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Avatar m tn t seem to sleep any longer because I am have a really bad ache in my stomach/back. I feel that putting pressure onto my stomach helps the pain relieve. - Heartburn/Acid I have heartburn around 3 times a day, and EVERY time I lie down, I have been on several acid preventer tablets and it is fine when I am on them, but as soon as my course has finished, it comes straight back again. The acid has been that bad in the past, it has causes be to be sick a couple of times.
Avatar n tn I have had some pain in my stomach and back for a little over a month now. I am going to see a proctologist in 2 weeks and was wondering if a proctologist checks your prostate at all? or is that a job for the general physician. I was just reading that prostatitis could be the cause of simultaneous back and stomach pain. I'd like to mention I have also had bleeding passing bowels for over a month as well.
9404455 tn?1405820004 I am 35 + 3 weeks and for the past five hours I have been having severe lower back pain and a sharp stomach pain that comes and goes every like 8 minutes. The pain has not gotten any worse or intensified. Anyone else have this? Or am I just overreacting to a little pain?
Avatar f tn is lower back pain normal when pregnant.??
Avatar f tn pain is of severe and of burning type...she feel pain in muscles all over the back...on inspiration pain increases...she cant tolerate to sleep pn foam, pain in increased by walking n in sitting position....the strange thing is that pain is not increased on deep palpation....pain is releived in lying position on hard surface or by heat sponging.....she has also some stomach problem so cant use heavy medicines...she is using voltaflam(declofenac)..
Avatar f tn Im having some back pain? My job involves sitting in front of a computer for 8 hrs. Is it normal to have back pin so early due to sitting down for long periods of time?
15278049 tn?1441989239 I'm 22 weeks and just started getting pain in my mid back all the way down to my lower back, but only on the right side. It started to move to the front, towards my stomache on the right side. Is this normal? Could it be round ligament pain? Anyone else have this problem. I drive myself crazy reading everything on Google lol.
Avatar f tn When my back hurts I lay on the floor on my back with my knees to my chest and relax for a while. Just make sure someone is around to help you get back up just in case you get stuck like a turtle. And massages are always nice.
Avatar f tn Any other pregnant mom's starting to feel back and pelvic pain yet? My stomach is already so much larger than my previous two pregnancies. I'm almost 19 weeks and I feel the way I did at the end of my last pregnancy 16 months ago.
Avatar f tn I keep getting pain in my stomach then it goes to back its like pressure.. Can somebody tells me what that means r what to do??
Avatar n tn Pain under the left shoulder blade is usually a referred pain from abdomen like stomach ulcers, acidity, pancreatitis, or ectopic pregnancy or from the chest like in heart attack, pericarditis, pleuritis, pneumonia, pulmonary embolus, and aortic dissection. Since the pain is not much chances of chest related causes are less. It is in all probability acidity due to medications you took. Raise head end of bed. Take Omeprazole empty stomach in morning and an antacid gel at bedtime.
Avatar f tn What does this mean if I have had lower back pain and stomach pain all day? Is it just part of pregnancy or should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn Does anything help it go away? This is the first time I've experienced back pain like this its sore like if i slept on my back the wrong way but its odd because its only in one spot. I wanted to run some errands now i can't.
Avatar f tn So I'm 25 wks and 2days and I have been having really bad back and stomach pain. To the point I will cry. Should I be concerned? Should I go to the Dr or wait for my appt on February 7th??
Avatar f tn I think it's just back pain. I dont feel anything in my stomach.
1547952 tn?1293907781 Lowe back pain, hip pain and the skin feeling sore is something that I deal with as well. It is horrible to have that sunburnt feeling. Lyrica works for me when it comes to that pain. As for the hip and lower back pain, is your gait off when you walk? That will cause pain but I get the pain just when I am walking and it is annoying. The only pain meds I am on are Lyrica and muscle relaxers so I just make due, but the pain got out of control in December and I got steroids for it.
Avatar f tn Omg my back is freaking killing me bad right now and my stomach gets hard and doing laundry is not helping me
Avatar f tn I have been having back pain off and on for the last couple of days. It feels like when I would get my period before pregnancy but after I lay on a heating pad it makes it feel better and yes sometimes I have periodic cramp like pains in my stomach but not bad.....could this be Braxton hicks? I am 23 weeks.
Avatar f tn Does anyone else have really bad back pain and what to do to make it better
Avatar f tn Im 28wks and Im starting now with not so much back pain,but my left hip was killing me the other day,I got sick to my stomach thats how bad it hurt:( I feel your pain.How far along are u?
Avatar f tn Make sure you do not sleep on your stomach. Best to sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees (will help keep your spine aligned). This worked wonders for me.
4378548 tn?1358554779 m 14 weeks today and I woke up this morning around 5 am with terrible back pains. Its towards the middle of my back and it hurts to stand, sit, lay down. I had my fiancé bring me some Tylenol but my stomach didn't much agree with it. I cant stand up long enough for a warm shower and its a pain in my behind climbing in and out of my tub. Is there anything else u could try? It hurts so bad!
Avatar f tn Ok well since yesterday Iv been having cramps on my back and stomach and today it's the same except now I can't even sit down to pee because it's a really bad pain in my pelvic area I haven't lost my mucus plug I'm 39 weeks can this mean that I'm getting closer to labor?!?!
Avatar f tn I'm 18 weeks pregnant nd I've had so much back pain nd it's only on my right which is the side my baby favors a lot I'm not sure if it's him/her on my back or if it's just because I'm getting bigger...any siggestions?
Avatar f tn It's in my lower back there is a constant dull pain but I get bad pain off and on.Ive been having contractions off and on for over a week but they aren't consistent or painful my stomach just gets real tight.I went to the doctor tuesday and she checked me and said I was at at 1 and 30% effaced then the back pain started wednesday and not getting any better.
Avatar f tn i have severe back pain tonight should i be worried im 24 weeks 4 days any reason why i could have this?