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Avatar n tn For the last 18 or so years, the premarin dosage was .3 mg/day. Because of the HRT scare and my clotting issues, my docs suggested that I ditch the premarin. I did, a year ago. The hotflashes are intolerable. They make me feel like I have to sit/lie down or I would pass out, make it difficult to breathe, and many times, my chest feels strange (like when you've overused a muscle and it gets that spongy ticklish feeling). My blood pressure is also becoming very resistant to being brought down.
548642 tn?1266183252 My belief is that all opiates are bad, but not for everyone and not all the time. I would say if you've had a previous addiction to opiates in any form, then you may need to proceed with caution. Opiates are known to replicate the virus. You really need to talk this over with your doctor. Unfortunately I was exposed to a litany of drugs as a youth 1968-69. Environmentally they were all around me, I happened to be one of a handful to become addicted.
Avatar n tn He will most likely be able to do the best job dealing with both the hypo and diabetes. More than likely, he will Rx Synthroid or another form of thyroid replacement medication and have your blood tested every 4-6 weeks or hopefully sooner. He can then adjust the dosage of meds according to your TSH level. I don't believe your heart problem has anything to do with your thyroid, but I am no doctor.
Avatar n tn Netrox -- Statins are one of the most studied medications in the history of heart disease. There is a large amount proof in the form of multiple, large, randominzed controlled studies showing the proof and magnitude of the benefit of statin therapy in the prevention of the complications of coronary heart disease, including mortality.
Avatar n tn There are several other classes of hypertensive medications (you are currently taking an angiotensin receptor blocker). Changing to a different one (i.e. Diovan or Avapro) or to a calcium channel blocker can be considered if the irbesartan is causing problems. You can discuss these options with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar n tn Hi friends, I am trying to do my own little investigation work to see what has caused me and maybe many others to get this very unnerving heart arrythmia. I was just wondering how many of you with this condition have had any form of local anesthesia sometime prior to the first onset of your symptoms. Mine started after the C-section I had 3 years ago. I had a local in my spine and for the next day or two I felt this strange and very light vibration travelling on and off through my body.
Avatar n tn I was hesitating to take 300mg Avapro(BP medicine) I took 22 unit of Levimir at bed time. At 4am, I woke up. measure the pressure , it was 165/100. I took 150gm Avapro. My sugar was 8.1mmol. I got up from bed, sit down quietly for 10 minutes. BP became OK. I went to bed again, and got up at 6. BG was 9.4. I want to bring morning sugar to 6or 7.
Avatar n tn ) or dgl (form of licorice without the bad stuff that makes bp go up) or cup of stomach ease tea. Getting some light exercise like walking every day can help. Read my prior post as I'm sure there are many other things I didn't put here. There is a natural product being offered online that supposedly cures afib. I forget the name but you can google afib cure.