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1103038 tn?1449650320 I had my appendix removed when I had severe stomach pain in my side and felt like pain from gas. If it lasts longer than a day and you cannot function normally you should go to the hospital.
Avatar f tn My stomach hurts not anywhere specific not a sharp pain just like feels really full hurts like when your sick and when that happens i just feel like total crap just wanna lay down and no nothing like im gonna throw up. Luckily i stay home with my son so i dont have to worry about missing work but if i was working there is no way i could go, does that help?
Avatar f tn I'm 9 weeks I'm having bad stomach pain like n upset stomach. Took gas chewable. Nothing is working help.
Avatar f tn I'm in significant pain...stomach is killing me. I'm constipated but I went yesterday but yesterday I was hurting. I'm drinking water but I don't know what else to do. I threw up yesterday. I never had morning sickness. I think it's from constipation. I'm 11 weeks.
Avatar n tn Where are the pains exactly? I'm having intense stomach pains from the top of my naval to the top of my stomach and they are refrerring it to GERD (Acid Reflux Disease). I'd go see your GI and see if they can do an upper endoscopy on you. I'm going in on the 3rd to for one to see if I have GERD or a peptic ulcer. Drink a lot of water and a very bland diet (toast with peanut butter).
Avatar f tn For the past couple days ive had a upset stomach to the point that its making me vomit. Have or did any of you ladies experience something similar this far along in your pregnancy?
Avatar f tn is it normal that my stomach feels so upset and like I have to throw up until I eat something then I feel back to normal?
Avatar f tn ve had a kinda upset stomach like the feeling you get when you think you have to go number 2 and some pressure in my lower stomach and back and I have been going number 2 more then usual and its not that loose or anything I'm just wondering if I should be worried? Or I need to talk to my doc about it?
12584065 tn?1436320514 Im 33+2 today and my stomach just started hurting really bad. It feels like an upset stomach almost and hurts to breathe in. Could this be a different contraction im feeling? This is my 3rd baby and nvr felt a pain like this.
Avatar n tn For a few years now, I have had stomach problems. I get pain & upset stomach, bloating, etc. it happens almost every day. What can cause this?
1530063 tn?1372265007 The problem is i have very upset stomach and upper back pain on both side. I have done endoscopy but they found nothing i have done helicobacter pylori its also negative. my stomach is always full of gas. I have allergies on ear nose and skin. I dont know what to do next my doctor is speechless. I have done x-rays for chest and they found lungs are ok. Kindly guide me what i should do? please!!!
7527649 tn?1410584476 He called me really mean names and he also said im the wrost mistake of his life and regerts getting me pregnant when he plan this baby.
Avatar f tn I've been vomiting today but when I vomit its just like spit. What can I do or eat or drink ): ?
Avatar f tn This seems a bit weird to ask, but had anyone gotten an upset stomach with certain foods they could easy beforehand?
Avatar f tn So tonight I had a SUPER extreme upset stomach. Sorry if tmi(dont think anything is on this app though lol) but I had really runny diarreah and my stomach was cramping and contracting. I felt like I was going to die. Once everything was done I felt a lot better and managed to get some rest. I am only 28 weeks, I know it can be a sign of labor so it was kind of worrying me. Honestly, I hope labor doesn't feel like that because I felt like I was going to pass out and throw up as well.
762453 tn?1234365625 m used to getting my upset stomach during the night but now this had occured during the day yesterday and this morning. I don't know what to do or think. Help?
1422850 tn?1307364413 r u taking any meds? some can upset ur stomach.... have u taken a preg test??
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant and everything I eat seems to upset my stomach (like food poisening) even though that's not the case. I haven't had any morning sickness or nausea though. Is this happening to anyone else?