this is why I want to know what the chance is of it turning into diabetes, my doctor is vague on the subject and says it depends on all kinds off things.
Avatar n tn Actually just took it again 30 min later now at 2 hour mark and the blood glocose readings after eating almost 2 bowls of oatmeal w/ skim milk is at: 117 ? Is this an ok number after 2 hrs ?
863754 tn?1239144755 As far as we know, the renal failure didn't show up, until after she was in the hospital with the low blood glucose. Insulinomas is exactly what I was thinking, though I didn't know the word for it. I just did a lot of reading and used a little deductive reasoning. One question though... Her glucose levels have increased and, now, stabilized. If Insulinomas, or any of the other potential causes, are present, could her glucose levels have stabilized like they did?
452066 tn?1400626877 I was told that my insulin levels may be playing a role in this. Yesterday I checked my glucose an hour after eating my lunch which included a tangerine. It was 165. I checked it an hour later and it dropped to 126. Sometimes it will be as low as 85. It was my cardiologist who advised me to see the endocrine doctor.