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Avatar n tn I was wondering about the symptoms i have been having and if they have anything to do with ovarian cancer. They are stomach pain where the ovaries are and lower back pain. My menstral cycle is only lasting about 4 days but it is very heavy at times.
Avatar n tn I have lower back pain pretty much all the time now, and just last night I had painful lower back spasms. My throat tightens up frequently, making it hard to swallow. Any ideas what is going on? I'm having an abdominal ultrasound this week.
Avatar n tn Thought it might be constipation, my lower back started hurting but every time I would have a bowel movement the back pain would go away. Then a week ago the back pain wasn't being relieved by the bowel movement nor was the bloating or full feeling. I went to the chiropractor and he has helped with most of the back pain but I still feel like my stomach is full. Plus i have been having cramps, like when you are on your period even though I no longer have a uterus.
Avatar m tn No just a pain in lower stomach and my stomach growls alot, I know its gas, but why doesn't it move. Once in awhile I will have sharp pains in my stomach and have to rush to the bathroom. I know thats part of the IBS. But why I get these pains in my stomach only in the morning is strange. My GI doctor just passed it off, like it was nothing. I also noticed that I don't belch that much. Even if I do drink a soda or beer once in a great while, maybe once a year or so.
Avatar n tn The other annoying thing I have been dealing with is paresthesia mostly in groin area ... if you couple that with the lower back pressure/pain that I get from time to time, would suggest sacral nerves are affected perhaps?
Avatar m tn I get stomach bloating 3 or 4 hours after meals - usually each afternoon and evenings. I have suffered for many years. NB: As soon as I become bloated it affects my breathing - I get tight chested, mucus forms on my lungs(or becomes more evident)and I usually get a cough. I do NOT believe the breathing problem is GERD/ acid reflux related, since I seem to have this old acid problem well under control now with good diet, weight loss and medication.
Avatar f tn Type your anPeople who complain about flabby middles may have stomach bloating problems without even realizing it. Stomach exercises won't do a thing for your bloating, so it's important to determine how much of your problem stems from this common occurrence. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if the bulge in your stomach is caused more by fat, bloating or both. Generally, if you are obese because of a bad diet then it's probably safe to assume that you are experiencing both...
96108 tn?1197694930 I even had sleep tests.The docs just do not want to beleive that the bloating/IBs can cause back or neck pain and seem not to able to do anything to releive this problem. Gas x works better for me that all of the meds you mentioned and gasx only works 25% of the time..
Avatar n tn Planned, rather than emergency, surgery can prevent complications, such as twisting of the cyst, lower abdominal pain, rupture of the cyst, and infection. The cyst is typically on the surface of the ovary or at the end of a pedicle or stalk, making its removal relatively simple. In reproductive age women, the goal of treatment is to preserve all or part of the ovary. Depending on the position of the cyst within the ovary, it may be necessary to remove a portion of or the entire ovary.
Avatar f tn BTW, I haven't had any pain during urination or increase in urination, no blood in urine/poo. Just lower stomach pain with bloating, tiredness, and general icky-ness.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, the symptoms persist and they get worse during my menstrual periods. Now I'm experiencing abdominal pain and lower back pain along with the bloating. I have an appointment with my OB/GYN in three weeks and I'm hopeing that he can give me the proper diagnosis. There are days that I wake up with a flat stomache and start getting bloated as the day progresses. The bloating gets so bad, I even look pregnant.
Avatar n tn The problem i am having is the pain is getting worse and worse, this evenign it is really painful my stomach is very bloated and the pain is all through my stomach and back i feel sick but havent been sick yet. Im unsure what to do should i go to the emergency doctors surgery? can anyone give some adivse/tips on easing the pain as pain killers arent working.
Avatar f tn Now having horrible pain with gurgling in stomach. Lower left and right deep pain in back! Upper stomach Bloating. Have to take at least 10 mg of Milk of Magnesia every night due to constipation. Then I end up with Diarrhea and Hemmeroids! Please Help me.
Avatar f tn Hi I dont want to sound like im a hypercondriac but the abdomial pain that women experince with ovarian cancer is it lower or upper pain. I have upper stomach pain for over a yr now. It comes and goes its really high like right under the v part the ribs and top of stomach. I had a scope down the throat and and stomach they said there is redness and iritation there and had colonosopy also both done in june.
Avatar n tn I get what feels like an over abundance of gas just looming inside my stomach. My whole lower/mid abdomen is in severe discomfort to the point where walking, standing up straight, and getting up and down are very difficult. My stomach gets extremely bloated-out to the point where I have to unbutton my pants for comfort. Pressing on my stomach and crunching my legs up towards the stomach are very uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn ( The pain is lower in my stomach, below or at my belly button and it extends all the way across my stomach. I have not had abdominal issues in the past, so this worries me, as well as the fact that the pain has been around for 3 days now. It came on suddenly, after eating a frozen pizza (which I never do), but it hasn't gone away. My first thought was food poisoning, but I think it would've let up by now? I am also quite bloated. My stomach feels quite firm, and it doesn't hurt to push in.
Avatar f tn I've been having pains in my lower abdomen for a few years now and doctors thought it was ibs at first but now they don't know my stomach is bloated all the time, bad cramps, low back pain, pelvis pain sometimes, i need to pee all the time!
Avatar n tn hi there, i am 48 years old and have had a normal period for 11 months, but this month i skippd it. my stomach is bloated and i somehow always feel like i am getting my period but it never comes. my stomach goes down quite a bit and in the morning. once i eat, it tends to bloat. i have had lower back pain every now and then. sometimes it is on the lower left and then a few days later it may go tot eh right hand lower side. i worry about ovarian cancer, although there is no history of.
Avatar m tn I Started off with allot of bloating and lots of discomfort / pressure in the middle to upper abdomen. I also was having pain around both sides of my kidney area and went around to my lower and mid back. I have had all this disomfort going on for about 3 months now. I am a big guy and i am 43 years of age. I am on lots of medication. Quinaprill, lipitor,medformin, klonopin, prozac, singluair, albuterol inhaler, prilosec.
Avatar n tn My pain started in my stomach on the lower right side. It then spread to my lower right side of my back, and even in my neck. I was just curious if you are still having these symptoms and if you were treated. I would like to know for my sake whether it is something serious or not. My e-mail address is ***@****. If you could let me know I would deeply appreciate it.
363028 tn?1222234568 I've seen CM, been crampy, headaches off and on, lower back pain, bloating... I just cannot wait to find out! I wish I had another test here (a GOOD one! LOL!).
Avatar m tn I started with pain in my left side on Sunday and by Monday I had stomach cramps. I managed to get through the day but since then I have been crippled with stomach and bowel pain. I feel as if my entire lower body is in spasm and my stomach is very bloated. I thought it was food poisoning but I haven't been sick, I don't have diarrhoea and I have no temperature. My GP examined me and I don't have a urine infection.
Avatar n tn Ihave had persistent lower abdominal bloating, that seemed to come on suddenly about 2 weeks after xmas.New pants I had bought didn't fit 2 weeks after I bought them. I have been working out and firmed up everywhere but there. My abdomen is no bigger but no smaller,Even after taking laxatives, anti gas etc.Plenty of gas, but no gas pains. I now get constipated easily but am eating tons of fibre and drinking water.
Avatar n tn I've had constant bloating and discomfort in stomach just below breast bone for nearly 3months now. Bowel movents are normal and do not relieve symptoms. The only time i'm comfortable is when I lie flat on my back and my stomach does go flat when I do this. I feel constantly full and unable to eat which has resulted in me losing 9pounds.