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Avatar f tn started yestersay in my back now my whole left side hurts and am nauseaus
Avatar f tn I am not sure why but when I run long distance, I have severe lower back pain that sometimes wraps around to my stomach. Does anyone else have this problem or know what this could be from? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I am not sure why but when I run long distance, I have severe lower back pain that sometimes wraps around to my stomach. Does anyone else have this problem or know what this could be from? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Maybe stomach injury
1268281 tn?1293168803 stomach pain on right side and around back (mostly just around back a bit) and lower right on front, around 11...stress maybe? tired? pms?
1109048 tn?1311013179 Stomach pain was really bad upper left. Can't tell if it is stomach or rib pain. Pain radiated to back. Couldn't breathe when I got the pain. My BP goes up too. Feel nausea too.
646512 tn?1224449792 stomach pain for the first time in weeks. I took the medication I had left and fell asleep. 3 T3's and two ambian. I feel asleep but to my surprise I was us again in 4 hours. I closed up the house and went back to sleep until a little before noon.
Avatar f tn My 5 year old has been to several doctors and we still don't know what is wrong with her tummy! Symptoms are constipation,pain after bowel,stomach pain ,lower back pain,and itching in area. What do you think this is......
1442282 tn?1332199774 The weirdest thing happened? I woke up around 4 or 5am with low abdominal stomach pain. It was short and acute, but it woke me up! I thought it was the weirdest thing when I woke hours later. It lasted about 10min. and then went away completely. I fell back to sleep without a problem. On another note, my temps are steady, which is good since I'm not taking progesterone this month. I've never really hit 98 when I was taking it, so the fact that my numbers are up without it are positive.
Avatar f tn I have a stomach pain on my right side and it hurts do bad sometimes that it makes my back hurt right underneath my shoulder blade directly behind where my stomach hurts. It intensifies when i eat, and it keeps me up at night sometimes for hours. The doctor is treating me for an ulcer but it is not helping does any body have any suggestions to what else it could be, I do not have any nausea and throwing up, nor do i have any fever. i just hurt terribly.
Avatar n tn When i sleep at night if i stay on either side all night then the pain gets better but as soon as i wake up and start moving the dull gnawing pain in mid back comes back along with pain in upper stomach. Also i have a back massager that i will use on my back just under my ribcage and it helps tremendously but after about five minutes pain comes back. Please Help.
1170411 tn?1263412058 I also should point out that, I didnt start having pain in my stomach until i was googling causes on why I would have lower back pain and came across organ damage, UTI, etc etc so I'm not sure if its just me being anxious or what.
Avatar f tn What does this mean if I have had lower back pain and stomach pain all day? Is it just part of pregnancy or should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn and now this morning he wet the bed, and told me he got sore headache at the back and sore stomach... i feel very stressing over this... bec the docotors always said he will grow out of it.. just virus... what can i do?? please help if anyone know about this situation...
140029 tn?1393301742 I had my gall bladder removed so I know that's not it... 4. went back on the meds... stomach pain way down...pepto bismal helps.. Sooooooooooooo... back on the medicine and the pain is gone... IBS is still there.. my gut doesn't really like this prilosec very much because I'm fructose intolerant and I believe there is sugar in these pills.. wish I could switch to nexium but I'm too tired and a little too poor to blow $100+ to ask for a different medicine..
96108 tn?1197694930 The pain at night I am almost positive is due to stomach acid and simple heartburn, and my stomach is small so the pain radiates to my back as well. I have helped my symptoms by avoiding fats, caffein, sugar in any form, and alcohol. These foods I find, trigger stomach acid release. I make sure to eat regular meals. I had a lower examination (I forget the word) colonoscopy and also endoscopy and it did reassure me that my insides were ok. I am willing to say it is hormones and diet.
Avatar n tn If I am standing for a long period of time and have these pains I will also experience back pain on my left side which shoots about halfway down my left leg leaving an aching back and leg which can be quite painful. I have also been experiencing a lot of bubbles in my urine, I don't know if this is related but I am guessing it is because when I am in pain I seem to get more bubbles. This pain also happens sometimes when I am sitting but it is mostly when I stand.
Avatar n tn My doctor brought up the idea that this might be an issue with my back, but I've had back problems before, and this just doesn't feel like it's a back issue. It feels like it's something in my middle, if that makes sense. I just don't know what else to do!
Avatar n tn Hie I'm 23years old and have been having stomach pain for more than six months now.Whenever I feel this pain the middle part of my back hurts as well.This happens when I haven't eaten and also afterwards.
Avatar n tn You need to provide a few details about the stomach pain, such as location, duration, and type of pain before we can decide if it is related to the prostatic condition. Your urologist will evaluate the cause of your prostate condition and will evaluate the medications you have been on and whether you have had any antibiotics. A few tests will be conducted to determine whether you have a bacterial infection of the prostate. When are you scheduled to meet with your urologist?
232875 tn?1196112630 And since then I can hardly eat, feel nausea, been hot then cold, and have stomach pains and middle back pain. And my stomach is bloated. Then I pulled this up on the internet below. My doc is not in the office today. Do you think I should make an appt to see my Gyn or see my family doctor or just wait to see if this is just some stomach bug and goes away?
Avatar n tn My question to you is, is it common that a stomach problem gives you back pain and if the xray comes back negative what do i do with this pain?? Just for the record, i have stopped consuming food that contains acid, coffee, alcohol etc but i do not see a difference and it is taking over my life. Desperate.....
Avatar n tn I have been having pain in my middle back and upper stomach around my breast bone. Every time I breath, walk or move it hurts. I have had my gall bladder removed so it is not that although the pain is very much the same. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Three times now I have had middle right side back pain followed by severe stomach pain and vomiting. I went to the er the first time and they gave me stuff to stop the vomiting and something for pain and they said I might have kidney stones but never found anything. The next times I just suffered through the pain which usually last about 6 to 7 hours and it is unbearable, like being in labor. I will be fine for a few months and then it will happen again. Please help.
Avatar f tn Sometimes when I eat, I get severe lower abdominal pain and mid back pain (around the same level as my shoulder blades). The only thing that makes me feel better is to either sit bent over, or laying down in a ball and waiting for it to go away. I have no idea what is causing it, and please let me know if you have any insight! Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have had some pain in my stomach and back for a little over a month now. I am going to see a proctologist in 2 weeks and was wondering if a proctologist checks your prostate at all? or is that a job for the general physician. I was just reading that prostatitis could be the cause of simultaneous back and stomach pain. I'd like to mention I have also had bleeding passing bowels for over a month as well.