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Avatar m tn Hi after 2 weeks of unprotected vaginal sex i was diagnosed with klebsiella pneumoniae uti. Is it an STD....can i get it through sex as it is uncommon for males to get urine infections.
Avatar m tn Within a day I was feeling frequency and mild dysuria, so I went to a clinic and was given Azithromycin and Cefixime. They also did a urethral swab and urine c+s, however (unfortunately for my anxiety) those swabs and results have been lost by the clinic. Over the past two weeks I've become increasing worried about STI exposure. I've had persistent frequency and dysuria. I know you've spoken many times about genitally focused anxiety on this forum, and I suspect this could be playing a role.
Avatar m tn This also seems to affect my always-aching lower-back but it seems more prominent these days. I did take 1 gram of Azithromycin in February but stupidly might have contracted Chlamydia if I did have it, back again.
Avatar m tn congrats, hope mine will be same too.... are UTI more easy to catch than STD??? can someone get UTI and STD at the same time?? from scenario I mentioned, what level of risk am I at???
Avatar m tn Only yeast was found, and she was instructed to be more gentle with fellatio. The fast onset and stop of symptoms has me confused. So, UTI, yeast, STD, inflamed epididymis?
Avatar m tn In this case, however, I think your new question is legitimate. Nonsexually acquried urinary tract infections (UTI) are rare in men under age 40 or so. Many health care providers who are not STD experts are unaware of NGU and don't know the difference between UTI and NGU. As a result, lots of NGU cases are misdiagnosed as UTI.
Avatar m tn I was given a dignosis of chlamydia, but the doctor seemed fairly tentative, perhaps because I wasn't showing the discharge that most symptomatic men show. This has me worried that I could have a more serious ailment, such as bladder cancer for example. I've never had any visible blood in my urine, but I realize that this sign isn't always present. The doctor never mentioned non-STD possibilities, but it's hard for me to put it out of my mind. How worried should I be?
Avatar m tn Well, Vance, i had read that UTI in young men is pretty uncommon, without instrumentation. My response to Azithromycin, lead to the conclusion that I had chlamydia, although i did not have any discharge/ulcer. Have you had young men with UTIs? similar episodes?? Please answer. Thanks.
Avatar m tn The nurse went ahead and gave me suprax and azithromycin. What I'm wondering is what are the chances of catching both chlamydia and gonorrhea simultaneously for men and women and could the chlamydia test had been negative because the gonorrhea was hiding it? I got retested May 01 and I'm awaiting test results but I'm kind of nervous. My partner also took a 400mg dose of suprax but didn't take any azithromycin. I also just got off a 10 day course of cipro for a uti.
Avatar m tn With your RBC and WBC counts being so high, I'd guess its a UTI. They are uncommon in men, but not at all impossible, NGU doesn't usually give elevated RBC counts.
Avatar n tn coli or similar organisms are present, UTI can result. If her provider diagnosed a typical UTI, there is no reason to suspect STD. Azithromycin is not active against trichomonas, but you can't catch trich by oral sex, or chlamydia for that matter (the main STD for which azithromycin in prescribed). However, the dose you received would effectively prevent the rare case of chlamydia or of nongonococcal urethritis (NGU), which can be caused by normal oral bacteria.
Avatar m tn At the time i had a sinus infection and completed a course of Azithromycin. The Azithromycin did not clear the sinus infection so i was put on Cefdinir at 300 mg twice a day for one week. My hope was that if i had anything one of these two antibiotics would clear it up. Yesterday i went to doctor due to still having the burning after urination. I was given a pee test and then prescibed 10 days of Cipro 500 mg twice a day.
19078612 tn?1471990602 Yesterday I took this information to my Doctor and was given 4 tablets of Azithromycin 250 mg , as a single treatment for my exposure? So is that it? Only 1 single treatment for Men with Ureaplasma? Upon being discharged from my Doctors office, I was given in my packet of paperwork suggesting that my visit was for STD's. And even on a listing of symptoms and checklist of activities to avoid? But again, its not an STD !
Avatar m tn I have already gone to the Department of Health in my town and gotten tested, but they did not give me antibiotics for gonorrhea and chlamydia because they did not think I was at high risk and would prefer to wait for the results of the test. They said they thought it could possibly be a UTI instead, but I've heard that those are nearly nonexistent in young men. So my questions are "how high-risk do you think my situation was?
Avatar m tn Second, a penile swab would not be useful for detecting a UTI but would detect STDs, gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU in particular. Second, men under the age of 40 VERY rarely get urinary tract infection. The possible exception to this is men engaging in unprotected, active rectal intercourse Your recurrent symptoms suggest to me that whatever was causing your initial penile symptoms is still there.
Avatar n tn The horrible part is I'm married and now my wife is also not feeling quite right. She's had one known UTI two weeks after my exposure / Doc prescribed her Cipro (5 days), her UTI cleared, but now it seems like every week or so she's complaining about a "funny feeling" when she urinates. Not a full blown UTI, but an awareness down there that she's not use to. She seems to just drink a lot of water and it feels better for about a week or so, then it comes back..
Avatar m tn I also had the same problem at the begining of last summer. I was given 2 doses of 1000mg azithromycin and it went away in 2 days. Could it be that the std is ammuned to the azithromycin after i got rid of it the first time? Oh also i took azithromycin a week prior to seeing the Dr and getting tested..could this be the reason that no bacteria showed but there was still red and white blood cells in my urine? I am at a loss with this. Any advice will help greatly...
Avatar n tn Sounds like you could have a UTI if you only have a burning feeling when urinating. Otherwise someone is not faithfull. Did you recieve treatment?
19078612 tn?1471990602 Yesterday I took this information to my Doctor and was given 4 tablets of Azithromycin 250 mg , as a single treatment for my exposure? So is that it? Only 1 single treatment for Men with Ureaplasma? Upon being discharged from my Doctors office, I was given in my packet of paperwork suggesting that my visit was for STD's. And even on a listing of symptoms and checklist of activities to avoid? But again, its not an STD !
Avatar n tn prescribes Bactrim to clear up both (i thought that was a good thing at the time, but have seen conflicting reports) I have upper respitory infection and mention possible bladder infection. He says that men having UTI is extremely rare so gives me augmentin. I can take myself to the clinic and get the azithromycin, but: should i take the augmentin for relief in the mean time? any chance the augmentin (AMOX TR-K 875-125) will clear the std?
Avatar f tn Approx 3 wks after having intercourse with my girlfriend, i began having a frequent, painless discharge from my penis. I saw a urologist. A dip was performed for UTI (negative). Due to no other symptoms and a very long time between sexual relationships, he felt it was nothing serious and possibly overactive glands. I continued to have sex with my girlfriend.
Avatar n tn When I saw the doctor, 6 days ago was given 4 250 mg tablets of azithromycin to be taken with food as Dr. said likely chlamydia as quick urine test was negative for UTI. No real change in symptoms - still burring urination with bad flow and unusual spray when urinate. Dr. said unlikely false negative for gon and chlamydia and UTI would have cleared with 1 gram does of antibiotics. Dr. said he has seen these symptoms lately but not sure what causing it. Do I have an STD / STI?
Avatar m tn Not exactly sure what it was as I am in a location that I couldnt be tested, just recieved 2 G Azithromycin to take care of that. Might have just been a UTI for all I know. Now I'm worried about the HIV risk. I understand its a possibility but should I be stressing about it? I am currently in a country where I cant get tested which is the only reason I havent been yet. But I am not sexually active currently either.
Avatar m tn If you are found to still have urethritis, re-treatment may be recommended; the standard approach is to treat such men with azithromycin (Zithromax) with or without metronidazole (Flagyl and other brands). Please try to avoid urinating for at least 4 hours before being examined; this aids in detecting subtle evidence of urethritis. (Best is to arrange an early morning appointment, avoid fluids near bedtime, and get examined before first urination of the day.
Avatar m tn Also no sign of a UTI. I was given a single dose of Azithromycin before the results came back assuming I had chlamydia and when results came back negative doctor suggested I may have began clearing the disease on my own by the time test was taken. Symptoms went away for a full week after the antiobiotics but then came back. I went in for another test and again results were negative but they said there was some inflamation noticed in my urine sample.
Avatar m tn Your burning sensation could possibly have been UTI, or std if either of you stepped out of the relationship. You will not know at this point. If you come up negative, then it is likely that your wife had a false positive. It happens from time to time.
Avatar m tn My doctor took a chlamydia +gonnerhea test and at the same time prescribed one dose of 500 Mg Cipro along with one dose of 1 gram azithromycin THe tests came back negative, but the symptoms persit. After that he prescribed Bactrim, probably presuming a urinary tract infection, which has not helped Where do you think I should go from here I read that Trichamonis is usually without symptoms in men, but it can cause Urethritis. I have Mycoplasma might be a candidate.
Avatar n tn However, I am confused by your female partner's situation. Azithromycin (Z-Pak) is never given for UTI, and that treatment suggests her doctor suspected an STD, especially chlamydia. Chlamydia could explain your urethral symptoms as well. However, you can't catch chlamydia by oral sex -- but conceivably that problem started with your female partner and has nothing to do with the other guy. Or perhaps you indeed caught nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) from the oral sex event.
Avatar m tn Non-sexually acquired urinary tract infection are rare in men under 40 years old. However, if you are that age or more, UTI might be possible; and UTI can go along with prostatitis. Having had NGU might in theory raise the risk of HIV if exposed. But oral to penile HIV transmission is so rare (if it occurs at all) that this really is not a significant issue and you should not be worried about it. I'm afraid this thread has gone as far as it can.
Avatar n tn About 2 months ago I developed mild symptoms of what I thought was chlamydia or gonorrhea (slight irritation when I urinated, cloudy excretion). My dr took a urine sample. A week later the symptoms had gotten worse, but oddly he told me the urine tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea had both come back negative. He took a swab of the excretion (at this point there was a little more and definitely noticeable).