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232875 tn?1196112630 People suffering from ovarian cancer will start with a slight lower back pain which will slowly increase over time. This back pain is then joined by some abdominal pain. Most irritating symptoms such as vaginal bleeding and a bloated feeling followed. This cancer is not a joke and must be diagnosed at very early stages for good recovery. If you are having any stomach and back pain that lasted for more than a few days, visit a doctor today. Have some tests and diagnosis.
Avatar m tn Has anyone else had elevated bp, lightheaded ness during a stomach virus? I've had those symptoms for the past five days and severe flushing yesterday. Just odd to me that elevated bp would come with a stomach virus if I am dehydrated it should go down right?
Avatar n tn The doctor said i had a stomach virus. But now that i have come home my pain is worsening, sometimes unbearable and it stays in the same area. My diarrhea has been gone for 2 days now so i dont beleive this is still a virus. Can you please give me any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I do not want to take Pegasy/Ribivarin due to my sight being compromised. Maybe I just have a stomach virus and getting paranoid, because they seem to blame all illnesses on Hep C these days. since little is known about Hepatitus. Thanks..........
Avatar n tn My pain started in my stomach on the lower right side. It then spread to my lower right side of my back, and even in my neck. I was just curious if you are still having these symptoms and if you were treated. I would like to know for my sake whether it is something serious or not. My e-mail address is ***@****. If you could let me know I would deeply appreciate it.
Avatar f tn im just getting lower sharp pains lower stomach and they seem to be getting worse sometimes they last days or just a day or half a day but it never goes away completely the pain always come back.
Avatar n tn After the headache and back pain subsided, I got severe sore throat (with some ulcers on the back of my throat) with night fevers and myalgia on my right thigh that lasted for 2 weeks, I went to two different throat specialists who gave me antibiotics, anti inflammation drugs and even anti Chlamydia antibiotics. Nothing worked. But I tried to stay active and not stay in bed anymore.
Avatar f tn Lately I have not had these sores but have pain in the buttocks and lower back is sore and painful with spasms and pain down the back of both legs. If I lie down and go to sleep,the pain is so excruciating it takes a long time to slowly get out of bed. Once I can get up the spasms slowly subside as I walk and move around.
Avatar n tn For the past month or so I have been very tired, feeling sore all over and constantly affected by lower back pain, stomach cramps (sometimes really bad, most of the time just nagging), constipation, bloating of the stomach and loss of appetite. At times my stomach is also very fragile and had bouts of diarrhea after awful stomach cramps while the people who had eaten the same thing as I had were fine. I thought I might have caught a virus so had some blood tests done but nothing shows.
1530063 tn?1372268607 The problem is i have very upset stomach and upper back pain on both side. I have done endoscopy but they found nothing i have done helicobacter pylori its also negative. my stomach is always full of gas. I have allergies on ear nose and skin. I dont know what to do next my doctor is speechless. I have done x-rays for chest and they found lungs are ok. Kindly guide me what i should do? please!!!
Avatar n tn I wake every morning with horrible pain in lower back (kidney area) that radiates to the front of stomach (rib area). I have had battery of tests and found nothing. I am only able to sleep 5-6 hours before pain wakes me, also unable to take a deep breath until I get out of bed (very painful just to roll over), once I stand and get out of bed the pain almost immediately starts to ease. After about 20 minutes of walking around and after first morning void, pain disappears for remainder of day.
Avatar f tn Last night, I was sleeping and woke up from a sound sleep (which I don't normally do!) with terrible stomach pains.. (Up above my bump.. I am 34-35 wks.) Like pain - pain. I did have some diarrea (sorry.. TMI!) but the cramping pain has been coming and going all day... (and all last night!) its seems pretty consistent. What do you think???
Avatar m tn All she wants is for the pain to go away so she can get out of the hospital, get back to school and get back to her life. Her mother and I would bet our lives that something very real is causing her pain. Has anyone out there ever heard of problem that would cause lower right abdomen pain but apparently not show up in any tests known to mankind? Please help? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Still no answers as to what this pain is sitting on my right side that is a constant dull pain all day long every day that becomes angry when I walk, sit and drive. The pain gets in to my lower back. They put me on Provera. 3 to 4 weeks in to it now and the constant dull pain is still there and now I have breast tenderness. Now there is this sort of pinching feeling, sharp pain that appears when I cough or sneeze or do some sort of sudden movement. I'm 40 years old. My tubes are tied.
Avatar m tn Back pains, headaches, pressure to my head and face, muscle spasms in several parts of my body, nausea,sweats,ringing in my ears, anxiety, sleeping problems, burning chest pain 24/7, dry mouth,irregular heart beats,rapid pulse,nasty mouth taste,trouble breathing, paralysis of the face(left side), pain in right elbow,tremors,heart pain. The list goes on and on and symptoms are getting worse each week.In my opinion this points in direction of some kind of infection or bacteria.(unknown perhaps?
Avatar f tn The persistent headache that I had been having continued, getting worse and worse, especially on the back of my head. To top everything off, my lower back gave me nearly debilitating pain, as well had my legs (hips, knees, etc). Random bruises started appearing, which was happening, but not to this extent. And every time after I ate a meal, I would get a sharp, but aching pain right below my ribs.
Avatar n tn My last comment I didn't mention type of pain. For years I have had lower back pain that was the associated with my tailbone. My doctor said it was arthritis and to take painkillers for the pain. Doing this and avoiding things like sitting on hard suffices, bike riding, sitting on the floor, sitting for long period of time, seemed to help. Well during being pregnant I had these pains and pains in my right hip groin area. I was told its due to pregnance.
1930700 tn?1327068504 During the six months he experience severe stomach pains and back pain. He was continually checked during the trial and complained about these pains - perhaps, they thought they were attributed to the side affects of the drugs. When he finally finished the trial he thought the pain would subsized (3 weeks since finished). The pain has gotten worst not better.
Avatar f tn Get sick after eating I eat slow & not much.I have been getting a lot of uti's & I throw up quit abit.I have lower left back pain & this is getting to be an everyday thing..Can ulcers cause this.Got sick a couple days ago throwing up green bile & my stomach has been jerking every since like a nervous twitch,think I may have had a virus then..
Avatar n tn i did CT scan of lower abdomen and two ultrasound tests....nothing coming up...noo hernia...also did lower back pain MRI nothing showing there about neves...i dono what to do...since i do have some lower baack pain...but major concern on left testicle pain...can someone help....i have paid soo much money on medical tests and different doctor visits including urologists....this is unbelievable....they cannnot diagnose the problem.....i am still living with the pain..
Avatar m tn Random bowel movements (soft, hard, dark, light) Significant Weight loss Twitching Constant low pressure gas (both ends) Lower back pain on flexing Frequent fungal infections on penis Frequent mouth ulcers The doctors and specialist are stumped and don't know what to do. My test results show: Elevated pancreatic amylase (7 to 10 times upper limit) with normal lipase and elastase - for this reason and no evidence on CT and MRCP my doctor won't diagnose pancreatitis.
Avatar f tn The Doctor told me he will test my thyroid as I have been experiencing such fatigue. My TSH level came back as a 5 (0.40-4.00) The doctor said this was mildly elevated and wasn’t a huge concern but sent me for a thyroid ultrasound and antibodies blood test to be sure nothing more was occurring. They ultrasound result came back as follows:- Hetergogenous appearance of the thyroid with several cysts and nodules, the largest in the midpole measuring 3mm.
Avatar m tn I also get cramping to my abdo during exercise, similar to period pain. Sometimes the pain goes into my lower back / kidney area. I have got this for years. Not neccessarily after long bouts of exercise but after short intense bursts. I have seen many doctors and none of them have any idea what it is. I am fit and regularly keep well hydrated. I willI document my fluid intake and exercise and test this dehydration theory anyway, will let you know how i go.
Avatar f tn As far as your platelets I would probably go by what the others here said since it does seem many of the doctors weren't concerned until the number went alot lower. Last night and still at this moment I have this weird pain on the outer part of my ear, on the edge. I did not sleep for one minute. Every 7 seconds I get what feels like a nerve pulse or something. It hurts so bad. Its like Chineese water torture. Its driving me nuts. I kept having my husband rub my ear.
Avatar m tn well today i woke up and had this low grade fever and extreme fatigue and had lower back pain so i went to a walk-in clinic and after the checkup the doctor told me its probably a virus that is causing this. well right now i have a low grade fever and i kind of feel like im getting this chest pain. i guess it wasnt related to the Valerian Tea. its probably a virus as doc said.
Avatar f tn Hi- My daughter age 13, has the exact same thing. Started out as a stomach virus and turned into a recurrent virus. Has extreme pain throughout her abdomen feels like she is going to throw up but never actually does. Doctor is sending her to a gastro- enterologist after having done extensive blood tests and ultrasound. The pain has been unbearable for her and I.
Avatar f tn I have been sick for five weeks now. Stated with what the Doctor said was a viral infection. Every since then I have had horrible cramping,heaviness in lower center & right side of rib cage, went from constipated to going all of the time. Everytime I eat my stomach bloats and I have to use restroom. Horrible pain after I eat also. Feeling of fullness...even if all I eat is a cracker. They have done blood work, xrays,ct scan,ultrasound of gallbladder and everything is normal.