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Avatar n tn For the past 5 months, I've been having intense pain in my lower back/lower right quadrant of my stomach. It should be noted that whenever I'd have menstrual cramps, these are the same types of pains I'd have. Except the pains became constant...everyday versus just around my period. They're so intense and achy, that it takes Vicodin for me to be able to handle the pain. Vicodin!
Avatar n tn I am 8 weeks 4 days today. I am having very bad lower back pain. My stomach feels like it is burning, I feel very nausaus & have very bad indigestion. I am just wondering if anyone woke up one day & was feeling like this. I had an U/S at 6 weeks 1 day & had a fetal heartrate of 145 BPM. I just feel very sick.
Avatar f tn About 10 minutes later it happened again then about another 5 minutes later I had bad back pain and felt very sick and the cramping was constant for about 10 minutes more before I fell back asleep. I lay ideas what it is and has anyone else experienced this ?
Avatar n tn I'm 10 weeks and 5 days and the past 3-4 days i have been having really bad cramps in my lower stomach and sharp pains in my ribs and lower back. Anyone else had this happen? Should i be worried?
Avatar n tn Hi there I'm 7weeks and four days pregnant with baby number 2 and I'm experiencing morning sickness and lower back pain headaches. Toothache.
Avatar f tn my 9 years old daughter has been having lower stomach cramps st night for 3 weeks now. We went to the Dr and they put her on a antacid that's is doing no good. There were no test or anything. This was 2 weeks ago. Do I go back to the Dr again or to the specialist?
Avatar n tn Could be pregnancy or your period coming. Call your OB see if they will give youa blood test so you can find out or rule it out and get you back on your "schedule" if you're not pregnant.
Avatar f tn But recently me and my bf had sex and when he went all the way in hit sent a shooting pain into my lower stomach and bladder area. The first time it happened i layer on the bed for 30 mins while the pain went away. I got up and my stomach still hurt. It felt like i was having savere period cramps. And when i peed it was like i wasn't finished so i sat there for 10 mins trying to pee some more. not everything is back to normal and this is the 3rd day. My stomach has been doing this but it.
Avatar n tn For the past month or so I have been very tired, feeling sore all over and constantly affected by lower back pain, stomach cramps (sometimes really bad, most of the time just nagging), constipation, bloating of the stomach and loss of appetite. At times my stomach is also very fragile and had bouts of diarrhea after awful stomach cramps while the people who had eaten the same thing as I had were fine. I thought I might have caught a virus so had some blood tests done but nothing shows.
Avatar n tn Thought it might be constipation, my lower back started hurting but every time I would have a bowel movement the back pain would go away. Then a week ago the back pain wasn't being relieved by the bowel movement nor was the bloating or full feeling. I went to the chiropractor and he has helped with most of the back pain but I still feel like my stomach is full. Plus i have been having cramps, like when you are on your period even though I no longer have a uterus.
Avatar n tn It feels like the stomach is bloated and now the pain is in the lower right region. constant slight throb pain and when i press it it hurts, there are no lumps. My stools look perfect, i feel like i am full of gas but am not flatuating too much. I thought it might be appendicitis, but i am not sure. I do feel bloated in the stomach area and the belly button is protuding more. What do you think it is and can i get my belly button to go in again? 1.
Avatar f tn During the first trimester (1st 3 months of pregnancy) you'll feel mild cramps and pain in the back specially at the lower back, it's normal. Anyhow, you better go see your gyneacologist is pain persist just to be sure.
Avatar f tn I'm 38 weeks 1 cm dilated and I keep getting period like cramps in my stomach and lower back. And the pain shoots down my legs. They're 15-30 minutes apart and about 15 seconds long. They're stronger than the braxton hicks I've been having but from what I've heard not as strong as real contractions. Could it be contractions that'll soon be stronger? Or just really bad braxton hicks?
Avatar f tn I was experience cramping from cycle day 20 through day 25. My stomach was sour and lower back pain. Today I have no cramps or pain. Could it have been implantation or uterus getting ready to shed??
Avatar f tn And Every Once In A While I'll Feel A Real Sharp Pain In My Stomach Or My Pelvic Bone Hurts. But Mainly It's Just My Lower Back . I Have An Appt Tomorrow So I'll Tell Them About It And See What They Say..
Avatar n tn My legs feel a little numb and weak and I am getting a tiny bit of stomach pain (almost like menstrual cramps). They already did a pregnancy test and I am not pregnant, so I don't know what is wrong with me or if this will ever go away.
Avatar f tn Ok I'm 40w and 3d. I'm having lower back pain like strong period cramps, but they come and go every 30 mins. And they have been happening since last night. But I haven't lost my mucus plug or my water hasn't broken. Jus pain. What should I do. Is this a sign or labor.
Avatar f tn If your having irregular periods that could be a problem. For the pain of cramps I've heard of drinking warm milk or placing a warm compress on the lower part of your stomach below your belly button. You could also try taking a warm bubble bath not only will it take your mind off the pain a bit but it will probably help to ease muscle cramping. Here is some advice from webmd.com To relieve menstrual cramps, you should also: Rest when needed. Avoid foods that contain caffeine and salt.
Avatar f tn For the last few days I have been having this horrible pain in my lower stomach on the right side almost right where my ovary would be, it goes into my back and down my leg. My husband and I had unprotected sex the begining of July but I did get my period on July 14th. I dont think I'm pregnant but whenever I get pains in my lower belly and recently had sex "ectopic pregnancy" is always in the back of my mind. If this goes on much longer I am going to have to call the dr.
216149 tn?1299605038 I am due the 9th or 10th too and my bbs are super sore and have some cramping on my left side of my lower back too -- I hope it means something good -- I know with my luck it prob means AF is coming and its my body getting ready .
1523981 tn?1311322195 I have some lower back pain which has been on and off the last few weeks but now I have the lower back pain along with cramps. I am 26 weeks is it normal to have cramps right now?
Avatar f tn Im 11wks, and i have cramping in my lower stomach.. it feels like period cramps.
Avatar m tn When I sit, I also get a shooting or stabbing pain from my lower stomach to my back. Has anyone ever had this before...or can explain what is going on??????? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I assume the symptoms are a mixture of upset stomach from rich foods i'm not used to and menstrual cramps/back pain but I have been worried that what if it was my appendix or something else that is more severe than just menstrual cramps and stomachache.