Bloating during menopause

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Avatar m tn During menopause these symptoms are generally seen. There are medicines (hormonal medicines) which can help you because during menopause changes in the hormone level happens.
Avatar m tn It could very well be menopausal or even peri-menopause, so many things can go on during this stage in our life. I have you seen a regular gyn about this?
Avatar n tn Since my ovarian cancer surgery in 2003, my stomach has been very bloated (looks like I'm 4-6 months pregnant- depends on what I eat). The Doctor did an 'exploritory' during surgery and cut my stomach muscles all the way up to my breast level. To give you more information about me : Before surgery- and all my life, I have had a ''flat'' stomach. My point is... how do I get it flat again???
173975 tn?1216261375 Another new SX. Bloating between the 'girls' and bellybutton. Not below, but above. Looks like a wrap-around-about-to-burst ballooon. It's not painful or too uncomfortable but it sure looks awful! Anyone else get this inflated appearance in that region while on TX? Wyntre Oh, G1A, 32 weeks of 72 week TX.
Avatar f tn have intense cramps before, during, and after my periods. Period only lasts 3-4 days, with constipation, bad bloating, and terrible cramps. Is this the beginning of menopause or should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn My doctor did not offer any help last week during my yearly exam. No periods for over 15 months and FSH indicates menopause. I am a very active, (25 year endurance runner, and farmer)52 years old, with what I feel is an excellent diet and health habits. I do not care to take hormone replacement.
Avatar n tn I haven't seen a question about ovarian cysts and menopause. I have cysts on both ovaries, but my main symptoms are extreme bloating (I look pregnant) and weight gain. All the weight is in my abdoman--I don't seem to be bigger anywhere else and it's making me really uncomfortable. I am really short and have went from 110 to 137 and still gaining. I have had a CT scan (which is how they found out I have the cysts) and have an ultrasound scheduled next week.
120574 tn?1240771440 during and after chemo my daughters doctors told her the gas and bloating was probably from what she ate.
598381 tn?1219505846 Can I go throught menopause at 29. I have hot flashes,mood swing, loss of sex drive. Can it change or do something to your ovaries? I'm just trying to get a clue.
Avatar f tn I have found nothing solid on it either but some people swear by it. A friend of mine had a 8 beat run of NSVT during her cycle. Always gets it during her cycle, every month. Whos to say? Just like many believe their is a link between the stomach and the heart. Bloating, gas, heart burn can all be linked to their skips. I haven't read proof of it but it seems to be a trigger for them. Mine... well they have no triggers it seems.
Avatar n tn I am still swollen from the surgery, but the breast swelling has gone down tremendously. I am about your same age and was in menopause. My doctor did tell me that the blood work during that time can fluctuate. I would have one blood test that said I wasn't in menopause and then another a short time later that said I was. Our bodies do crazy things sometimes. Just hang in there, it does get better and do try to have some more testing done.
Avatar n tn I had bloating with both of my 5 day transfers (first successful, second BFN so don't try to analyze it for BFPs or BFNs). I really think the bloating for me came first during my ER for a couple of days and then after the transfer probably due to the progesterone shots. I know it isn't from the Estraderm patches (4 days after transfer) because I got bloating before I applied them. For the record, I tend to bloat easily but it was pretty consistent with both cycles.
Avatar n tn For 8 months I have been suffering from upper abdominal bloating. I look like I am nine months pregnant. I have been to the doctor several times and undergone many tests. I had a pap to check for cancer, blood tests to rule out liver problems, xrays and blood tests to check for enlarged heart, and other heart disease, a colonoscopy, ultrasound to look at liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc. All of the tests came back normal. I am completely frustrated and at a loss at what to do next.
Avatar n tn In researching articles on menopause, I found one that explains that "extreme stress, grief, or emotional upheaval" may trigger menopause or menopause symptoms. Sometimes this is a temporary menopause. My husband died unexpectedly six months ago and my employer put me through an federal inquisition over the bills, mostly medical bills, that my husband left to me. In short, I have been very stressed.
Avatar n tn I finally went to my OB in the beginning of November who did some tests on me and said that I was experiencing menopause. I'm 25 and my son is only 1 1/2. No freakin way! He put me on Hormones (which by the way can cause every cancer in the book) and said that I will feel better within a day, but did not want to take Mirena out. I said ok and went on my way. I talked to many people for advice who told me to get it taken out right away and go off of the hormones.
1710279 tn?1314104529 Check at Andrew Johnson's website in Scotland, he has terrific relaxation mp3s if you like. They have been helping me. Racing heart is part of menopause and can be caused by HRT.. No one told me that and I am stopping that too.. Magniesium I have heard is a help, Get the heart checked out if it doesn't stop soon. Maybe a monitor for a couple of days.. That is what my doctor is going to do just to be safe.. Because women's smpytoms of a heart attack can take months and are weird.
Avatar n tn That's the beauty of being past menopause. It might be a return of the endo, also. Fibroids are supposed to decrease after menopause and if they don't, that's another potential problem. So far, all these possibilities are benign until proven otherwise. Believe me, I asked my doctor a ton of questions and make sure you do, too. Get your money's worth from that doctor's visit. It will drive you mad to guess at a cause. Leave it to your doctor to put your mind at ease.
Avatar f tn Guess it's going to be that way for menopause. But during searching I've seen that those kind of symptoms can list into your 60's and 70's!
1581747 tn?1296949315 As far as the fibroids, you should discuss the possiblilty of other options, one being a chemically induced menopause, cuts off blood flow to fibroids, in effect causes them to shrink, however the medicine to do this has many side effects most commonly it causes rather severe mood swings, such as depression and crying jags. the other option would, be a hysterectomy which I advise using only as very last choice.
709337 tn?1241888813 Hi, I am 38 years old and for several years now (about 8 or 9) I have been having intermittent painful bloating spells that last 2 to 3 days. During this time I also have occasional lower back pain and it is also painful to sit. My previous gyno thought that maybe I have IC or IBS. She did do an exam where she used a wand with a camera on the end of it to examine my uterus.
Avatar n tn Right now bleeding has stopped and its like nothing ever happened.I have no bloating or other other issue's.I don't know what to think and can't seem to find much info on missing's ovary's. Thanks in advance for any input.
Avatar f tn I'm still wondering if (maybe hoping that) it's just peri-menopause. (I've been looking forward to menopause for years, so I would not be unhappy if my problem is linked to menopause. Of course, it is whatever it is...) Symptoms have improved dramatically since May 2013 or so. However, they're still bad enough to significantly impact my life and personal freedom. Just know that my day-to-day life is now RADICALLY different than the 46 years leading up to Aug. 2012.
485043 tn?1224174187 She also has a cyst on one ovary and that can cause bloating and pain here and there. But they did do the ultrasound (transvaginal). It's a creepy kind of test but not painful and it shows the uterus and ovaries pretty clearly. I would think that would be the first thing your doctor would do (my opinion). If you're not happy with that doctor (question his decisions and he's too impatient) it would be great to try a different doctor that would listen to you.
Avatar n tn I have not had a period for 3 1/2 years (never had regular periods). I have had fibroids for many years which my doctor and acupuncturist have watched with U/S and MRI's. I never had heavy bleeding with my fibroids pre menopause, but had pressure and and a feeling that everything "was going to drop out". With acupuncture, my fibroids began to shrink and during the 3 years before menopause things were much better.
Avatar f tn but, regarding dietary changes, I noticed that when I was taking flaxseed oil caps regularly that my heart rate did not elevate as much before my periods, less swelling and bloating and my periods became painless with less bleeding. I think I'm gonna take into account (in my case) how much better I felt when I was on it and resume my flaxseed oil, as I am continueing with my exercises/walking. If you decide to go with the menopausedietcure, let us know if it works for you.
Avatar f tn I've been loving that, but in the last several months I've started having symptoms of menopause which concern me. Hot flashes, mood swings, bloating, weight gain, high blood pressure, and I was wondering if the iud was the cause of this. After reading the many comments on this forum I believe that it is. If I truly am going through early menopause I'm not really worried too much about it. As I said, I'm 43, my 2 kids are grown and I have no plans for any more.
Avatar n tn symtoms of bloating and pelvic pain, and the condition is usually also associated with long, heavy periods. Often women make the decision to "have it all removed" as removing the ovaries results in the end of the monthly cycle, and thus the end of the misery of endometriosis. Also, there can be another benefit as endometriosis is believed to be a possible contributing factor in some cancers, such as ovarian cancer.
Avatar f tn I had my surgery a little over a week ago and I am still bloated. I think the bloating is normal. Do you have a six week follow-up with your GYN? You should have. Just to be on the safe side, I would call your doctor and ask these questions, or you could even ask his nurse. I have heard that the bloating is normal, even after that many weeks, but I would still call the doctors office. I know how you feel about the bloating and weight gain!
Avatar n tn I too have nausea and headaches during ovulation--also bloating--it seems to have gotten worse as I am now in perimenopause. I just feel lousy and don't really have an appetite for anything.