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Avatar n tn My symptoms occur almost daily. I suffer from upset stomach, bloating, sometimes pain in upper stomach, fatigue, and feeling very full no matter if I eat a large or small meal, also I can not seem to lose weight. I have had an ultrasound, HIDA scan, and most recently an EGD. All of these test have came back Negative. I am also taking Nexium 40mg and dicyclomine. They help some days and some days they don't. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments?
7527649 tn?1410588076 He called me really mean names and he also said im the wrost mistake of his life and regerts getting me pregnant when he plan this baby.
4204106 tn?1374704816 The 24 year old started saying if I said anything to her she would come over and kick me in the stomach as hard as she could and watch me double over in pain knowing my baby would be dead. When I read it was so mad I stated to cry. It took my a little over a year to get pregnant. I have been doing everything to make sure nothing happens. My husband just laughed I know he would never let it happen but still. I'm so upset. I made a police report but they can't do anything yet.
1530063 tn?1372268607 The problem is i have very upset stomach and upper back pain on both side. I have done endoscopy but they found nothing i have done helicobacter pylori its also negative. my stomach is always full of gas. I have allergies on ear nose and skin. I dont know what to do next my doctor is speechless. I have done x-rays for chest and they found lungs are ok. Kindly guide me what i should do? please!!!
Avatar f tn Hi Doctor I have been having a bad case of stomach upset - stomach constantly makes gurgling noises and last week had dysentery and sleepless night because of stomach acid or something that kept waking me up. I also noticed that I can see my stomach PULSING...Is this something to be worried about ?
1103038 tn?1449653920 I had my appendix removed when I had severe stomach pain in my side and felt like pain from gas. If it lasts longer than a day and you cannot function normally you should go to the hospital.
Avatar n tn Dear Greg, Momsteroidal anti-imflammatory agents can cause inflammation of the stomach and also ulcer disease of stomach and rarely duodenum. Abdominal pain is a frequent presentation. The pain can be affected by eating. A f;uctuating appetite and abdominal discomfort are nomnspecific complaints. These symptoms may be related to inlammation although motility causes should also be considered.
Avatar n tn About a week later it all subsided except I had terrible sinus drainage which caused terrible stomach upset and nausea. I went back to the dr and he gave me Ceftin and told me to take tylenol sinus. I immediately started to feel better. The problem I am having now is that my stomach constantly is upset (gurgling) and I cant seem to get rid of it. I had my gallbladder removed four years ago and about a year ago I had elevated liver and pancreatic enzymes.
325224 tn?1342799514 Last night I was just a bucket of nerves thinking about what i'd do if I lost this baby (and i'm only 5 weeks!). I ended up getting such an upset stomach and back ache that I had to, ahem, use the restroom twice. When I woke up this morning, I had no cramping whatsoever until a few hours later and now the upset stomach will come and go like i'm going to need to use the bathroom, but subside very quickly. The cramping is back, not constant and even milder than it has been.
757597 tn?1315805412 This morning and afternoon was horrible. The weather had a lot to do with it. It was cold at first then the snow. Now the rain. My body was aching. Ibs now too. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Avatar f tn I'm 9 weeks I'm having bad stomach pain like n upset stomach. Took gas chewable. Nothing is working help.
Avatar n tn i have resently, in the last week started having pain in my left side. the pain goes from there right into my back. I have also had an upset stomach to the point of gagging. I have no desire to eat. i have no problems going to the bathroom (thought maybe that was my problem but no) so i am just asking for some suggestions. Can't get in to the doctor for months when i made an appointment.
Avatar f tn I just want him get off the Xbox and help clean the house Idk why but ifiI bend over and over my stomach gets sharp pain and I have to rest but he don't understand now I feel like he keeps disrespecting me and I just cry because it hurts and I don't wanna leave with a baby on the way .  Any advice ?
Avatar n tn I still feel rundown, fatigued, and my toungue is white *I am a smoker though so thats not uncommon* My stomach still bothers me, but Im not sure if my fever is still around. I feel warm, but I dont get night sweats anymore. My back is a little sore, and my side hurts every now and then. Im not trying to convince you Im infected just letting you know how my symptoms have developed. If you are really sure Im nnot infected do you even recommend testing at all? Ill do what you say Dr. HHH.
Avatar f tn 14 am and im getting really bad back cramps and pain in my back. I feel nauseous and horrible, I cant sleep. Im not sure if my body is trying to make space for labor to be coming soon with all the problems ive been having lately for almost 31 weeks and already being dilated to 1.
Avatar n tn i go 3 or 4 times before i get relief and my stomach still hurts a little. i have a pain on my lefy sid that goes into the back area. i get sick at my stomach also.
Avatar f tn Lower back ache Upset stomach and dihorrea Bloating Pain across ovaries Lack of appetite Lethargy. Odd coloured urine. Was wondering if anyone could shed some light onto why i may be feeling this way?
Avatar n tn I also have lower backpains that i've have for years and also stiffness. Sometimes when i get the stiffness and pain in my lower back I get the upset stomach which leads to diarrhea.