Stomach pain that radiates to the back

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Avatar m tn I use my back alot at work.I noticed that in the middle of my back (approximately where the ribs start) muscle pain on each side of the spine. It seems to flare up when I walk,sort of a dull achy feeling,then into a more cramping and squeezing feeling.Then it seems to radiate to the ribs and to the abdomen at times.Any suggestions or advice on this?
Avatar n tn The pain due to adhesions can be a dull ache, a shooting pain, a pain as though your intestines are being pulled out or a pain that appears to rip the abdomen apart. The type of pain that develops depends on the degree of adhesions and the internal organs that are feeling the pull of these adhesions. The adhesions cannot be diagnosed by any tests or imaging. Only diagnosis is by laproscopy and treatment is cutting the adhesions. Scar tissues can also result in adhesions.
910342 tn?1242748243 This seems even worse at nite, I constantly have roll side to side to ease the pain, and laying on my stomach is a death wish. Other symptoms are extreme fatigue, I feel exausted with the smallest of tasks. I also have massive heartburn and have had loose bowels for about 2yrs.Been taking prolosec repeatedly. My ankles kill after extended periods of time on my feet. Also it seems weird that my stomach is so hard when it appears I am about 20lbs overweight..shouldn't that fat be soft?
Avatar n tn am having pain in my right side, middle chest area and it radiates to the middle of my back nothing eases it at times i feel nasuated
Avatar f tn I just had an episode where my stomach suddenly starts hurting really bad and then the pain radiates to my lower back. It was so painful that I balled up on the floor. My body felt really hot and I felt I needed to take really deep breaths to breath right?
Avatar f tn would anything other then pancreatitis cause epigastric pain that radiates to the back?,,,that comes and goes. i get it,but i dont get the throwing up,or the hospital visits i hear about from pancreatitis. i have not lost weight,dont throw up,the pain feels like a cramp in my diahpram,goes into back,,ive had amalyes/lipase checked,2 ct scans with barrium and iodine contrast,and they dont see anything,,,no stones,enlargments,hernia,nothingwhat elce could this be? would spyincter of oddi do this?
Avatar n tn Mainly my upper stomach for the past 3 weeks. This last week it has turned into severe stomach pains and radiates to severe pain in my middle to lower back. I was released from the hospital a couple of days ago with severe diarrhea. The doctor said i had a stomach virus. But now that i have come home my pain is worsening, sometimes unbearable and it stays in the same area. My diarrhea has been gone for 2 days now so i dont beleive this is still a virus. Can you please give me any suggestions?
701334 tn?1262853503 I have the same pain. It seems to start about 1-2 hours after I eat. I have had colonoscopy and scope down the throat and echo on liver, kidneys ect. Nothing. All blood tests are normal. This seems to come and go sometimes lasting a week or so. My doc has me on prilosec which does not always help. The endo doc said the same thing as you, gastritis...hmmm. Mine lasts longer than a few minutes, tho.
Avatar f tn Just got diagnosed from the mayo clinic with rumination syndrome which is related to the gas trapped in my stomach that causes pain and then to burp more then normal when it finally releases. I also got diagnosed with an evacuation disorder which means my pectoral floor is so tight that it is hard to release stools. The Mayo clinic referred me to there two week program to help me learn to relax my pectoral floor better to have better bowl movements.
Avatar f tn I am currently troubled with a heaviness in the center of my chest that radiates to the same point in my back. This heaviness is causing me to have difficulty when breathing and heart rate increase. The heaviness/ pain at its peak i would register it at a 7 but after some rubbing on the back area and chest area and somewhere about 20-30 min later the pain subsidies. I am having this issue at least 3- 4 X's daily. I am 30 yrs old and a female i currently stay as active as possible..
Avatar f tn Frequently during the course of pregnancy and giving birth the SI Joints have to move to allow for the pregnancy. This can causes pain in different areas, including the hips, buttocks, legs, knees and feet. Have you had your SI Joints checked by a DO or someone who specializes in SI Joints? Often this condition goes undiagnosised. I don't know how this could be caused by the epideral but anything is possible. Eyes and HA may be related to allergies.
Avatar f tn I am 22 years old and I've been experiencing neck pain that goes up to my head. It started 2 months after I gave birth to my daughter. First, I would just feel lightheaded throughout the day with slight neck pain. The doctor told me that it was just my sinuses and told me to treat it like allergies. (I never had allergies before). Throughout the months, my neck pain had been getting worse along with my head pressure and lightheadedness.
Avatar n tn I had a gastric band fitted about 6 years ago. I have over the six years i have suffered stomach pain but recently it has become worse. it is in my chest and between my shoulder blades; it radiates up into my knock and Jaw. I went to A & E at the weekend as the pain was so bad, they checked out my heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas; they all came back clear.
1761908 tn?1313198035 Upper right quadrant pain that radiates to the back is classic for a bad gallbladder - particularly when it occurs after eating. His attacks are severe enough that a trip to the ER might be a good idea. The gallbladder can rupture just like the appendix when it's inflamed causing a whole lot more trouble. Please let us know how he's doing!
Avatar n tn you dont say where the pain is located in the upper abdomen is it on the irght as Gall Bladder Attack is very painful and is located on the right under the rib cage and radiates up to the shoulder and even into the Back. There seems to have been a lot recantly I have noticed I had this about 3 weeks ago it was severe but now is almost gone, I have wondered if there was a virus out there .See a Doc if it continues, or try not eatinf Fatty food go to Low Fat, as eating seems to trigger the pain.
Avatar n tn I have pain in my stomach.. feels bloated under sternum .. pain radiates to back and left side of body.. I get chills.. hurts for last happened two years ago after i had pizza that was greasy. .. don't know what happened last night.. baths relieved the pain..
Avatar n tn I have chronic mid back pain (right side next to the spine) that radiates through my stomach right below my rib cage. The pain gets worst when I sit for long periods of time or bend over. My arms are also getting weak. It is also hard to pin point the exact spot because it seems more internal. There are times when I can push and there will be tenderness and pain. I have had several MRI's, X-rays, physical therapy, orthropedic care, chiropratic care, pain management etc..
Avatar f tn Now But lately a get a weird pain at the left side of my abdomen that radiates to my back and or spine and it also radiates to the middle of my back ,.it mostly comes on  in the night and it wakes me up in the middle of the night .,and i can not sleep anymore because of this. What can this be now? Please can anyone advise what can this be related to. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Its a really weird kind of uncomfortable twisting pain in the left lower abdomen, and recently the pain radiates to my lower back, a very mild pain.It gets bettter only when i stretch out and lie on my stomach. I donot have any other symptoms, but when i eat heavy food i have this awful burning feeling when i burp?!? Have gone to the docter and he gave me muscle relaxants that dint help much. Am really worried. plz let me know wat to do.
Avatar f tn For four years or so I have been having intermittent upper right quadrant pain which radiates through to my back. The gnawing pain starts below my right ribs, just to the right of centre. It feels very central in my core and radiates through to my back. It is made worse after eating fatty foods although for many years I could eat fatty foods and it would only occur occasionally. Now it is more frequent, two or three times per month. I have cut all hard fats out of my diet.
Avatar f tn I'm 32 weeks and for the past several days I've been having back pain that radiates to my sides... kind of like my side and back muscles are being pulled forward. I can't seem to get relief from the pain. Anyone have this? Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn Acupuncture relieves the pain for a couple of days only and then the pain comes back. This pain is an everyday event. Pain level range from level 2 or 3 and some times goes up to level 7 or 8, and only on this pain level that she takes nortripyline which makes her fall asleep and then on the next the day the pain level starts at level 2 or 3 again. He last lab work and visit to her gastroenterologist was just last August, 2009. Please help.