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Avatar f tn I lately have been experiencing a small relapse and have been experiencing bleeding in between periods. I dont' know if this is due to my lack of nutrition. My periods are typically light and last 3-5 days. The doctors believe that it is my birth control which is keeping me from losing my period all together. I am always having abnormal paps and I worry that this bleeding in between periods signifies when I may have a cyst or something wrong.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, I'm 27 years old, I've never had kids or have been pregnant or on birth control. I've started randomly bleeding between periods about 1.5 years ago. At first it started as just a strand of blood in my otherwise normal discharge, then I started having blood tinged discharge after exercise and after orgasm (no penetration). Since about year ago, it's gotten progressively worse to wear I'm bleeding in between every period. I've had SO many tests done and they've all come back negative.
Avatar f tn Hello, Such spotting can be due to ovarian problems, hormonal imbalance, stress, anxiety, crashed dieting, use of birth control pills, change in environment, excessive exercise etc. Heavy bleeding can be due to can be due to hormonal imbalance, fibroids and polyps (non cancerous growth) in the uterus, endometriosis (deposits of the inner lining of the uterus in the pelvic cavity) or malignancies etc.
Avatar n tn I sometimes get dark blood discharge in between periods it last a few days to a week and ranges from a little smear to sometimes a clump. It does not hurt and does not flow like my period. It's more like dark (almost black)discharge. I notice I get it a day or two after exercising and thought I might be aggravating something. This has been happening sporadically over 5 years.. I am 31 years old.
Avatar f tn For about the last 2 years I exercised consistently and during that time I've always had the problem of spot bleeding between periods or even having two periods a month. I went to get checked out at the doctor for this. They did a full pelvic exam with and ultrasound and said I'm completely healthy so I kind of just delt with it from then on. Then a few months ago my asthma flared up and I was unable to workout at all. Since then, the bleeding between periods had completely stopped.
Avatar f tn I have had periods a little closer together and now for the second time I had light bleeding in between periods. I feel bloated more often and sometimes it feels like I have a hardness in my lower abdomen. It even feels weird to sleep on my stomach at times. I also have mild cramps from time to time. My anus is slightly itchy sometimes and I have cloudy urine too. I do drink way too much caffeine which I am trying to cut back and I don't get enough exercise but I am of about average weight.
Avatar n tn Polyps usually cause irregular frequent menses, bleeding between menstrual periods, bleeding after sex.You need to go through complete evaluation by your gynecologist. Discuss the above mentioned possibilities. A complete checkup and investigations may help in arriving at a diagnosis. I sincerely hope it helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn I get my periods on time about every month on the same date or around the last mentrual date . But the bleeding has declined alot. My periods only stay for 2 days and stop after the 2nd day. I have minor spotting for 4-5 days after my periods and it's brown in color.
Avatar f tn I then started my period again two weeks later and that one lasted 32 days and then I've had no more than 1-2 weeks between periods that have all lasted 28 days or longer. The flow is light most of the time and other times it is equivalent to a regular period. I'm also tired all the time and bruise much easier than I used to. I feel unmotivated to do anything and I'm usually a very active person and in great shape. I don't even feel like I can motivate my self to exercise most days now.
Avatar n tn In the last 2 yrs since all my pap test results have been perfect. I have ALWAYS had irregular periods. I average between 6 to 8 periods a yr. I took the pill from 2001 until 2003 (just over 2 years). During those years my period was regular. Last year August I stopped taking the pill as we started trying to have a baby. Since then I have had 7 periods. The cycles have ranged from 52 to 73 days.. In Feb my doc suggested I start keeping a BBT chart to see if I was ovulating.
5856747 tn?1403352282 Irregular Menstrual Periods. Most women of child bearing age have between 10 and 12 menstrual cycles every year. This may be considered the “normal” but that is not to say that it has to be the normal for you. You may have only 6 to 8 periods per year and that is your “normal” and should be nothing to worry about. It is just how you are.
Avatar f tn She's not sexually active for a start, so chances are almost impossible of her contracting cervical cancer, and she's not showing ANY signs of it either. She doesn't have bleeding after sex, or while urinating or between periods. Those symptoms don't mean you have cancer either - could be an infection, STD, UTI or rough sex. Anyway, none of that even implies to the poster or anything they said.
Avatar n tn WOW… I got the side effects, gain weight, swing moods, I even forgotten the rucksack on a train station when on holiday in Fort William…cool…I was crying from nothing, shooting to my husband for nothing, having periods now and then, spots, bleeding,etc, etc. Well, first I said to my GP that I am ok, that I can manage, bla, bla, bla… In 2007, so after 1 year on Depo I started to lose weight and from 16 stones I came to 10 stones nowadays.
Avatar f tn i got my period the very next day and it was a normal heavy period like i usually have. my cycle is between 30-32 days. My period was done on january 6th or 7th. On the night of January 14th i had what seemed like food poisoning or a stomach bug. I was violently ill all night and could not hold anything down, threw up about twice every hr for 6hrs but I was fine by the next night and havent felt sick since. On january 21st, i had early bleeding. it started light i noticed it when i peed.
Avatar n tn I am thinking that my period is still coming to visit but unfortunately I just had it 2 weeks ago. Something like 19 days between beginning and this beginning. When I was a teenager I had extremely heavy periods that would last for like 9 days. Over the past few years they have grown less in length to like 5 days with 3/4 very very heavy days. I have very little cramping during cycle but my bottom is very sore during the heavy flow.
Avatar f tn total it was 7 days,2 days regular flow and the rest of the time spotting. i never have irregular periods, they always come between 28-32 days once a month. so i am very concerned and not sure when i should expect my next period if this is normal and if i should worry. my family has a history of endometriosis and i am sexually active with my form of birthcontrol.scheduled period is suppose to be april 5 took a preg test on that day said neg.recenlty started going to gym.
Avatar f tn I had the mirena fitted 5 months ago due to extremley heavy periods & have bled every day since sometimes it's just a lighter discharge or spotting but still it's something that's causing me to go to the toilet excessively as I am worried about bleeding all the time. My periods used to be very heavy & painful lasting around 5 days, now I have 4 days of medium bleeding bad cramps then 5 days of heavy bleeding then another 4 days till it slows down again to the spotting.
Avatar n tn At first I started bleeding between my periods and thought it was a hormonal issue, which I got tested for. But my doctor said I was fine. Also, I started having bleeding after or during the intercorse more often than before. If all the test resalts showed that I was good, why am I bleeding? It freaks me out.
Avatar f tn Hello, First of all it can be due to metrorrhagia which causes uterine bleeding at irregular intervals, particularly between the expected menstrual periods. Metrorrhagia can occur due to dysfunction uterine bleeding, hormonal imbalance, polyps, fibroids, endometriosis, infections of the cervix, vagina or endometrium, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian insufficiency, ovarian cysts or benign lesions of the female reproductive system.
Avatar f tn I have all the symptoms of my normal periods, but no bleeding. I've always had irregular periods so its normal for me to skip, but having these cramps for Oct a week and no bleeding isn't . I taken 2 hpt's and both came out negative. I don't have insurance for a doctor. I just wanna know ways going on. And either start my period, so these cramps have a reason to be here. Or be pregnant.
748543 tn?1463449675 Ever wonder why your chiropractic adjustments don't hold for long? Of course we can exercise and be mindful of our posture. However long-term we see that this conflict will have its say. In my experience, examining both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients of my practice, I have found most often that even in asymptomatic patients the area of conflict lies within the spine; namely the cervical area. So the price for accommodation to the poor bite is most often paid for by our neck.
333144 tn?1314274978 e today as it was relly hevey they cant find anything wrong but gave me tablets to stop the bleeding in very hevy periods but i cant take them as the say not to use if breastfeeding and cause drowseyness so i wont be able to drive so no good i guess i will have to just wait it out
Avatar n tn The other problem I'm having is that my menstrual periods have been very irregular. I'm bleeding in between cycles and having alot of cramping. I can't get in to see my doctor for a few more weeks, but I'm considering switching to Wellbutrin (based on what I've read) to control the weight gain and cravings. I feel that I need to stay on medication for a while to handle my emotions, but now I'm worried about other health issues.
Avatar n tn Birth control pills have many side effects and one common side effect is bleeding between periods. The best thing to do is to visit a doctor or clinic to ensure that all is well. Best of Luck.
Avatar f tn after a few months of interval wen we had sex i felt it very painful and i had bleeding which lasts a few days.i consulted a gynac and aftr blood check and ultrasound diagonsed they diagonsed pcos.took medicines and regularised periods.aftr 6 months wen we had sex the same problem arised.this tym the doctor checked for any polyps by visual examination.also we did a transvaginal scan.this tym also they said i had usual contraceptive pills and metformin tablets wer given.
Avatar n tn I have always had regular Menstrual cycles right from my periods beginning when I was 11. I really need some advice and any input would be helpful. I had a period on the 7th November and had sex twice inbetween the 14th and the 21st of November. I then had a bleed on the 25th November that was not like a normal period, it was like I was losing old blood and was a lot lighter and only lasted a few days. I have not had a period since.