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Avatar m tn i've searched the internet for any reports that Avapro or Atacand can cause a loss of sex drive and impotence but cannot find it anywhere. I believe that it does. I was taking Atacand 8mg and then 16mg for almost 2 years and experienced a small loss of sex drive. I also was having some ED problems which I started taking Viagra for. It seemed to work ok - but I'm only 30 and feel like I shouldn't be having these problems and before the Atacand my sex drive was on fire. Just a coincidence?
Avatar n tn Is he taking any medication for his blood pressure? I'm really starting to think those will cause loss of sex drive and ED. I've been taking them for a couple of years and have had ED since I started. I just started taking Avapro and my libido has dropped. I think I am going to stop taking it.
603216 tn?1244714193 Current Meds Lithium, Risperidone, Avapro (blood Pressure) , Lamictal I'm finding this issue embarrasing and not sure how to cope. Any suggestions, help etc appreciated.
Avatar n tn Never be afraid to speak up because I feel strongly that digestive tract problems are real and translate into other real nasty symptoms like this. Fortunately we can prevent much of this & need to prevent it from happening. I do feel the more you get afib the worse it can become either physically, emmotionally or both no matter what the cause.
173119 tn?1297003336 I heard on the news yesterday that a study has shown a link between angiotensin receptor blockers and cancer. Since I have been taking Avapro for a few years, naturally this news is very concerning to me. Avapro has been a good medication for me, it controls my blood pressure very well and without side effects. And since I am very medication sensitive and have numerous drug allergies I really hate to change medications when Avapro works so well.
Avatar f tn It can lower your blood pressure and may increase some of the side effects of Avapro. Do not use potassium supplements or salt substitutes while you are taking Avapro, unless your doctor has told you to. To be sure this medication is helping your condition, your blood pressure will need to be checked on a regular basis. Keep using this medication even if you feel fine. High blood pressure often has no symptoms.
Avatar n tn I am still waiting to have another PFT. Is it possible that any of these problems could leasd to my recent respiratory problems. About ten years ago I had a CT scan of abdomen that revealed atherosclerotic disese of lower distal aorta. I have never gone back to have this checked. I also have Raynauds in my fingers. I am male 47, who previously posted about restrictive respiratory disese. I presently take avapro for hypertension, Lopid for tryglycerides.
786158 tn?1236401375 I have a long family history of heart disease and have high blod pressure (taking avapro) and gerd(taking protonix) I have noticed a frequency in the pvc's since i started the avapro and protonix. Do i need to do any further testing? Do you think that these pvc's are increasing do to the meds? Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn Also, I have mild hypertension for which I take avapro. I also take Effexor for depression. When I started taking blood pressure medicine about 20 years ago, it greatly reduced my migraine frequency to maybe once per year, and that would be mild. I have notice for a few years that sounds seems to disrupt my vision. This seems to be getting worse to the point of also losing concentration. 1. Is this cocktail of meds valid?
Avatar n tn Medicines for nausea like Meclazine, Dimenhydrinate, Dramamine, and Zofran appear to have little/no effect on the nausea. She takes Avapro and Toprol for blood pressure, as well as Razadyne and Namenda for her memory problems. Has anyone had similar experience or has any doctor treated similar conditions?
Avatar n tn I have high blood pressure, taking avapro and 2 baby aspirins a day, how much vitamin E is safe to take. I have heard to much with the aspirin may cause bleeding. Also I have just read the book NO MORE HEART DISEASE by Dr. Louis Ignarro and he suggests the L-arginine 400 - 600 mg per day with L-citrulline 200 - 1000 mg plus antioxidents including vitamin E 400 I believe. Is this safe with my blood pressure medicine and asprins and that amount of vitamin E.
Avatar f tn She takes methotextrate injections once a week. 10 mg prednisone, avapro, hctz, cardizem, wellbutrin, 300 mg, zebeta, provachol, nexium, etc.
Avatar f tn I take avapro for blood pressure, immovane for sleep and now to quell the anxiety. I have frequent ophthalmic migraines (all sparkly lights, no pain) and have a pain migraine every two weeks or so. I can't get anyone to help me and with every week I am that much less functioning. Oh, I've also gained 40 lbs in six months; mostly belly fat. Please!! Any thoughts? Suggestions? Home remedies while I wait to get a doc to take me seriously?
Avatar m tn 6cm but left ventricle size and pumping motion is normal. The cardiologist, after much consideration prescribed avapro (irbesteran). He said he could tell that based on the wall thickness I have had a history of high blood pressure, which is correct, since I was previously on a weak diuretic in my 30s by my GP. My question is, how significant is the moderately high wall thickness of the LV to my overall health, given all other tests being normal? Also, will the LV wall thickness abate.
Avatar n tn My doctors appear to be on top of most things but I would like to compare my list of medications to see if anyone thinks I should look at alternatives plus I appear to be suffering from an onset of arthritis, seemingly overnight, that is likely connected to one of these medications/treatments. I take Avapro, Toprol XL, Zestril, Hydrochlorot, and Coumadin plus a few supplements. My BP averages 90/50, my resting pulse is 50's, and when not suffering from the arthritis I walk two miles per day.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy & pulmonary hypertension 6 yrs ago. My cardiologist said I was S4, but felt I should continue to work. But, all I did was go to work & when I came home I was too exhausted to do anything. My children did almost everything around the house, because I was always too tired. Always too tired to go to their school functions, take them to any activities they wanted to participate in, etc.
Avatar n tn I am 55 yrs old. Have high blood pressure and take 150mg of Avapro. I try to run/jog 3-4 days per week. I have noticed a lot of belching when I run. About once or twice a month, I can be running just fine, start belching, and sometimes get lightheaded or dizzy and have to stop running. When I start walking, instead of running, the symtom goes away. I can run 6 miles one day with no problems and then the next day have this happen after 1 or 2 miles. Is this maybe a hiatal hernia?
Avatar m tn I am now on warfrain for 3 months post op and I have high blood pressure where I take labetalol. diltiazam, flecinide(?) and avapro. What is going on? I am happliy married with a 3 year old and lots of family for backup. I have noticed that my patience are running thinner than usuall. God bless my wife. Any answers will be great.
1243333 tn?1296450502 It's not a scare tactic, if you continue to run that high you will most likely have further problems. Can you tell me what BP meds they have tried? Let me know and maybe I can point you to an alternative.
Avatar f tn Swallowing difficulties could occur if there is a stroke in the brainstem or other brain areas as well, or damage to the nerves involved in swallowing. However, swallowing problems also occur less commonly with problems with esophageal motility. A swallowing evaluation is an important step in ensuring you minimize your risk of choking/aspirating. I'm doubt that coughing would be related to your PACNS.
Avatar n tn at that time for fear that I would bottom out on the bottom number and create bigger problems. NOW, I AM FACED WITH THE SAME PROBLEM. When I went to my internist (new because I have retired and moved) the end of Oct. 1999, she was alarmed because my pressure was 190/84, then 170/72. This also alarmed me because she said I was at stroke level, and my mom died of strokes. She asked me to check BP at home for one week and return.
Avatar n tn I have had hypertension since age 17 (am now 52). Avapro controls it adequately. I have familial hypertriglyceremia and elevated cholesterol (triglycerides 1200, recently lowered to 853 and cholesterol 340, recently lowered to 281 following a modified carbohydrate restrictive diet). I am diabetic (type II)with a family history (my mother) of pancreatitis.
Avatar n tn Within the last six weeks started taking levothyroxine after having problems with fatigue and decreased libido. Doctor prescribed it after blood test confirmed that my TSH level was abnormally high. Will have that re-tested soon and adjust levothyroxine as needed. One last detail: Taking a nutritional supplement for "kidney health." Looks like snake oil to me, but it has a measurable impact.
Avatar m tn I've been on medicine for it (Avapro and Veralin PM) since I was 20. I've recently found a new job in an entirely new state, and I'm a bit nervous about moving: mainly because I've become somewhat of a paranoid person since I've been told so many times about my hyper tension, thickening heart, etc. A year or two ago, I had an EKG done which showed "minimal voltage for LVH, may be normal variant".
Avatar n tn , which was about 4 weeks ago, I was hospitalized and stayed 2 days and they put me on Liquibid, tiazac, magox, avapro, Lanoxin, coumadin and xanax. (My current medications does not include Lanoxin) From that point on I was advised to have surgery to repair this valve but now comes the questions. Since my first afib I have been having a lot of arythmias and some are afib and some are bigimini, among others, well this is hard to tell for some of this is by my feeling of what is occuring.
Avatar f tn 25 weekly,lexapro 10 mg ,lopid 600mg 2xdaily, zocor 80mg , nexium40mg 2 xdaily,xanax .25 as needed, 4000 mg fish oil a day, tenormin 50mg, avapro 150 mg daily I have had horrible lipids since forever. Bad family history of heart disease. the bypass procedure was LIMA-LAD,SVC-DC,SVG-OM/OM . My question is this I can,t go upstairs bend over, stup, get up too fast without feeling bad as in dizzy ,lightheadedness and heavy legs and an overall feeling of being wore out .
1384238 tn?1286032362 Treated with 3 different meds (HCTZ, Avapro and Atenolol), suddenly, approximately 4 weeks ago I began getting dizzy spells quite frequently. My pressure during these spells is quite low, often 90/60 or a bit lower. The doc has done CT scan, no brain tumor, blood work, nothing remarkable, urinalysis, nada, she keeps throwing things like Lupus, Parkinson's, ALS at me and now I am terrified! Wouldn't the blood work eliminate some if not all of these diseases.
Avatar m tn I have had a couple of visits to ER with chest pains in Feb of this year) and suspected stroke (my gp called it a TIA). All tests were normal. I have taken avapro for high blood pressure and Lipitor for cholesterol for the past 10 years. My concern is left arm pain located on the inner part of my upper arm. This pain can happen at any time can be sharp or a dull ache. There is no chest pain or shortness of breath with the pain. Can this pain be heart related?
Avatar n tn Problems began about 10 years ago (age 40). Very healthy before then. Had to have surgery for multiple peripheral neuropathies (Bilateral - carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, tarsal, sural and peroneal nerves) The nerves, rather than being whitish were yellow to a bruised look, some with spots and/or brown annular rings which were constricting the nerves. Within 5 year disk bulges at 15 levels with frank disk herniation at C5, T6-9 (with cord compression) T12-L1 and L4-5.
Avatar n tn Over the last few years I experienced light-headed episodes, rare and mild (barely noticeable). Went to doctor, blood pressure (150's / 90's) and cholesterol (275) "high", so put me on Avapro and Zocor. I started GNC recommended naturals (CoQ10, Lecithin and fish oil). Started regular exercise and better diet program. Seem to recall a few mild episodes while on meds. Forgot my meds when on a cruise, but BP stayed normal (120-130's / 70-80's).